Sailor Moon Lavendar Bag Review!

Hello there, my fellow Moonies! I decided to splurge on myself and purchased a new purse for moi. I love a good bag - but I really despise carrying around too my junk. My junk should stay at home on a display bookshelf or be in my leggings....not being lugged around on my shoulder for hours a day. I have been in pursuit of a tiny, fashionable bag to use everyday. I finally discovered one! 

It's from Spree Picky - Your Kawaii Wonderland. I found them via a Facebook ad since I "Like" so much Sailor Moon related things daily. I originally was interested in the black cross-body Luna purse but then saw the lavender one and knew I had to stick with my purple blood. I know Luna is black furred in the show but....the light purple is just too cute to NOT get. Plus, I was on Ambien and that soft purple was like a fairytale rock show playing in front of my face. 

It was only $49.99 and it's not real leather - for those who care about that. $50 - $100 is usually the absolute MAX I'll spend on a bag so this was right in my range. Before I purchase anything on the dot com, I ensure to do a thorough review check since I am so non-trusting of being unable to physically touch the product I want before forking out the dough. I also am lazy as anything and generally won't return items I buy online because that just seems like such an obnoxiously crazy process to me. I mean....packing something into a box, writing out the address and taking it to the mailbox? POPOSTEROUS! 

The only real negative things I could find on the site about this adorable purse is the size - it apparently looks bigger on the photos - but, since I was on the lookout for a tiny cross-body, this seemed like music to my ears. Or, in Ambien terms, a fabricated pirate ship emerging from my computer screen with a captain singing to me, "BUY THE CUTE PURSE, JULEZ, DO ITTTTT! ..ARGH AND STUFF." 

The checking out process was really a breeze - before I dozed off in an Ambien coma - I had not only paid for my new Luna satchel cross-body, I had successfully had it shipped to the correct address, too! Go me. 

Shipping didn't take long AT ALL. This bag came from China so I was expecting perhaps three weeks to get this - even though I still religiously checked my mail everyday including the morning after I ordered it; which I think was a Sunday. It only took about a week to get to me! That's really prompt shipping time. It came really carefully packaged. The four little gold balls on the bottom of the purse were even taped singly and had some packaging paper on them. The gold chain on the strap was also wrapped delicately and the golden moon in the center front of the purse was taped and packaged too! That's some of the nicest packaging I have ever seen from a not so well known company. 

The quality itself is A+. It's very sturdy material that will take some time to break in. That isn't a problem to me though because that beats having a poorly made item that tears in a month. I see this purse lasting me a while. I do not like changing up my purses often so I need something that will hold up the daily grind - especially with my clumsy ass. 

The entire inside is lined with this poppy polyester material that has a deep blue throughout the background and has a repeat pattern of artemis and Luna silhouettes intertwined. Cute AF. It's a very fun surprise element if the front with cat ears isn't screaming "I'm an adult big kid now!" for ya. 

This bag is elegant to me, or at least as elegant as an adult kid will ever get. It has gold chains towards the top of the body strap and a beautiful gold moon on the front that resembles Luna's moon - you know - the symbolic crescent moon that usually anyone will recognize whether they are a fan or not. 

The size of this hand bag is very tiny - EXACTLY what I was looking for! It's JUST large enough to only hold my ABSOLUTE daily essentials: keys, phone, wallet, knife, cigars and a good lip gloss. I know, you're surprised how super classy I am with smoking Swisher Sweets. That 3 for 5 deal is just unbeatable though....

I am eager to buy more from Spree Picky in the future. The have a wonderful blend of delivering prompt customer service, safe packaging, top quality product and cute shiz all around! You can't ask for much more.  Let me know what you think of my new, really mature lady bag and remember to #staynerdy!

***ALSO*** I'm at a new website! I'm in the middle of finishing the design with my graphic artist so please don't mind the few hiccups in the next week that the website may endure. I'm also transferring all of my old posts too so I apologize for those drunk hiccups kenNERDdy will be displaying. Thank you! 

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