Freedom Mastery Planner - ORGANIZING Your Life + Growing Internally

I am SHOOK. I have used the same planner for 5 or 6 years. I thought I was married to my planner…until…..a friend gifted me this Freedom Mastery Planner. Life = changed. Perfect self = achieved. Lol jk about perfection but this planner does help you balance all aspects of your life / set goals other than getting just your day job work done! Let’s break it down.

I swear this is not sponsored because I know it’s gonna sound like it is. This planner is a game (actually a life) changer! Every planner I have ever used only focuses on a To Do list for your work. Well…a healthy life isn’t just about working, right? That’s correct! This planner really ensures you are balancing all aspects of your life: Relationships, Career, Hobbies, Exercise, etc. It helps you write down your actual goals (besides just paying the bills) and figure out who TF you are! It’s actually emotional at times, some of the questions it asks you.

So let’s get started! All photos are my own or are pulled off of their website. I wanna jump right in.

Now I am not religious. The closest religion that I know of that I can relate to is Buddhism - which is ultra ironic because I would say this planner pulls a lot of things from Buddhism although it is in no way religious. Maybe that’s why I love it so much too! It starts with a page that has a quote from Gandhi:

“Keep your thoughts positive because your thought become YOUR WORDS.
Keep your words positive because your words become YOUR BEHAVIOR
Keep your behavior positive because your behavior becomes YOUR HABITS
Keep your habits positive because your habits become YOUR VALUES
Keep your values positive because your values become YOUR DESTINY”

Dang. What an opener for this planner. I read this everyday! It’s very inspiring.

The next page asks for your Life + Vision Statement. I’m not going to fully go into each and every part - but the planner has crazy good instructions for each section to help you fully understand the point of it! Most are self explanatory though.

This planner is all about the Law of Attraction but what exactly is that? This next page dives into a very detailed breakdown of what that means and how to utilize successfully!

Next up is a section for your Emotional Vibrations. This is all about figuring out how to embrace your emotions, figure out how to handle each one and what you can do to actually fully embrace them! No emotion is ever bad, so I’m really happy this planner reminds you of that. It also has Questions to ask yourself every day / night. Again, since I’m not religious, I love this because it seems to be very similar to the habit of praying but instead it’s just asking about your dreams, goals, etc.

The next few pages dive into YOU. This is where it gets real. It’s almost like therapy for the next chunk of the planner. It asks you about:

  • Your true dreams outside of being financially stable/having time

  • How you want to grow

  • How you want to contribute to the world

  • Who you are

  • Where you are going

  • What’s most important to you

  • What brings you the most job/sense of peace

  • What a successful life looks like to you

  • What do others admire about you

  • Your top 10 achievements in life

…..and more!

It then asks you to set goals for yourself - almost like a bucket list in its format.

It flows right into creating harmony on all your levels after this - having you list how you can achieve harmony spiritually, personally with your growth, relationship-wise, in your career/business, fun/recreational goals, money, family and health.

After that - it asks you to pick 5 top goals from that long list of goals that you wanna achieve in one year + why you want to achieve them. After that it asks you to set rewards for yourself when you achieve the above goals. I really admire that because it’s so hard to justify treating yourself sometimes, but this encourages reward which I am a firm believer in! Finally it asks about your blocks/distractions by asking what your fears/distractions are. It has you write down positive affirmations to repeat daily and action steps to take to get rid of those distractions. WHAT! Therapist in a book here, people.

A powerful part of this book is this next part: creating your life statement. It givesyou an entire page to write out how you want your life to be and you have to write it in the present - like it’s already happening. That’s part of the Law of Attraction too! I loved this section and it made me that much more motivated to achieve my dreams. The last part before the planning is a strategy guide that will ask about new skills you wish to learn, habits you want to create, who you surround yourself with, who will keep you accountable and what you can delegate in your life.

Alright…now time for the planning part! This planner has a monthly, weekly and daily section for you to map out your life.

Each month starts with a full month view for that month. It asks you for your desired goals and the action steps you’re going to take to crush those goals. It also asks you for your feel-good intention/skills+habits you want to learn. Of course it has a calendar as well. I write in my bills on here, important dates (concerts, parties, shows, etc) and it has a Notes section that you can use for whatever.

The weekly section is what i use the most as it’s also the daily section. It’s similar to the monthly pages - as it asks for your Goal of the Week and has you set a reward for yourself if you achieve that goal/goals. It also has a different quote for you to reference for motivation. Above that is a Priority list and below that is a To Do list. I normally use them both in the same way as they seem the same to me. To the right of the To Do List is a Positive Habit Maker. It has a bunch of blank options but has 3 pre-filled lines: Gratitude/Love, Meditate + Exercise.

Each day has you set a goal/goals, a reward if you achieve that goal, 3 top priorities and then is broken down by the hour. The hourly was a turnoff for me initially - but I realized I don’t normally have set things to do from 5AM-9:30AM (ish) So I use that to write out things I have to do at some point during that particular day, and then I can use the rest of my day to write in my actual appointments and things that are due by certain times. I love it! At the very bottom of each day are 8 glasses of water. THIS IS A GAME CHANGER if you suck at drinking water like me. It’s like a game! I cross them off as I drink 8 oz. And, of course, it has a notes section for each week too.

After each month ends, the planners asks you to reflect on that month. It has you:

  • Write out 10 achievements to celebrate

  • Asks what you learned

  • What your distractions/mental blockers/fears were

  • How did you make yourself feel good

  • What didn’t happen + why

  • People you learned from / who inspired you

  • What actions can you take to improve

  • What are the greatest insights that you have gained over the last month

  • How did you feel about your progress

  • How did you stay in the flow of allowing/enjoying the journey regardless of the outcome

  • What obstacles / fears did you encounter inside yourself

  • What did you learn from watching your emotional vibration daily

  • Did you fully enjoy whatever you were doing

  • Were you really here or just showing up

  • How can you be more present

  • +2 blank pages for notes!

At the very end of the year it has this same end of the month format for your year. I can’t wait to do that!

All that’s left after that are 50+ blank ages, detailed step by step instructions on the planner so you can get the most out of it, and an envelope to put stickers/documents/etc. I forgot to mention this planner also has two built in ribbons so you can bookmark certain spots on the planner. It also has a band to wrap around the outside to keep it from being obnoxiously large when traveling.

This planner really has made me live my life to the fullest. It sounds a little crazy but it’s very true! I take breaks, schedule my time correctly, care about ME, and get to focus on every aspect of my life outside of work without it being overwhelming. This planner is also under $30!!!!!!!!! Passion Planner - which I know is similar to this - is over double that price. I’m sure it’s great but if your’e on a budget this is an incredible price. I don’t even have a code to give you for a discount lol but seriously! Check it out if you have been wanting to try out a planner or switch up yours. Tell me in the comments how you like to organize your life or if you got this planner!


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