Miss Kika Jacket!

It's always hard to #treatmyself! I'm learning slowly but surely that it's okay to reward myself and indulge in some luxurious things. What I'm going to review this week is a jacket that is from one of my FAVORITE artists: Miss Kika! I guess this wasn't a moment of me treating myself - because I was in desperate need of a heavy jacket anyway so...let's lump this into cute adulting instead. Let's skip to dessert first today!

This jacket is practical meets extremely Kawaii dessert realness! It's a collab between Japan L.A. and Miss Kika. I'll spoil this review upfront by telling you I have no complaints or things I'd change about it. I'm not really a critical judge though - but nonetheless this jacket will be a huge staple in my wardrobe for years to come. It's almost needless to say that this jacket will give you the best toothache you could ever ask for. 


First things first - PASTELS! You can't help but grin seeing this varsity jacket. It has the best details when you peak closer and that makes it all the more lovable. I can't get over how impeccably thought out this piece is. You can just tell Miss Kika took a ton of time speculating what makes a truly remarkable jacket. 

It has a button snap for closure - which for me is a biased win because I hate zippers! They get caught on things and can be quite cumbersome. The front has a small, simple patch that is a flower/heart. I enjoy that the front is so simple especially with how busy the back is! 


This jacket has 2 pockets in the front. They have a very minimal, wavy white trim. These pockets are deep and roomy - which is a pleasant surprise for a women's jacket. Clothing is just not pocket friendly typically for women and that SUCKS. Thank you for giving me cell phone and wallet room, Miss Kika!

The edges of this jacket have a form fitting thick jersey kind of material with stripes of glitter pink and purple. I love that these are tight with a bit of stretch because it keeps the jacket secure and traps in your body heat when you're out in chilly weather! The glitter fiend in me was so satisfied seeing this jacket also incorporated a bit of sparkles. 

The...sleeves.....DAMN. These sleeves are a vegan leather material that have a pastel rainbow sprinkle design on top. (I wanted to say "Jimmies" so badly instead of sprinkles but everyone that's not from Philly would be so confused!) The patches that are on the sides of these sleeves are too adorable. We have a gumball machine, heart balloons, ice cream and a shooting star....LIKE WHAT!? I really adore that this jacket came ready to wear. I love patches myself but sometimes it takes so long to create a theme so the fact that this is good to go makes the lazy troll in me happy. 


The lining inside is a light feeling fabric that is pastel purple. When I said this jacket has all the details thought of - I wasn't exaggerating! LOOK! AN INSIDE POCKET!!! I love that so much  because if I'm out and not working - I typically hate lugging a purse around so I could stash my ID and cash in here safely. 


Now - the grand finale! The back of the jacket is the showstopper that has this amazing design that is the very definition of Miss Kika's artistic style! With the words, "Stay Sweet" framing the cutie purple haired girl - this center piece is one you can't stop looking at it. Surrounded by hearts and sweets as well...I still am drooling that this is in my life.

All in all - this jacket is literally everything I could ever dream of. It's ridiculously perfect and I think if this is your style and you need a jacket - DON'T HESITATE! It's amazing quality and will last for a very long time. It makes me feel like cheat day is everyday! I can't wait to wear this for all of my future adventures + travel! 


Togepod is here! This lil boy tried to eat a Tide Pod and this was the result. You can get him for $10 at www.PerfectHumans.co! We also announced a new series in the works: Magic Moons! They will be a blind box collection coming out in the Spring. 


A couple weeks ago I took a lil trip to LA with my good friend, Scout! They got me addicted to Tokidoki's blind boxes. I then received a late holiday gift from them...THIS ADORABLE WINTER UNICORN! I almost cried! 


I only have a video from this day with my friend that I took this day trip with to Disney so here are 3 photos of me instead! I'm sporting the nicest lil jacket that Stephen got me. My friend, Kassie, showed me all sorts of new things I never experienced in California Adventure! It was one of the best Disney trips I've had. I got new art and had lots of sidecars! 


The continuation of my sleeve! Nikki Rex of The Hideaway added my Spyro piece last weekend. I'm obsessed and can't believe I have a hand tattoo now. I am itching to get the other hand inked up to make it balanced! Soon I won't have to look at my gross body because it'll be totally encompassed by beautiful, dorky art.


Thank you: neon f2u , hawaii-partii, for all art used!