Kid You Not - Is Never A Dull Movement a JOKE?!

If there's one thing that makes my job here hard - it's having to give an honest review about a crappy album. Well, LUCKILY MY JOB WAS EASY TODAY! Did I trick you? Hmmm? It's the time for tricks right since Halloween is coming up?  Today I'm giving you an album review from Kid You Not's latest record: Never a Dull Movement. I originally had, "Never a Dull MOMENT", in my head when it came to what I thought this was called but thankfully was corrected before posting this. I already like this band off the bat - they're screwing with my BRAIN. Apparently everyone has thought the same thing as me too - so I don't feel too stupid. 

Kid You Not is a Punk Rock band based in Florida. Composed of Patrick Drury on guitar and lead vocals, Ben Bennett  on guitar / backing vocals, Justin Pritchard playing bass / backing vocals and Jeremy Austin on drums --- this band really knows how to turn the energy up. I can't say, yet, if that's true in person but their latest album has blown me away in all sorts of ways.

Never A Dull Movement

"The album title “Never A Dull Movement” is about the punk rock scene in general, the punk rock movement. Each generation has slowly changed what punk can be. Every day there’s an artist doing something different, creating a little bit of something new. It’s exciting. We all take influences from what we love, and try to turn it into something that is our own. The punk scene evolves. It’s not always the same classic sound, and so it’s never dull.."


This first track has a powerful solo opening - "WHAT DO WE HAVE LEFT" The guitar rift towards the first verse is so poppy but not in a way you hear done all the time. Patrick's voice is so strong yet emotional too. It's kind of a feel good, sing along towards the end where you'll belt this out at a show with them after your third drink. "THE FUTURE WAS NEVER A GIVEN." Damn, love that. The part where it breaks down to just a drum beat was misleading - I thought it was going to turn into a different sound or something and it hooked back up to the original melody - which was confusing in a good way to my ears.


Woah. This track has a fast AF rhythm. It makes me wanna get up and mosh. "WE OPEN OUR EYES TO SEE WE ALL MAKE THE SAME MISTAKES..." "WE RUN OUT OF WORDS TO SAY..." Again the guitar kind of stole the show after the opening drums. I'm not sure if that's purposefully done but It's not a bad thing either way. At about 1:15 in I can hear the drums taking control again, though. I think in this song it's important to hear the drums over any other instrument. The voice sounds nostalgic and makes me think of all these memories that I really can't explain: not particularly super happy or super sad ones but memories nonetheless. This song has a killer line that I can totally, just like the first song, see myself chanting at the top of my lungs at a show: "THIS IS A PERFECT PICTURE....COMPLETE WITH BROKEN FRAME..." It went from this nostalgic feeling to a hopeful one of moving forward.


I love how all their songs so far just have no BS and get right into it. There are no drawn out, dramatic openings at this point in listening and sometimes you just don't want that in an entire album. "WE'VE SET OUR SIGHTS ON SOMETHING BETTER...." Honestly, if I had to get nit-picky that guitar riff sounds SUPER similar to that of the first song but my amateur ears could be hearing that incorrectly. This song embodies, emotion-wise, moving on from something devastating and pushing through to the future. Who couldn't relate to that? "AS TIME GOES BY WE'LL STAY HERE....THIS WAS THE WAKE UP CALL LEFT RINGING OFF THE HOOK..." I kind of feel like this is a breakup song and perhaps the whole album is about that. We'll see!


Much like the first song this begins with a very dramatic, voice solo quickly followed by the rest of the band starting up. "THROW THE BOTTLE TO THE GROUND..." - hey guys littering isn't cool! I have to reiterate I just love Patrick's voice. It's so angry sounding yet I hear specks of other emotions too such as sadness. I feel like that's REALLY hard to pull off. "CAN WE SAVE OURSELVES ... CAN WE FREE OURSELVES?..." That struck a chord with me because I've been trapped in many kinds of situations: mentally and physically. 


Finally! This song isn't opening with a straight up lyric with no music. I was hoping the whole album wasn't going to have that pattern. My ears are graced with something just as great: a happy, melodic chord of sounds. "WE'LL START OVER...WE'LL MAKE OUR PLANS....." If I had to compare the vibe of this song I can only think that it sounds like it's in the same realm as a Western Settings song. This track makes the most sense as far as the typical composition of a song too. It sounds like it's telling a story and we need those gems in an album! 


Before actually discussing this song - I chuckled at the title just because I thought of some hipster being angry at the popularity of the TV show, "Orange is the New Black" and just grumbling, "Yeah....I've never seen that show. I don't have to...ya know...NOTHING IS THE NEW BLACK!" There's a very different vibe from this track. We hear the guitar strumming for a solid while before the beat kicks in. I love the vocals too - this is the most relaxed I've heard it in these songs so far and it's quite nice. It's always better to mix things up in my opinion! This is a classic kind of rock song talking about staying out till morning and remembering a really awesome time. When this song transitions into "NO WE'RE STRANGERS IN THIS TOWN..." the guitar is probably the most creative I've heard so far. You can really hear a bunch of different notes being hit in a cohesive way. "TRYING TO HOLD ONTO SOMETHING WE NEVER HAD....." Ugh. That made me want to cry. 


Okay who is the hipster in this band? With the title I thought of the same character from the last song saying this phrase haha. I don't mean this in a bad way at all - I just can't shake the image! This song brings us back up to a faster tempo where you'll be stomping your feet along in your car. "TELL ME IF YOU'RE LISTENING,  JUST TELL ME IF YOU'RE THERE". That guitar towards the halfway mark of this song - totally mixes it up by doing what I would assume, live, would be accomplished with tapping. The ending is so ironic "DIE WITHOUT A SOUND"...and the song finishes.


Woah. Okay someone needs to own up to being the hipster of Kid You Not....this title I still picture that smartass person! AM I RIGHT?! To repeat myself - the voice is just gorgeous in a hardcore kind of way. Does that make any sense? Hopefully it does. "EVERY MORNING I WAKE UP - AND IT HURTS JUST A LITLE BIT MORE..." I enjoy the happy music paired with these painful lyrics. Contrast is my fave. 


Not to stick to solely talking about the title first - but this is an empowering title. Hans Solo says so that's empowering in itself. I am unsure if this is done on purpose but I really just feel this overwhelming nostalgia with this entire album. Not with the lyrics but more so just the sound: a pop/uplifting kind of sound with this intense singer. I love it so much. 


THE GRAND FINALE! This begins hype AF. It starts with this insanely quick beat that makes me want to run around and get shit done. The breakdown of this, sitting at my desk, had me nodding my head in empowerment just thinking "Fuck yeah!". "ONE VOICE. ONE REASON. ONE CHOICE. NO REGRET. WE JUST WANT SOMETHING TO BELIEVE IN..." Well damn - I believe in you guys and anyone else who listens to this! 

This album was, all in all, a home run. Obviously the main theme, as far as the title suggests, is about the punk rock movement from past decades until now. I do think there are tons of other themes a listener can take from and relate to with Never a Dull Movement. I had some nostaliga mixed with wanting to mosh in the pit sprinkled with sadness all served in a happy cone of pop. Check out Kid You Not all over the web and hopefully you're catching them at Fest this year!

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