For a very long time - I was force fed the idea that if you took care of your bodily appearance that you were, "vain", "conceited", or "looking for attention". Being a gal who was in theater and dance for nearly two straight decades - I ALSO associated cosmetics with stage makeup. If you are unfamiliar....stage makeup is pretty horrendous as far as what you'd want to wear on a daily basis but it makes you pop while in the spotlight during a performance. This combination made me have the worst connotation towards makeup. On top of this - I have been in several controlling and abusive relationships where I was not allowed to purchase nice things for myself. This trio was detrimental to me. I am someone who does feel like I look better with a full face of makeup and a nice outfit. Putting effort into my outward appearance gives me an abundance of confidence that I just wouldn't have going all natural. Now - I am NOT saying if you do not like wearing makeup that you cannot be confident. Do whatever you gotta do, boo! I'm talking strictly PERSONALLY. With having both a severe heart condition and cancer....let's just say I do not look the same without makeup as I did even two years ago. I look tired and pretty gross without effort in my face! The products I used to use have always been the cheapest. I never took pride in what I was putting on my skin and just wanted to save the most money when purchasing. That is a habit that was enforced upon me the past half a decade thanks to controlling relationships. 

Well - thanks to my own changes mentally and through the encouragement of Stephen - I took the plunge and really researched what should be going on my mug! I INVESTED in good products that won't be detrimental to my physical appearance because, let's face it, my own health ailments are doing that "well" enough for me now! I wanted to show you #nerds my lil haul! It felt liberating treating myself - as this is a new thing for me! I spent nearly TWO HOURS at my local Ulta - and spoiled myself rotten. I wanted to get myself the "basics" of everything - so that I can branch out with other items in the next few weeks. 

I started with the fundamentals: my skincare routine! I HOPE YOU DIDN'T LISTEN TO ME YEARS AGO WHEN I POSTED THAT ARTICLE ABOUT MY MORNING AND NIGHT ROUTINE! I am an idiot. Up until I was fourteen, I used the "extreme" Stridex pads on my face everyday! Then - I found out I am currently using an exfoliater (A Neutrogena wash that is advertised to be used twice a day) for my routine morning and evening. That was really tearing away the "good" dead cells on my face. It's like how you aren't supposed to wash your hair everyday. I also was using a generic moisturizer that wasn't very replenishing to my naturally dry skin......I didn't even realize! I got this duo right here. I have been using it for about a week and the changes are  phenomenal! I never had awful skin as far as acne or anything like that...but my skin just feels tighter, firm and more health with this switch!

I then had to find a good foundation. I landed on this waterbased foundation which DOES not make my skin flake! ( A FIRST ) It goes on smooth and only requires a dab to cover my whole face. It was $42 and SO WORTH IT. 

To accompany the foundation I went ahead and found a compact powder. I had been using loose powder for so long and discovered that the loose powder flaked up my skin big time. The foundation I purchased also makes a compressed powder that really puts that final touch on my skin.

HOLY FUCK LET'S TALK ABOUT HOW I FINALLY PURCHASED MY ALL TIME FAVE BRAND.......TOO FACED. I have been drooling over Too Faced through social media and seeing my IRL friends sport it. Jesus. The peachy smell......the quality...everything.........I may go back and purchase all things Too Faced to be honest.....I got this highlighting/bronzing kit and I am in HEAVEN. I would transition to ALL things Too Faced just based off of my experience with this!

Speaking of Too there anything BETTER THAN SEX? This mascara has blown my mind. I have always used Covergirl. And it was so worth spending twice as much on this. I have A LOT of lashes and like a lot of volume. This mascara nearly makes me appear to have falsies without needing to wear them! 

Tied in with Too Faced when it comes to products I am obsessed with is Benefit Cosmetics. I was about to buy Anastasia Beverly Hills and then I tried this out and SWITCHED. It glides on smooth and DELIVERS. Your brows look fleeky AF -- no if's, and's and but's! 

I passed by this PURPLE blush by Lorac and.............had to. Like come on. You know I'm a purple babe, right? The radiance and iridescence of this shade is just MESMERIZING. It made me feel like an anime cutie too. It is just such nice consistency and....JUST LOOK AT DEEZE PICS.

I wrapped up my little splurge with liquid lipsticks. I used to HATE lipstick because it runs and I had to reapply it every second I was wearing it. Liquid lipstick has changed my life. OBVIOUSLY I got Too Faced which is hydrating and doesn't require me to have to have a mirror in front of me the entire time I'm out. I also wanted to try Urban Decay's liquid lipsticks because I heard good things. I honestly prefer Too Faced (which is probably just in my head with how biased I am towards the brand!) but whatever - judge me. 

FINAL RESULT! How cute am I tho???

There you have it! My new lil collection of not $4 or less makeup. Honestly it's been half a month of regularly using nicer products on my face and my skin is just so nice! PLEASE - if you like to wear makeup, do it right! INVEST in what is being applied to your LIVING skin. I will see you next week so #staynerdy in the meantime!


My newest tattoo is a lil hand tat. Melvin did this for me pretty last second! Sailor Mercury is my FAVE scout and I was just feeling this. I am obsessed and can't wait for her to start my chest piece next month!


Lady Axolotl has LAUNCHED! She is terribly cute and just wants to be your Forever Valentine. All during February, if you order her I will include a little surprise with your order to show you the love too!


Shiiiit. Deeze cutie boys are ON TOUR!!! If you are nearby to one of their shows - go say hi and jam out. On a selfish note - this is the first time Stephen & I have been apart for longer then two days or so since dating so IDK WHAT IS HAPPENING WHEN IT COMES TO BEING HOME ALONE! Butttttt these bands are awesome sauce so give them a listen. If it's not your cup of tea you will STILL have a lot of fun - guaranteed! 

Disclaimer: These are my opinions on what I think I can recall of certain events in my life. I am in no way accusing anyone of any crimes and will never provide personal information such as names, addresses, and things of that nature. This is all being used to tell a story to help others out who may be in a similar situation.