Hi-Di-Hi Winky Purse Review & Giveaway!

My style is very....indescribable. I don't think I could tell you how I shop or what I look for with one word. It is impossible to lump it all into one category because... I like what I like. It's as simple as that. There are no specifications to what I search for.  At times I dress super nerdy with my Nintendo shirts while other times I look like a woodland rocker sprite and other nights I dress like a bad ass punk. If you can come up with a rad word to describe those scenarios  - I'll start using it. Otherwise...I'm just a dork who likes really bizarre things. I never buy something just to buy it - I don't think I've ever experienced buyer's remorse. I know when I really want something that it'll be in my wardrobe for a very long time. I have pieces in my closet that are almost ten years old at this point and you would never guess it! I know how to style things and make them my own, what can I say? 

SIX YEARS AGO, I had my "eye" on this purse. (HAHAHA YOU'LL GET IT IN A MINUTE) It's something that my gut told me I would love forever whenever I was able to buy it. I'm referring to this little diddy right here:

I originally saw this on one of my all time fave sites to peruse and browse on the daily: FAB. This online store sports the most minimal, modern and intriguing pieces from fashion to artwork  to home goods and everything in between. You never know what you'll stumble upon everyday here - and I love that.  My eyes skimmed my daily email from Fab and were stopped in their tracks (or sockets?) upon seeing this. I knew I would have to have this someday! That day ... six years later ... is now! 

This bag is a circular shape - I automatically drool over anything outside of the "norm" so that was a plus right off the bat. Clearly the show stopping part of this purse is the gigantic winking eyeball! It's holographic so as you move it winks. I like how weird it is because most people have to do a double take when I walk past them. It's a conversation piece to say the least. 

You may be looking at this bag thinking it won't be large enough to keep all of your shizzle. Coming from a true addict of keeping an entire grocery cart of items in my purse...this is plenty big enough! The exact measurements are 8 x 8 x 4". I have my wallet, phone, keys, body spray, knife, gum, pen, ect in there with room to spare. It doesn't feel like a change at all compared to the purses I've used in the past on the daily. 

The Winky purse is made from imitation leather, has reenforced zippers and has a waterproof lining so this is made to be used. It's my everyday handbag now so it's going to get some tough love - I'm kind of a klutz. It's made to withstand everyday occurrences and adventures. 

The inside has a zipper pocket and two open pockets on the opposite side of the eyeyball. I keep my business card holder in the zippered pouch, phone in the front open pocket and gum/chapstick in the other open pocket. It's super easy to stay organized so I don't look like a fumbling baboon when checking out at a store. 

I'll be giving away the travel sized version of this bag to one of you dorks! It's perfect for the bare necessities when you're going to a concert or when you go out clubbing - you know when you plan on getting piss drunk and don't want to worry about losing your phone, keys and cash. The exact dimensions for this are 5 x 5 x 2.25". It's outlined in white and also includes a cute little keychain that ALSO winks at you! (I think I solely enjoy this line of bags because I'm incapable of winking cutely) The back of the keychain has an adorable candy heart pattern. How can you win this crossbody travel sized Winky bag? It's easy! Just be sure to, "Like" my Facebook page and follow me on social media! (Twitter and Instagram - each of those are separate links) You have two weeks to enter this contest. I'll alert the winner personally and if there is no response within 24 hours I'll redraw. So - please share this with your friends and good luck! Most importantly, remember to #staynerdy


Okay, I know I used to make these every week back in high school and now it seems like I only do it once a year - which I suppose is true. I was feeling it though this week and even incorporated props for your entertainment! Sorry for the audio to video lag - I didn't edit this or put any effort into the aftermath of it. It was just for fun so DO NOT CRITICIZE FOR THE QUALITY JUST ENJOY IT AND SHUSH. 


Oh, how I love the movies. This past week I saw Mike & Dave Need Wedding Dates starring Zac Efron, Adam Devine, Anna Kendrick and Aubrey Plaza. I'm a huge fan of those actors -- well except Adam Devine as I'm not familiar with his work -- so I figured I'd be amused with this film at the least. My logic was not wrong! Soberly, (I only clarify because drunk I think everything is knee slapping funny) this movie had me laughing and even tearing up at times. It was hilarious but had a nice storyline too so I came to love the characters. I highly recommend it if you aren't sure what to see this time around at the theater! More importantly - let the song above get stuck in your head. I reluctantly admit it's catchy and is pretty much a little recap of the movie. 


An interview with the Kawaii Kween herself, Melvin Arizmendi. But that's not all! She's also going to be giving away a TATTOO to one of you lucky fairies as well! Stay tuned next week to learn all about one of the most talented artists across the land and have a chance to have one of her sugary designs permanently embedded on your body 5ever!


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