It really shouldn't surprise you that I Ambien shopped the Forever 21 web clearance section months ago. Low and behold here's a HAUL that I don't remember doing! Usually, intentionally might I add, two times a year I will check out F21's clearance section on their site because the prices are unbeatable and won't put the slightest dent in your wallet. I think I spent $55 on everything listed below and that also includes free shipping. Just remember that there are no returns on clearance items at F21 so pick things that you either know you'll love or you don't care if you have to part with immediately upon opening. I know my body pretty well at this point so online shopping doesn't give me too much anxiety anymore -- be aware of your measurements and what is flattering. You should be golden if you keep those two elements in mind while browsing the overwhelming amount of clothing/accessories that you probably don't need! 

***FYI: yes I didn't style any of the outfits or accessories I purchased in order to fully showcase the pieces themselves so don't h8.*** 

<3 These socks are also from F21 - they are everything AF <3

~~~Okay so I bought a few ring sets and you know what rings look like so to spare this getting too lengthy - here are all the rings I ordered in two photos!~~~


I started a new job! I work with puppies! It's amazing! I will probably have sixteen thousand woofing children soon! 


I'm five years old. This was sparkly with confetti in it - are you stunned, though? Isn't this the most rad phone case you've laid eyes on? Argue with me - do it. You can't. It's heaven! 



I am happy to say I was able to get another piece done by the lovely Goddess of All Things Adorable and Sugar Coated - Melvin Arizmendi.

She gave me Mew and Eevee on my thigh  and...the saturation on this looks like a screenshot from the show. It's breathtaking as per usual so if you're in San Diego and heart that Kawaii life - plz hit her up! :3 STAY TUNED  for an interview I am conducting with her that will incorporate a TATTOO GIVEAWAY!!! 

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