Review --- Hello Kitty Loungefly Holographic Purse

EEEk! Time for a cute little review for all my Hello Kitty fans out there. If you're NOT a Hello Kitty fan....

1. What is wrong with you?

2. Get out.

3. Give me one valid reason you don't like the most adorable ball of fur.


Anyway. If you couldn't guess, Sanrio is one of my all time favorite companies! I've loved Hello Kitty & her gang since I was a little, little girl. She made me happy for literally no reason. Just her existence did. Does that sound creepy? I still have never had a "grown up" purse - meaning all my pocketbooks have been, at most, 10 bucks? I never saw the appeal of spending hundreds of dollars on a bag to hold your crap. To be honest I still don't. I'd spend, max, one hundred dollars on a bag. That's what I say now though, I never thought I'd spend what I did on this bag after all. It'll probably change. It's just the bargain shopper in me talking.

Sanrio released this bag from Loungefly a little while ago.

The collection has other similar pieces but within a millisecond of seeing this purse - I KNEW I NEEDED IT. It was definitely a mature Hello Kitty bag, which is hard to find. Most bags, in my opinion, look too young to use as an "everyday" bag. But this one? Classy, cute, sassy, clean, and shiny! It really makes any outfit pop and will match anything. You can use it as a dressy purse or casual. I use it 24/7 at the moment so I bring it everywhere and have gotten many compliments on it. The quality is magnificent. Since I use it nonstop, I need a purse that will withstand daily use. Not a "I'm meeting the Queen of England" type quality where I spend a billion dollars and it falls apart in a week. I'd probably meet the Queen with this purse now that I think about it. Back to the subject, the quality is sturdy and does not scratch easily as I thought it would being patent leather.

On the inside there are thick, well constructed pockets to hold your phone, keys, or whatever you want in a conveinent side pocket. There is also a zippered pocket for girly things. The inside goes about 6 inches deep (that's what she said, I know) and is the PERFECT size for any use! It holds so much. Well, at least everything I bring with me on a daily basis: keys, phone, wallet. planner, tampons, camera, bottle of water, you get my drift. It is holographic which is just so different. It makes people stop and look at you. There's also a matching holographic bow hanging off the side. You can make it a shoulder / cross body bag as well with the detachable strap it comes with. That strap is holographic as well. All of the zippers match the patent holographic design too. Oh I could just go on and on!

But you're questioning price. On Sanrio's website it would have been $83 with tax and shipping. That was ridiculous in my opinion. I really wanted it but I hate paying full price as I feel like I'm getting jipped. So I navigated to one of the best places ever invented: Ebay. Some people hear EBay and FREAK OUT. They think it's a scam, the quality isn't the same as the original, it's shady, ect. But it's not! If you feel that way I guarentee you're using it incorrectly: 

 1. I never bid. I only do "Buy it Now" products. You still get around the same deal as bidding and there's no chance of losing obviously.

2. Free shipping! Always gotta have that option checked.

3. Be sure to only buy from "Top Rated Sellers" This is a little gold badge that appears next to the seller's name and means Ebay has approved them as being 100% reliable, trustworthy and a shop of their word.

4. Double and triple check to make sure it's not a knockoff! Do this by either checking out the description and ensuring the brand is the absolute same. If you want to you can also contact the shop owner to make sure.

5. Always click off when searching the "Accepts Returns" This way you know that if you are for some reason dissatisfied with your purchase you can just return it like it never happened. Those are the 5 ways to successfully use EBay.

So, no worries to all you skeptics! Go ahead. Go shopping. Okay so back to the price I found this bag for on Ebay. Ready.....? $45.00! WOW WHAT? That's half the price of what Sanrio was charging. It's authentic too. It comes with all of the Loungefly tags / Sanrio tags. It is legit. I bought this bag instantly when seeing this price on Ebay. You cannot beat it.

What are your thoughts on my bag? What's your favorite Sanrio merch? Share your faves below + thanks for reading! :3

Disclaimer: These are my opinions on what I think I can recall of certain events in my life. I am in no way accusing anyone of any crimes and will never provide personal information such as names, addresses, and things of that nature. This is all being used to tell a story to help others out who may be in a similar situation.