Bizarre Bazaar - Let's Get Bizarre! (+ other advice on trade shows)

I’M BACK! My hiatus is dead and I’m here again ya dorks!

I took a little time off of kenNERDdy to focus on my store, venue and monthly event. I now have a great rhythm with these things on top of my day jobs. So I’m ready to get back to bein’ nerdy with ya’ll. A very important announcement from the last year………I got engaged to my beautiful dorky mans - Stevie Beanie! We won a trip to Vegas, ran in to my bestie and got engaged? It was so magical and perfect!!! I was genuinely so shocked and it was just incredible. I love our life together ya’ll and I wish everyone can have what I have found : )

I’m here to talk about my monthly event, Bizarre Bazaar. It’s an event that’s about 1.5 years old (formerly Boutique Nite) and it’s hosted at my venue, Nova. It’s a new, growing community that celebrates positivity and inclusitivy. It’s core is artists supporting artists!

What is Bizarre Bazaar?

I have a lot of passion for the art community. Before launching BizBaz - I have had my two other businesses, Perfect Humans and B2 Kawaii Gift Shop. Perfect Humans is my own, personal store filled with my pin designs, accessories and resin pieces. B2 Kawaii Gift Shop is the world’s largest flair consignment store! With these two businesses, I have and still do trade shows as much as possible. When I first started out trying to participate in conventions and local markets - more times than not I was not welcome and given very snarky vibes from both coordinators and vendors since I was a “nobody”. I immediately HATED THAT!!!!!!!!!!! and decided to create my own dang community.

Yes…Money IS Important

First and foremost let me make it clear - yes I want to make money. I want us all to make money. But.. I keep that to myself. Doing shows is about MORE than that. It’s about networking. It’s about learning new things and growing. It’s about meeting 1 or 100 new customers. It’s an experience and no show is “too small” or a “flop”. Before even starting BizBaz - I never and still do not question table fees, attendance, etc. I was and still am so excited to be a part of as many shows as I possibly can! I love meeting new people and expanding my business in more ways than just making a huge paycheck. That’s part of the fun of having a business! The money will come with time but relationships are all on YOU.

Sorry…Nobody Controls Any Niche

It’s crazy to me that artists think they control a niche and that helping out another artist with basic, google-able information will somehow make their business fall apart / fail. I have a news flash for ya’ll that think this… THERE’S ROOM FOR ALL OF US TO BE SUCCESSFUL! Customers can support as many businesses as they choose - they don’t have to confine to only one enamel pin shop. Just think about when you buy groceries. Do you only buy all of your food ever consumed from one store? Absolutely not. It’s not a competition in the art community either. Nobody owns any niche.

All Artists Should Support Each Other!

BizBaz is about artists SUPPORTING artists! Not obsessing over numbers. A business is about more than that (although, obviously money is important.) With B2 and PH, I got so fed up with coordinators/vendors that thought they were somehow above me. That’s not what this should be about. We need to help each other out because in ANY NICHE, no matter how small, there’s room for all of us to be successful. In fact, my business partners host the world’s largest wearable art convention…on paper we should be “enemies” but we joined forces and are now even more unstoppable + strong.

What do I do to help vendors?

I do everything I can to help my artists sell their art. I literally pay a few hundred dollars a month for a new, collectible pin that is given out to the first 50 attendees. I spend 3+ weeks hanging up posters and flyers. I run ads. I have social media specifically for BizBaz. I give $100 cash to one attendee. We have a charity raffle. We have food. We have a huge variety of artists. And…it’s FREE EVENT / all ages!

For vendors, I have one of the most affordable table fees and I provide everything except the art they’re gonna sell. That means I provide a table, chairs, linen, exhibitor badge and other goodies. I also have a referral program so you can get a discount + if you buy more than 3 months in bulk, the fee is discounted. You’re also welcome to split a table with a friend for no additional charge. If I could I would host this 100% for free, but as I said earlier, money is definitely needed somewhat in a business. I have rent to pay for the venue!

You’re Probably Doing it Wrong...

Here’s the only tea I will spill on this post…the only vendors I have ever had that said they won’t return to BizBaz because it was “awful” - were people who sat down the whole time, on their phone….looking miserable. Even if we had just 1 customer…you didn’t even try. Even if that 1 hypothetical customer didn’t buy anything from you - you still could have made a connection with them so that they remember you. If you network properly and remain personable with people - they’ll support you when they can! It’s not always about the money signs. It’s not as black and white as “Did a customer purchase something or not?” If they didn’t purchase something, who cares?! It is still an opportunity to leave an impact, get to know someone, and possibly see them again in the future where they WILL buy your art!

Let’s Get Bizarre!!!

So…stop being greedy, bitter, and hyper focused on one piece of a puzzle that is not the whole, big picture of having a successful business. Be nice! Be kind! Be bizarre! Be nerdy! Be all of the positive things. Join our community who is there to build each other up, support one another and have a good time. We will be unstoppable this way!

That’s my lil recipe for the community I am building. Thanks to everyone who gets my vision and is already a part of what we are doing. I couldn’t be doing any of this without our attendees’ support and vendor love!


Next week I’ll be talking about something I’ve gotten asked about weekly since the beginning of 2019….my planner! This new planner changed my life…and I’ve been using one since the first grade. I can’t wait to do a deep dive for all you organized babies like me!


Yep we did it again…another stupid mashup that nobody asked for lol. Meet the Powerpuff Eds! This is Perfect Humans newest release and I’m still so obsessed. This pin is three inches and it’s a gigantic statement piece! The heart has glitter overlay and really makes it pop. You can order it here!


Special thanks to ScarletDestiney for all graphics used!