Finding a JOB(s$s)

You're either looking for a job because you don't have one or are looking to leave a job you hate, right? You feel stuck + stressed out in either scenario. I have been in this place..............way too often for only being in my mid twenties. I have become quite the master at landing jobs I want and finding jobs to just pay the bills. I get asked ALL the time how I have done it. I have never been homeless, slept in my car, or any of that scary stuff you think about when you're in these situations. Just remember - these things are gonna happen with employment! You can never have a guarantee with employment no matter if you're at a start up, big corporation or start your own business. It's always up in the air although some of these do offer you to feel lower to the ground than others. 

I have been working, in one way or another, since I was a kid. I had to find ways to, in words of Tim Gunn, "Make it work." I learned at a very young age that nothing is ever stable so it's important to be able to remain pliable, laid back and cool as a cucumber when shit hits the fan. I'm not perfect. Anytime I feel like I failed or let someone down - trust me I have my crying time. But I only allow myself 1-2 days to really have a pity party for myself, if that at all. It really depends on the situation. Overall - I use my negative feelings in these moments to fuel me rather than to keep me stranded in my own warped thoughts. A skill that's invaluable is to learn how to move forward in those very rough times. If I hadn't learned that when I did - I probably would have been temporarily homeless multiple times. 

What I hope to accomplish in this article is obviously to assist you with finding a job - but I really hope to help you land a job you WANT. My current workload is my most ideal other than my blog/Perfect Humans blowing up. I worked super hard to achieve my current workload and have dealt with lots of failure along the way. I'm sure there's more to come too in one way, shape or form. So - let's get into it! Once you nail down these patterns - you will find a job to pay the bills and then I really hope you can continue using these tips to achieve some of your dreams. 


This is where it all starts. Take some time to research a good resume. This really intimidates people - and with the power of a simple Google search - I'm unsure why in this day and age. I highly recommend elaborating as highly as possible about yourself at your previous jobs. Put down as many details as possible and make sure to communicate why you were needed at whatever job you're talking about. You have to sell yourself and be confident in it too. Ensure to include a PHOTO of yourself too! This has made my resume stand out 100000x more than most other candidates because it puts a face to a name and is as personable as an email can get. Whip out a great cover letter to coincide with this that you can easily plug in different job duties/requirements for. You basically are condensing your resume in this and why you want the job. Use a synonym website if you want to spice up your vocabulary and for the love of god please proofread it before you begin sending it out. As a word of advice both from doing TONS of interviews as a candidate and hosting tons of interviews as a manager - 99% of companies don't even care if your resume is....accurate. They will fall in love with YOU and ultimately the decision of hiring someone is, "Do I want to work with them 40+ hours a week?" not "Did they really do 'x' and 'y" at 'company Z' ". Most companies are needing to bring someone onto the team ASAP and don't have time to fact check you. Remember - we are all capable of learning quickly and almost all jobs give you a 2-4 week grace period as a noob. You will be fine if you're confident in your learning ability. If you have the drive and personality of being a somewhat likable person - you've GOT this. 


I get so annoyed when I hear about people that complain about not having a job and I ask, "Oh -- how many have you applied for?" and they respond "I don't know -- maybe one or two from Snagajob". WHAT?! You expect to get a job from 2 lousy applications? Seriously I'm so unsure what people think getting a job is like nowadays. We are hiiiiigh in the unemployment rate so thousands of people are probably applying to the same job as you! Sorry I'm giving tough love. AND THEN you go on social media and ask if anyone can find you a job. In that exact verbiage. What?!!!?!? Life never hands you ANYTHING worthwhile if you do not put in effort. Okay rant over let's get to what you need to do. Treat applying to jobs as your full time job if you're unemployed or if you are switching jobs - spend ALL free time applying. Do not say there's not enough time. I currently work up to 18 hour days. You do not need to come home, watch 3 hours of TV, have a 2 hour dinner, play video games, etc. You will have to sacrifice that while doing this to make it a quick process. 

Apply on all of the platforms: Craigslist, Snagajob, Upwork, it ALL. Also put the word out there you're looking for a job - but be cautious with your wording. I absolutely won't assist you finding a job even if one of mine are hiring if your attitude is like the scenario I talked about earlier. Let people know you are looking, be thankful for any possible leads and post why someone should hire you! On my Instagram story I created a little template that has highlights of my experience. I landed 2 jobs last year because of that due to a friend knowing someone who knew someone who was possibly hiring. They wouldn't have told me about that if I didn't put myself out there in the right way.

There's more than just applying too. Obviously do your best to use my resume points above to make you stand out - but there's MORE you can do than that! When you find out about a company - research them. Find out who you need to talk to get hired. I got an Assistant position last year by finding the person's Facebook and messaging them privately. I let them know how amazing their company was to me and how thrilled I was at the opportunity. Boom. Landed that job due to my enthusiasm. Take pride in what you're doing even if you know you don't want to do that forever. Treat what you're applying to, no matter what it is, like it's a dream come true for you. Be passionate. If you aren't particularly passionate about the industry - remember that this is a stepping stone that will take you to a stage that will allow you in one way or another to pursue your passion. Obviously do not say that to your potential future employer, lol, but just keep that in mind. Your upcoming situation never has to be permanent. Fake it till you make it. 

When I have been in survival mode, though, I literally was applying to over hundreds of jobs a day - seven days a week. It's a numbers game. If I competently applied to just 700 jobs a week - that has to be at least 20 responses and 10 interviews. Even if I tank half those interviews, I probably would be offered one 1 or 2 of them. It's hard work - but isn't that better than not paying your bills and living on the street? 


I'll start this with what my goal is currently: working full time, virtually. Why? Well - with my health situation it's REALLY hard driving 2 hours a day, 5 days a week to a job. I'm also all about being productive. I feel like so many jobs in 2018 can be virtual. It saves me time, it saves the company money in a lot of ways -- this could turn into a whole new blog post on the subject. Anyway - I set this goal for myself about a year ago. I didn't really take it seriously until 6 months ago. I grew up being told that you can only have one job, 40 hours a week, and that's it. It took me a while to realize I can do more with my time and find all sorts of gigs/jobs that can accommodate my availability. 

There were a few things that led me to my current workload. Obviously I did the above but I really went after what I WANTED. Once I landed a job - if I felt a good vibe I would ask my boss if they knew anyone who was hiring for "___". Typically they would and they'd introduce me, give me a good review (I'd wait about a month at the earliest to ask this question) and boom! Another pretty rad job. It's all about your presentation and delivery. Do not seem desperate or that you're asking for a handout. Just be honest! Honesty always goes the longest way in these scenarios. It's really all about networking yourself and putting what you want into the universe. 

Now - I also have a crazy schedule right now too. I work 18 hour days split between 7 jobs. It's insane. As much as I enjoy all of my jobs - there are ones that I wouldn't mind cutting out if I financially am able to. I am very open about this with my bosses. To reiterate - honesty always goes a long way. 




We had our biggest Boutique Nite yet last evening! We had almost 10 vendors, 2 tattoo flash sheets and tons of support from the community. We were busy the entire night - it was a great feeling! We raised about $50 for Veterans with Mental Illness and a lucky person won over $120 worth of merch from our raffle basket. We have some even more cool news brewing for Boutique Nite but until then we can't wait to see you next month. 


My gaming sleeve is halfway done! Nikki Rex added Rayman being gobbled up by a monster to my elbow area. Ouch. Probably the worst tattoo when it comes to pain I've ever had and I have my ribs, chest and other sensitive areas inked. It looks amazing though! Totally worth the brutal session. 

Thank you Vexkex for the artwork used.