How to Get What You W A N T

We all have desires and dreams. You can't deny it. If you're sitting there thinking, "Well no - I have achieved everything I have ever wanted" - you should probably think a little more because a thriving life never ends. I have always been impatient when it comes to my own goals. If I know I want something 100% - I will set a plan and make it happen. I will not sit around throwing a pity party or moping because after a certain point - what good can that possibly do? No good at all! I am driven and change my life when necessary. This post is all about getting what you want. I will be using a specific example - but you can plug in different components to make it applicable to your own situation. 

As most of you know - I have had health problems since I can remember thanks to the pretty horrific situation I encountered growing up. I am now left with a terminal illness. It is incurable because of my heart condition. I won't go into all of the details because that is not what this post is about - but it is what sparked me wanting to change my life drastically. THAT does tie into my post! My health issues make it difficult to handle a 40+ hour a week typical business office job. Getting up every morning, commuting and being under supervision for 8+ hours just is getting more and more impossible. Since I can remember - I am a a much better worker, health aside, when I can do my job independently. I'm a fast learner so I don't need much training and that is why I have quickly become the  manager at nearly all of my previous jobs. I hate wasting time, too. Commuting 40+ minutes a day is the average for adults and that freaks me out. That's nearly an hour we are not productive. In case you also didn't know - I'm OCD AF and need to spend my time either doing something I love or at least being productive. If one of those two things aren't happening - I stress out! Now - tied in with my health problems - some mornings it is very rough for me to get out of bed due to pain episodes, put makeup on, feed my fur babies, take them outside, and do that whole routine to be somewhere on time. What did I realize a little over a year ago is my problem? I NEED to work virtually! This is easier said than done because most virtual jobs pay very little compared to a full time, in house type of position. I also have had horrible experiences at corporations. False promises being made to me so I would work even harder and do more so my bosses could do less without dropping a dime. When I would meet my requirements for promotions - "new terms" would be added to make it impossible to ever get the raise originally entailed. I also ran into working for people with zero morals that would work me to the bone and drop me with no warning the next day. I've been working almost my entire life so after graduating high school and seeing this routine for nearly a decade - I'm sick of it. I have this blog and my business, Perfect Humans. They are what I want to do with my life full time someday. But realistically I can't just have no job either to focus 100% on them because they don't pay all of my bills (yet). I realized a little over a year ago that since virtual jobs don't pay that much - I could probably handle 5-8 of them if I am able to work at home and that would be a fairly hefty salary. This post has all the steps I took to make this a reality as of this week! We will jump into the obvious first point in achieving something you want to happen in your life.



I had to have a plan before changing my life so drastically. You have to construct some sort of plan physically before plunging in. For me - I listed what I wanted first and foremost: the ability to travel as much as possible but still get paid, the ability to focus as much as possible on my blog and shop, and being able to stay at home for my health. Those were my top three reasons for wanting this goal. I then listed out what I needed to start doing: verbalizing and putting into the universe that I was going to make this happen, asking around for any leads, applying like crazy to any resource possible online, consistently checking said resources twice a day, saving all the money I can, remaining patient during various transitions, and remembering to have excellent time management skills while balancing all of this. Sounds easy, right? It sure does - but it sure as heck isn't! 




I did say I am impatient - which is contradictory...I know. But almost NOTHING happens overnight! I have been applying to countless virtual jobs, asking friends, posting my resume and so on and so forth for OVER A YEAR before all of this finally worked out. I have lost a few jobs at various start ups and have had some rough times. Keeping my ultimate goal in mind helped me stay driven and motivated to keep going though. Just remember that your goal is always achievable but it could take 1, 2, 10 or even 20 years to see happen! You need to remain consistent and passionate to see it come to fruition. 




I see so many people posting, "How can I make ____ so that I can afford rent? Let me know!" Why are you asking for handouts? Okay - SOME situations do call for asking for help. I get that and have been there a couple of times. But seriously there are so many platforms to get some quick gigs or find a job. Take it from me - I've had over forty jobs and I'm 26. I have been working since I was in first grade. Besides word of mouth you can use: Craigslist, SnagaJob, LinkedIn, Facebook Marketplace, Upwork and many other websites to find not only stable jobs but also little freelance projects to make ends meet. Even if it's not something you are particularly crazy about - you'll have to slave away for a bit to ensure while you are working on your goal that your bills are being paid. It can be as simple as reading EVERY SINGLE Craigslist ad EVERY SINGLE day. Apply for stuff you aren't even sure if you qualify for - what does that hurt? If you need help with resumes / cover letters - LITERALLY GOOGLE IT FOR EXAMPLES! How do we have trouble with that still? If you apply to 300 jobs over the span of a couple of days - you're bound to get some interviews and at least one of those interviews will go okay. It may not be an amazing opportunity - but it's a stepping stone to your dream!




This goes hand in hand with being patient. Shit is gonna hit the fan A LOT before it settles. I have lost more jobs due to crappy bosses, companies shutting down and super random situations over the last two years. I had to keep getting up and putting myself out there. I had to continue to look at my goal to remember it will be worth it. Stress is gonna happen too. Just keep giving 110% and it will be worth it. I was able to roll with the punches with lots of patience, my boyfriend, and a positive attitude. Don't give up at the first or thirtieth sign of conflict. If you really want to see your goal come to life - you have to stay motivated to make it happen. 


APPLY (honesty) + WERK


At one point I was working a full time desk job, 5 virtual jobs and a few other freelance projects to balance figuring out working 100% from home. I was upfront with ANY interview I had by stating I need to be working from home entirely sometime soon due to my health problems AND because I want more time to focus on my true passions. This can be a turn off for some people - which prolonged the process for me but I would rather nip it upfront than begin a job and have to resign because the boss had no idea that was my goal originally. Most people respect my honesty and totally get it. If it didn't work out with the opportunity - I would straight up ask them if they knew anyone who could help me out. This actually helped me a LOT. You'll be shocked at how far simply asking for advice or a connection to someone who can offer advice will go. It's why I landed 4 of my 6 remote jobs. People do care about people if you are honest from the start. 




Because virtual jobs can be hit or miss - ensure you work a job for AT LEAST 3 months before relying on it as a form of income. It seems like a while but I've lost so many jobs that I immediately banked on for bills before that three month mark. 90 days is a very typical grace period to feel out how you are as an employee and to see if your resume matches the work you are actually doing. In this time frame - I suggest you save as much money as you can in case you lose a job. I also suggest, as I did, working A LOT of jobs for those three months to see what sticks and is a good fit on both ends. This way you'll have a lot of safety nets in case of an unexpected situation. Once I had a few jobs for 90 days - I could kind of pick and choose what worked and what didn't. 




I have a few posts that incorporate various aspects of time management. I think it's imperative to reiterate time management is so crucial if you are balancing tons of jobs. You don't want to go mentally unstable but you also don't want to be struggling to go grocery shopping. I have a whole article about organization and time management - but I want to reiterate that besides the support of some friends and my wonderful partner - I would never be able to pull this off. If you do not have the energy or motivation to do the work to eventually get to where you want to be - then do not even bother because it's hard for a while!



This sounds very silly but it can be a major hindrance in achieving anything in your life. It's totally okay to look up to and get inspiration from others - but do NOT put yourself down because someone is at a bigger place in life than you. I'm guilty of this pretty constantly but it never stops me from continuing - it actually motivates me to get beyond the person I'm comparing myself to's level. But sometimes we can nit pick ourselves and say, "Ugh. Why bother?" or something of that nature and then give up on what we were going for. That's unacceptable. There's room for us ALL to be successful in life and we all have different timeframes for when our golden days will be. Yes - some people do get lucky but it is SO RARE that happens. It really does take tons of ridiculously hard work to get to where you want to be.




My final point in making something a reality is a bit cheesy but needs to be said. Your attitude and energy are going to make what you want into something you have. I'm not saying shove all your negative emotions down into the depths of your soul because you are allowed to vent and healthily emit these feelings - BUT - make a conscience effort to have a positive attitude no matter what that means for you. For me - I make a joke out of negative things or uncomfortable situations. Laughing at what I can't control helps me move past it and develop a happy demeanor again. Find out what works for you and don't let that slip! 

To shake all of that up into a refreshing cocktail you need: transparency, consistency, motivation, organization, patience and a pinch of confidence to achieve whatever goal you have in mind. It took me a bit under two years to finally have working from home full time with no financial worry under my belt - and I had to drink that above cocktail daily to get to this place. It was a lot of luck too! I am a firm believer that we can all do what we REALLY want to in life if we have the above qualities. There's no room for jealousy and maliciousness though. It will fill me to the brim with rage for all eternity how some still think using vicious tactics will give them what they want. It may temporarily but it will come with a gigantic price. Don't take shortcuts either. Success feels so much better when it comes purely from your own hardwork - then you can take all the credit too! 


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Oooh my second Christmas with Stevie Beanie. It went too fast. We continued our tradition of seeing the latest Star Wars late on Christmas Eve. I got real drunk and loved this movie so much! The Last Jedi was fantastic and I wanna see it again. We moved into Christmas morning with watching anime ---> playing Mario Odyssey for 6.5 hours ---> ordering in ---> reading ---> watching a movie ---> snuggling with our matching Disney mugs full of cider and going to bed. Stephen also got me that little haul above: Mario Odyssey, Overwatch, and a microphone for vlogging / interviews! The Little Mermaid globe was a gift I gave myself because I mofo deserved it. 


If you don't know already - Stephen and I have a trio of fur babies: Boo, Mercury and Mars! Mars and Mercury, pictured here, are so close. The fell asleep with THEIR PAWS INTERTWINED this last week. It made me nearly tear up and I had to document it. 

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Disclaimer: These are my opinions on what I think I can recall of certain events in my life. I am in no way accusing anyone of any crimes and will never provide personal information such as names, addresses, and things of that nature. This is all being used to tell a story to help others out who may be in a similar situation.