How I Work 6+ Jorbs

The most asked question I receive is how I handle all I have going on: working soon to be seven jobs, kenNERDdy, Perfect Humans, personal time, and boring adulting things (self care, paying bills, etc) . I have one Monday - Friday desk job and the rest are all virtual FYI! Anyway - the answer is easy: my natural OCD ya'll. I'm here this week to share with you my tips on living the most flourishing life you can if you're, for some reason, looking to be like my dorky self! Now, this can differ VASTLY for everyone so please keep in mind that this is what a thriving life is for me: working hard to never be in a rough financial spot, living somewhere beautiful since most of my work is done at home (aka boujee), mentally being happy (having time for video games, reading, movies, Disney, concerts, and just all my geeky habits), spending time with my mans + close franz, having time for my fur babies, travelling/trying new things, and continuing to grow in anyway possible. There are many sub-points to those areas but that's the main gist of what I strive for! There are five key components to accomplishing what I aim for: time management, discipline, organization, planners (virtual and physical), and a blend of honesty + communication. Please just remember that this is solely what works for me - I am not dictating how you need to live your life! 


The most obvious ingredient in a blossoming Jules life smoothie is time management. The four points below will kind of construct a good behavior of time management but you have to grasp how quickly you can get things done and stop being an over achiever if you are trying to juggle that kenNERDdy life. It's imperative to grasp the beautiful talent of multitasking. That may not be possible for a lot of peeps - if that's the case - no worries! If you really can't handle doing a lot of things at once - I'm sure there are plenty of alternatives. Unfortunately I can't suggest anything only because I've never had this issue. I am able to successfully multitask when I'm happy in the environment I'm working in (decorating my home and work area to be cute/aesthetically pleasing!), wearing cute clothes / full  makeup everyday, having music/TV playing in the background, and working independently with no micromanaging. Working independently with no rules - within reason - has been my biggest victory of discovery towards myself. Knowing that nobody is hovering over me watching every step I make is a gigantic relief.  I do things in my own, odd way that most people just don't get. If you can figure out your own formula - you may be able to start taking on more too! 


Another fairly obvious piece of this puzzle is organization. For some people this is difficult though. I think I'd explode if I was not organized so I'm trying to think of the best advice to give for those who are normal and not freaks like me. If you want to carry out a lot of responsibilities - it is impossible to do so in a chaotic way. You aren't able to function the kenNERDdy way if you lose things, waste time looking for said lost stuff, forget to do something, etc. This will cause a tremendous domino effect that will make your carefully constructed workloads crumble. I think a good place to start is your house! Get in the habit of doing small chores everyday. What does this accomplish? Saving TIME from doing deep cleans of your pad that take hours. I basically do a small section of my apartment each morning before I start my day. This also doubles in energizing me to conquer the day. Each morning I ALWAYS: make my bed, do the dishes/put them away, put clutter back where it belongs (dog toys in bin, mail sorted, etc), empty trash, and place clothes in my hamper / hanging them up. That literally takes about ten minutes. Depending on the day I will clean the bathroom, bedroom, living room, dining room or kitchen. I know that sounds crazy but it has saved me a ridiculous amount of time overall! I have taught myself to simply do things now rather than later when it comes to any area in my life. I feel less stressed and anxious doing things immediately rather than waiting. I'm someone who, if I don't do most things immediately, I will feel guilty and lazy about not doing it. 


Okay so this is the part that is most crucial! It's the toughest part to master but it is not possible to do all these jobs of mine without both a physical and virtual planner / programs. All of my jobs are easy - sure. But if I don't write out my tasks for each day, I will easily forget them which will result in me having a panic attack which will lead to me stressing out which results in me being in pain so I try to avoid that at all costs. I'll always physically write out my life in my planner: bills, important dates, etc. I made a whole article about this! Each morning I will write out individual tasks I need to accomplish that day. This INCLUDES having lunch, taking breaks, having "me" time, chores that need to get done - literally everything except a reminder to breathe. Then I will hop on Wunderlist (an amazing app - not sponsored) and I have that app organized into sections by each company or boss I work for and I'll break down my tasks into them. For me - checklists are satisfying when I can cross tasks off. Finally - I have my Notes app open at all times and I use that as my ongoing encyclopedia of knowledge for all my jorbs: passwords, important photos/docs, messages, and things of that nature. I keep this separated by date and type. Type meaning: "GENERAL", "LOGINS", "MESSAGES", "HUMAN RESOURCES", "ACCOUNTING", "INVOICES" ---- you get the idea!


This is the most surprising section of my lil recipe. A lot of people I know have this, "I can't" mentality. "Oh - I could NEVER work that many jobs!" "Oh - I could never work the hours I want." "Oh - I could never pursue my passions while working a couple of jobs". Well of course you can't with that mindset. First things first - start saying you will. Shit you put into the universe will come true. Take it from someone who uses this first hand. If I say something's gonna happen out loud - the universe makes it so. Okay - now that you are starting to practice that - you need to let everyone in your life know your goals. At every one of my jobs, my bosses know that I have other jobs and that my absolute joys in life come from kenNERDdy, Perfect Humans and Stephen. It's important to bring other aspects of your life together within reason. Because I told my main desk job boss that I want to keep my virtual jobs in order to create a savings - he agreed to let me use my office as an overall work space for all my junctions in life. Obviously this was also lucky - but if you do your job well and are reliable - you should be able to swing something similar to this. It all depends on how much you want it! Keep in mind too - honesty means not accepting too much of a workload. It's hard to say "no" and easy to keep piling on the "yes's" Take it from me - I used to be a yes whore. I was giving yes's away like Oprah gifts cars. It started adding up. I'd lose sleep, have panic attacks, my health would decline and that would affect my job(s) in the long run. Your boss will always want something ASAP - but if you are stern with your own deadlines - you'd be shocked at how understanding people are! They won't offer a later date for your to finish a project - but if you set that standard from the start - there will be no need to ask for an extension and you may end up finishing early which will make you look even better! The main point to take away from this is to let all of your emotions always be present yet harnessed. If you're upset about something - don't hold that back. Talk about it. Get through it. If you are excited about something - show it! Life is too short to have to morph into a whole new person just because you're not at home. I have learned this the absolute hard way. To make your dreams come true - you have to be so devoted to them and that starts by letting everyone in your life know what you're trying to do. If your day job boss is not supportive - honestly that could be a red flag to search for a new job! Good leaders should want you to succeed in all areas of your life and be happy. 


The cherry on top of this kenNERDdy life is discipline! I work 7 days a week typically. This allows me to have a social life most evenings, get the sleep I need, spend time with others, work on my blog, run Perfect Humans, play games, and all that other junk I do. It's important to be appreciative of the immensely small moments of leisure: a bubble bath, meditation, or a long car ride. Being able to turn off my work brain every so often - consistently - is extremely needed in being a sort of workaholic. I was able to make this work BUT being completely transparent with my bosses about my goal for my jorbs was key. This obviously took a ton of tries and a lot of searching on my end - but I finally have a nice balance! This requires so much discipline though. I have accepted I almost never have multiple days off but the beauty of working mainly virtual jobs is that I can do them anywhere! Otherwise I may lose my mind entirely. Corporate, desk, and sales jobs are just what I end up loathing and becoming totally miserable at.  I don't plan on working this absurd amount of jobs forever, either. My ultimate goal is to lose my desk job within a year and only work a few virtual jobs at home. This next year I will be working like crazy to morph this to a reality. What keeps me motivated and disciplined is keeping the above points in check and surrounding myself with positivity in all ways: my hobbies, friends, how I dress...EVERYTHING! This is sprinkled with reminding myself that sometime soon I will be running my shop and blog full time and that's the vision that keeps me trucking through it all. 

Staying ridiculously busy has always been healthy for me too. If I'm not busy being productive I will be busy destroying my life. It keeps my depression on the DL, My biggest takeaways from my points are simply to remember to write everything out - including making consistent time for your own leisure, staying communicative/honest with everyone from your friends to your employers, and keeping your goals constantly in sight! Working this much makes me proud of myself and it also allows me to strive to not have to do this forever because when I do have the financial security to be even busier with kenNERDdy and Perfect Humans - can you imagine how spectacular my businesses will be? I know it's hard to picture with how freakin glorious they are now - but they are still lil babies! I balance knowing I can't give up everything at this very second just because I don't prefer living in my car with a 30 year old man, a dog and two cats. But that's all the fuel I need to work my jorbs! What's your fuel? Let me know and #staynerdy!


Stephen + I's birthdays are next week! I have cute surprises planned for him to make it extra special because it's the big 3-0! I can't wait to document it and share it with ya'll. I will say it's fun but not fun at the same time dating someone that also has their birthday the same week as mine and then a week later is Christmas! PS I need braces.


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My interview with Mario of Chon will be up next week! 

Disclaimer: These are my opinions on what I think I can recall of certain events in my life. I am in no way accusing anyone of any crimes and will never provide personal information such as names, addresses, and things of that nature. This is all being used to tell a story to help others out who may be in a similar situation.