$ Savvy Gift Giving $

Christmas is so close! If you are like me and have had a pretty bad year financially - you may be stressed about what to get your loved ones. Well - please take it from me - it's possible to do this if you have next to no money to spend. This is more like an idea book too if you are stumped on what to get someone on your nice list. 


Remember that you aren't expected to get anybody anything for the holidays! If you have a relationship that will end if you do not purchase a material gift...you may want to let that ship sail. True friends + family will totally understand if you are skipping Christmas to get back on your feet. If they don't - they suck and you should really switch them over to your "Naughty" list. 


Even if you aren't a typical artist - there are so many routes you can go with handmade gifts. Check out your local Dollar Store or Michael's. If you're going to Michael's - they have such crazy sales happening right now that can be used in addition to coupons! A heart felt, handwritten card can honestly go way further then a gift. Stick a photo in a festive frame! The Dollar Store has tons of frames. Pair that with your card and you spent maybe $5. 

Buy a plain Christmas tree ornament and write a cute message on it. Pair that with said handwritten card above and you're set! I love giving ornaments because then - every Christmas in the future - that person will remember this gesture for years to come. You literally will be a part of their Christmas even if you can't physically be with them!

Here are more examples of simple, inexpensive DIY gifts! (from all over the web via a, "Handmade Christmas gift idea" Google search)

Hit up your local thrift store---> find a computer keyboard ---> pull out the letters you want ---> hot glue them to a wooden frame ---> paint whatever color you want. So cute and so easy!

Someone in your life LOVE their pet like a child? Find some plain bowls ---> decorate them!

This tea wreath is EVERYTHING! Buy tea ---> buy clothespins ---> buy a foam wreath ---> cover in fabric ---> SMILES GALORE

Pick up some mason jars ---> dip in glitter ---> fill with a "theme": spa (lotions, soaps, nail polish) movie night (popcorn, candy), ect ect!

Buy an umbrella from the dollar store ---> choose either tape or paint ---> mirror perimeter of umbrella with tape for desired pattern OR ---> paint splatter your heart out

Pick up plain journal ---> buy Washi tape ---> create pattern ---> BAM. Done. 

Cute jar ---> cute stickers ---> cute piece of string ---> holiday treats from local grocery ---> Go-To present!


Big Lots, Ross, Marshalls and stores of that nature. If you are able to spend a little money  but want to get the biggest bang for your buck -- journey over to these stores! They have AWESOME deals on little gifts that anybody would love: 


The most expensive thing on this list is $25! 


The most expensive gift here is $30!

NOT PICTURED - At all Ross stores they have a "Christmas" section that I can't find any photos of online! There's everything you can imagine from activity packs (Making sushi at home, watercolor sets, DIY painting/drawing) to perfumes/colognes to holiday treats like peppermint bark. It's all no more then $20 too! 


The most expensive gift pictured is only $30!


Online shopping can be pretty easy and pain free. Think of your favorite places to online shop ----> look for coupons! (via email subs, RetailMeNot, ect) ---> take advantage of free shipping, BOGO, ect.


                                                  All prezzies shown are up to $30! 

Urban Outfitters

                                              All treasures shown are $25 and below!


Last but not least - do your research if you still are looking for more savings! With any online shops you are browsing - ALWAYS keep Amazon/Ebay open in another tab. If you find something you just know that special someone will love but can't afford it via ThinkGeek (for example) - search for that on another website. I guarantee you can find almost anything for a lot cheaper! That's what I do even outside of Christmas. It has never failed me. 

There you have it, dorks! That's how to do Christmas the logical way if you choose to celebrate! From hand crafting, to inexpensive in person shopping all the way to finding steals online -- I hope this can be your Holiday Headquarters! Share how you like to do the holidays & in the meantime #staynerdy


I got Mercury her first ever Christmas sweater! It's hard to see in the photo - but it's a cream color that has sequins on it. I also picked her up a lil Christmas colored bone to make her crate even more festive.


Perfect Humans submitted the design for our SECOND PIN! This lil sloth babe is a LIMITED run and will be available in two colors: mint green and lavender. I am just itching to see what he looks like in person + we are crossing our fingers he is available to you prior to Christmas! 


So PlayStation announced so much exciting stuff this week! Instead of going into detail about one specific game - here's a list of all the amazingness that is to be expected in 2017 for PS!

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