Positive Burrito Recipe


"Stay positive!" - is such an easy thing to promote and blurt into people's faces - but it's honestly one of the toughest things to consistently implement into your life. There are countless ways you can be allowing negative BS into your realm - and I'm here to let you know how I've turned my life around when it comes to remaining positive! 

There is no "right" way to embody positivity. For the longest time, I would think a positive life is impossible for a dark, morbid chick such as myself because I'd imagine some peppy cheerleader being what positivity is all about. That is so WRONG though! Yes - if you happen to be a peppy cheerleader in all literal senses - please continue doing you! But most of us are not and cannot relate to that lifestyle; hence why cliques form. I still have not mastered "staying positive" but I think I've created my own recipe that a lot of you can use in your own lives. I hope this helps!


Mistakes will happen. Shit will hit the fan. The roller coaster will go down a hill 95MPH and will launch through seven loops before returning to a normal speed. Embrace failure --- cry, yell, punch a pillow, be alone. Understand that no matter how good things are going - it could and probably will also get bruised along the way. It's all about perspective. Take mistakes and brown colored fans as learning experiences and just move forward. No good comes from thinking about a slip up for longer then a few days. If you can take something away from these not so pretty experiences - you're winning! 


Cheesy...yes. Does it work? YAS! When your fans turn brown - a mantra can be so helpful in pushing you through the shit filled air. This can literally be anything! You can even Google search, "mantras", if you can't think of one, and use it. For me, I actually have a few: 

"It's not that bad" (which usually makes me think of super worse scenarios that I have experienced and it levels me out) 

" I am enough" - for those depressing moments where I am picking myself apart for no good reason. 

"Everything is temporary" - for most situations that occur in my life. Keep in mind that temporary is not a measure of time meaning that the event could last five  minutes, five weeks, five years or even five decades. Point is - it is all TEMPORARY. 

These are probably my most used phrases. I think they cover most unpleasant situations that arise especially me being somebody who isn't open with most people about my feelings -- these come in handy on the regular!


If you like a certain..."thing'.. i.e.: comics, movies, music... immerse yourself in that on social media if you are on it all of the time. (Chances are that you're like everyone else who is glued to technology). Why submerse yourself to crap that upsets you or is a yawn fest? Obviously you can't block out EVERYTHING that may piss you off or may not peak your interest -- but you have to try to make an effort to feel some sort of result. I have become accustom, only recently, to my "Block" and "Mute" buttons on social media. I also have become accustom to the SEARCH feature too! Interacting with others about things that make me jump for joy only increases my overall happiness. Do you want to see a news feed that solely has baby pictures, engagement videos, and family dinners if you are someone who literally only cares about video games? If you are similar to me, you are friends with a lot of acquaintances that you just don't care too much for when it comes to every detail of their personal lives.  If the politics get too weird or awkward --- mute their butts from your feed! Online arguing never leads to anything productive. This all sounds so simple but I overlooked doing this for 5ever and now I don't get as aggravated as I once did scrolling through Facebook and Twitter.  Make every environment you immerse yourself in a happy place. Mine is chalk full of memes, cartoons, anime, film, music, video games, travel, tattoos, technology....you get the idea!


Okay. This one is the most crucial and also the most "impossible". YOU DO NOT OWE ANYONE ANYTHING, EVER. You do not owe someone a lifelong friendship for a kind gesture done years ago. You do not owe someone a conversation if you do not care for them personally. You do not owe someone a friendship who literally does not give two craps about you in the way you care for them. Cutting people out is tough but it's one of the most liberating feelings you can experience. Do not be cold hearted and a loner. What I am saying is if you are in a friendship where it gets to the point that you feel almost bullied by the other side or you feel that you give 110% and are only receiving 5% .... what is the point in drawing that friendship out longer? Yes, it will be awkward for a little, teeny weenie bit amount of time but the best thing about almost anything in our short life is that WE ALL MOVE ON. You are allowed to miss who you cut ties with but when you are consistently in a bummed or upset mood because of one person /  a group of friends - what are you really getting out of that? Don't let guilt keep you inside a tornado that drains you. Only in the past year I have learned this. It's okay to be happy and reflect on the good times you had with said friend(s) - but when you are constantly just remembering the good times and can't recall a recent memory of that happiness -- what are you truly gaining from the friendship? Nothing but hardship and being held back. Maybe it's time to evaluate how your "besties" make you truly feel and see what you'd rather have: a half-ass friend or pure happiness. If you're scared of being alone, take it from me, there are BETTER people out there for you! Jumping back to the "social media" section of this article -- I have met some truly inspiring and awesome friends by finding peeps who are giddy over the same crap I am! Surrounding myself with solely positive people has been the best medicine both physically and mentally too. It's been HEAVENLY not stressing over friendships - you really should try it. Most successful relationships should not require a lot of effort on your end - they should just work. If you find yourself exerting all of your energy tip toeing in a relationship then something is definitely not right!


A large portion of making yourself morph into a positive burrito is ensuring you are taking care of yourself! It's so simple to forget to drink plenty of water, exercise your body and mind, and things of that nature. I keep a planner that reminds me of these things: ~ Take a walk outside! Go to the gym! Zoo day! Disney day! Beach trip! ~ You have to make time for yourself to become that positive burrito. I carry a 32oz bottle of water around with me as much as I can because, for me, that helps me get my 64oz of h20 errday. Give yourself time to relax. Light a candle, garden, read a book, binge watch Netflix, sit out in your backyard to moon gaze; whatever floats your boat! Just don't forget your water and exercise in all of those departments. Remembering to challenge yourself physically (aka at da gym or a run around the block), mentally (aka play a round of chess or take up a class to learn something new), and spiritually (aka meditate each morning or lay on the beach once a week) is absolutely vital to being the positive burrito you wish to become. 


Put some effort into getting positive vibes radiating from your house since that's where you probably spend a lot of your time. Put plenty of fresh plants around - you'd be amazed at what that can do for your attitude. Fresh scents can come from flowers, keeping your windows open, and even a bowl of fruits/veggies in your kitchen as opposed to family sized bags of potato chips. Take the time to keep a clean house too - a clean house can tremendously improve your overall being. Hang up artwork that inspires you and tape up some photos of people who make your life awesome. Make sure to have candles on hand or just neat lighting in general -- string lights, mood lights, ect. These small steps can aid in changing your attitude - especially after a long day when you come home to such a cozy sanctuary. 


One of the most amazing ways to change your life around is to be nice to others. It's free to do and feels indescribable. Share your leftovers that you may just throw away at home with someone in need when you're at a stoplight after eating out. Shout out a compliment to a stranger. Use manners when out in the real world. It does not take much effort and it's a domino effect to slowly but surely make not only you feel wonderful but it really helps the world be a better place too. 


My last piece of advice for being a cool, positive burrito is to find ways to entertain yourself and smile. As noted above - life is going to suck majorly at times. You need to find a way to cope with the darker times. Personally, I am utterly sarcastic and have a morbid / stupid sense of humor. Making things a joke helps me smile about the hand of cards I've been dealt. Find your way to do that! It's easier to  laugh then mope around and be bitter. Laughing lightens your mood and helps you move on from any situation! 


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Lil GameStop haul! I am playing the Uncharted series right now. I never played them before and really love it so far. The story line is solid and the design is breathtaking. What more can you want in a game? I found Draco Malfoy to add to my Pop collection - he's my fave "bad guy" - if you can really call him bad. I also picked up an Eeveelution cup that is to die for! This was all free for me too because I traded in some games for store credit. Not bad, eh?


I was happily surprised with a package in the mail this week that contained two of Nicole Dollanganger's limited vinyl runs! I've talked about her before but here is a reminder that you should really give her a listen if you like a cutesy, "baby-like" singing voice that is filled with twisted lyrics & is all backed by very minimal music. 


I went to Brick by Brick in San Diego to see Ulcerate with some dweebs last week. The show was overall great - but the band that blew me away was Zhrine. I am obsessed and their newest numba one fan. Zhrine is a band from Iceland and the whole performance was simply mesmerizing. CHECK EM OUT and #staynerdy! 

Disclaimer: These are my opinions on what I think I can recall of certain events in my life. I am in no way accusing anyone of any crimes and will never provide personal information such as names, addresses, and things of that nature. This is all being used to tell a story to help others out who may be in a similar situation.