It used to be the biggest struggle for me to find a melodic balance of a good, positive, health routine. Not even just with exercise - but with life in general, Skin care routine, alone time, exercise routine, socializing routine, family time, significant other time, doing well in school, giving 100% to my get the idea. There's a lot with living a full life! There are two words I can recommend to make this possible: routine and moderation. 

Having healthy skin is a big deal for most us. You don't want to have gross, oily & broken out skin if it's preventable - right? It's  very simple to maintain having a flawless complexion. I have fairly nice skin without the aid of makeup. There is no big secret to unlocking this! The key is keeping it short and sweet with a routine. Twice a day - once in the morning and once at night - wash and moisturize your face! Takes two minutes to do. If you wear makeup and workout a lot, use a makeup remover wipe prior to really get your skin thoroughly clean. The only puzzle to making this work is knowing your skin type. It's easy to decipher - you'll either have dry, oily, sensitive or something along those lines when it comes to skin type. I have very oily skin - so all of my products are oil free, obviously. But - if you have dry skin, you should look into making sure your face cleaner has oil to replenish that dry skin. I also have sensitive skin - meaning I can't have too many chemicals be applied to my face or I will break out or become really red. (PALE PRIDE)  In case you haven't guessed it - I use a product that is for sensitive skin. As for moisturizing - I also get oil free for sensitive skin. My makeup remover wipes are - YUP - also for sensitive skin. (self explanatory things)

Use makeup wipes even if you're NOT wearing makeup! It removes loose dirt and sweat collected on my face. Then, using warm water to open up my pores - I apply Neutrogena Face Scrub for one to two minutes. I really keep it light with applying but do applicate using small, quick circles using my index and middle finger. I wash it off with cold water (which also helps me wake up) and it closes up my pores for the day to prevent more dirt/oil from getting in there. After I dry my skin, I apply my Neutrogena face moisturizer and call it a day. Boom - three minutes in the morning, and three minutes at night. Easy, easy, easy. (And I'm only talking about the routine - not me. Or am I...?)

Twice a day I also apply moisturizer to my entire body. This takes one minute. I use an oil free product for sensitive / dry skin. So, all in all, with brushing my teeth - my morning and night routine are five minutes each. Easy peasy! The four MUST HAVE products I use daily and nightly are:

*~~~~STEP ONE~~~~*

x2 A DAY ; Morning & Night

*~~~STEP TWO~~~*

x2 A DAY ; Morning & Night

*~~~STEP THREE~~~*

x2 A DAY ; Morning & Night

*~~~STEP FOUR~~~*

x2 A DAY ; Morning & Night

***Obviously add whatever else you have to do too...taking prescriptions, brushing your teeth...ect. Basic hygiene, right? I'm hoping you didn't need to be reminded of that :) :) :)***

I thought I'd include some brief tips on how to live a simpler, more relaxed lifestyle. We are all so busy nowadays with work, family and all that crap. But - it is possible to do it all without being miserable. All it takes is making things routine (which takes a minimum of six weeks for anything to become customary for you.) and smart time management. Pretty self explanatory. You can achieve this with self discipline and a calendar - whether that's on your phone, tablet, a physical planner, white board...ect. Have "To do" lists daily and check off things as you go - I know I still have to do that and it helps a lot. Find your thing on how to get shit done and do it everyday!

A phrase I normally use to get things done ASAP is - "it won't 


you to do _____ now and then I won't have to do it later if I want to lounge around. The faster a simple errand or task gets complete - the faster you can give yourself a nice little break with a whisky on the rocks and a jam session."

Exercise is an intimidating word for most. But - it's really simple to be active. You don't need to devote 3 hours a day at the gym to lifting thousand pound weights to be healthy - that's cray. Unless you're a body builder - then good for you, you jacked up mofo. Find a short, simple routine that you can work into your morning routine or going to bed routine. Running for just 20 minutes a day is a good start. That's doable for anybody - even if it's a mixture of walking/jogging/running. Finding a 10 minute workout routine from Pinterest is as easy as one click. Just do SOMETHING active at least once a day for 20+ minutes. Take a walk around the block, walk on the beach, jog instead of walk your dog - the possibilities are endless. But don't be freaked out by the term everyday working out. It's easy! It gives you energy and will probably solve most of your chronic pain / issues - mentally and physically. I have a lot of chronic illnesses and still am able to remain somewhat active / healthy. It's helped a lot with my chronic illnesses and really gives me more energy and pure happiness. (High off life...maaaan."  It's a great outlet for stress and finding peace to take on each day. A quick, guaranteed at home routine that I've been using FOREVER is:

DO THIS, LAZY! It's an easy, quick routine to do before your nightly scrub a dub dub.

^ this is what I've been doing for YEARS. I will do it every time before I shower. It's an extremely awesome way to work in a new routine. Twenty minutes before shower time! I've tweaked it a little but it's a great base. You can find thousands of more quick at home routines on Pinterest or anywhere else on the DOT COM. 

** also! if you're not a workout person...ease into it by simply stretching for a few weeks each day to get your body ready to start running, jogging, walking - whatever. That can easily aid you in starting a regular routine. **

^ Yes, imagine that you are collecting the Pokemon gym badges every time you workout. Effective? Sorta...for me at least! #nerdymotivation

Spacing out your family, social, and alone time is crucial in this day and age with social media. Despite how connected we all are - it's more then imperative to find a way to get alone time everyday. Even if it's thirty minutes of reading, drawing, watching your TV show, listening to music, taking a walk (hey that ties in with regular exercise!), chatting with your cats. taking a get the deal. MAKE time for you to sit and collect your thoughts and just breathe. Space out socializing and seeing family. See them regularly - duh. But make sure you're setting aside time to be intimate with your significant other and time to be intimate with yourself. (That can mean WHATEVER you want it to mean...Lighting a candle and sipping cocoa or.....firing up your 2nd boyfriend in your underwear drawer that breathes on AA batteries.) Yes, you can be Picard, but even he takes Earl Grey Tea breaks or private times to practice his flute skills. 

"Aaahhh, bliss" 

If you're in school - GREAT! But don't let that fully envelope your life. You'll end up flunking out or having a nervous breakdown if you become someone who only goes to school and works. You'll explode. Make sure you're setting aside time for homework/assignments - but remember to reward yourself for the little things. Have one drink with friends for an hour in between studying. Catch up on your fave show while eating dinner instead of working on that paper while eating. Proper balance with that will lead you to better grades and a happier you. 

^ When this happens - don't freak. Just remember the tips I gave! Space things out and you'll be FINE, I swear! ^

I'm assuming you want be a superstar at work. Congrats! That's awesome. But remember - you're HUMAN. You can make mistakes but still be trying your best. If a personal emergency comes up on the clock, it's OKAY to leave to go take care of it. It's OKAY to clock out for the day when it hits 5PM and finish up the issue the next work day. Breathe. I'm a workaholic myself so I get how tough that can be to walk away. But as long as you're doing your best - that's all that matters. Don't let work fully suck you in because you'll lose sight of yourself eventually, lose your close relationships, and be left with nothing but a job you will most likely end up resenting because you've been overworked. Wrapping it back to the beginning - MODERATION!

^HEY LISTEN!^ You can't be fired for choosing not to come in when you weren't hired to work that schedule. If you have plans you've been looking forward to on your DAY OFF...don't feel pressure to say yes. GO PARTY AND HAVE FUN! You'll still be a superstar. Or, you'll be a Miserable Mable at work that day if you go in.^ #assertiveness #pride

If worse comes to worse and it's difficult to get in this flow of a new routine - remember WATER is your best friend forever. BFFLS. Your besties whether you want to be or not. If you're feeling sick, drink H20. Working out? Consume H20. Busting it hard at your office? Chug that H20! When wondering what you can do different - drink refreshing water. Minimum eight cups a day! I keep a cute, purple water bottle with me that is marked with how much I should be drinking at various times throughout my day. It's really easy to forget with coffee lovers, tea fanatics and alcohol consumers. But, it's mandatory! It makes you feel more energized, usually helps with common medical problems, and has no nasty side effects. Water is the perfect first step to beginning getting your shit together. In words of Nike and now Shia 

LaBeouf -


"Drink more water please, cuties!" - 

Direct quote from 

Vaporeon, so... 

you gotta listen to that adorable hunk of happiness and joy.

Another tip with dieting is - don't diet...just don't do it. I mean, the word "Die" is in trustworthy is that? How often has it even worked for you for more then a year and you were actually happy with life? That's right - never. You die on the inside when doing a crazy diet. You don't have to have somebody telling you what to eat. You can literally eat whatever you want! Just moderate it. Have a small ice cream once in a while instead of a gallon a night. Make sure your intake of fruits and veggies is always the majority of what you're eating. But eat what you want - reasonably. You can have a bag of chips and a soda each day  without gaining weight if you keep it to a small bag of chips and a small pop. Take a walk while eating them to get a little exercise in. MODERATION! MODERATION! MODERATION! You'll bee fine - I promise. 

We are all busy bees. Buzzing around having to do this and that. Never be overwhelmed though - it can all get done. Write out your schedule - even pencil in alone time if you have to do that to remember - write check lists: "take bath with candles and wine", "clean house for 1 hour", "Date night with boo"...ect. If that helps you be able to balance it all - DO IT! Find how you are successful in balancing life and all that crap it throws at you. It can get pretty smelly if you don't become organized.  Personally, everything is in my phone and in check off lists. I have alarms for everything like, "LUSH bath bomb time! TAKE A BREAK!" and I'll go do that. Leave yourself check list sticky notes and cross tasks off as you do them. I do that DAILY - I have a book actually. Experiment to see what's the right fit and go with it. You'll thank yourself and realize how easy this whole life thing is. If I, Julie - a workaholic, ADD, busy, hot mess, always wants to make everybody happy - type gal can do it - ANYBODY CAN! How do you maintain a balanced life? Share your secrets with us so we can stop being zombies!  Thanks for reading this week and remember to #staynerdy! 

Disclaimer: These are my opinions on what I think I can recall of certain events in my life. I am in no way accusing anyone of any crimes and will never provide personal information such as names, addresses, and things of that nature. This is all being used to tell a story to help others out who may be in a similar situation.