Sundays are for relaxing, winding down and getting to further inquire about yourself - right? Right. An intriguing topic for me has always been, well, myself. I mean that in the LEAST conceited way possible. I've felt like I've never belonged anywhere in particular and never able to really put a general "label" on who I am. It's always been a combination of things: tomboy, punk, rocker, artist, dancer, nerd...ect what have you. My personality has always been a huge question mark because most people I have met can easily slap a label on themselves and be content. Not me though. It was odd always being an individual who can fit in with any type of crowd pleasantly and not stir up trouble. Having such a dark sense of humor and a really good intuition - like that Mexican eye shit. But I'm Irish / Native American so... that didn't add up.  Personalities are a very large part of every single one of us. They are why we are the way we are and not many people really understand how to decipher themselves. I've only recently heard about the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator. It sounds really fancy but all in all it is a test you take and it breaks you down into four key / crucial parts of what composes you as an individual. Basically these four parts are s

ensation, intuition, feeling, and thinking and that MOST of the time, one of these four functions is more dominant then the others while you're out doing you. Stringed into this, these functions fall into either being the orientation of extraversion or introversion.  *Math-ing* - so this means you could have one of sixteen various personality types. I'm NOT going to go into each one exclusively and in depth. That would take days that would turn into weeks that would turn into you dying from lack of hydration and food. You should definitely take the test though and research what makes your gears turn a certain way. It's truly fascinating. 

 I'm here to talk about mine! That's right - ME - because I'm special. My personality type is INTJ - standing for Introversion, Intuition, Thinking, Judgement. It's literally the rarest personality type which was a huge weight off my shoulders. I word it that way because that answers the questions I've had all of my life as to why I don't feel like I fit in and why I could never really put one label on myself. Only 1-2% of the population has this type of personality, mostly male dominant too might I add. 

I usually am quiet and reserved when with friends unless it's a very small circle of us. It takes a lot of energy for me to be around people, whereas extraverts gain energy from being around a crowd. Don't take it personally! It's all of my anxiety and all those rainbows and cupcakes that make up my soul. I'm typically more abstract then concrete, meaning that I can look at the big picture of things instead of the minor, minuscule details that won't even affect the long run of a scenario. I more often then not tend to value objective criteria above personal preference. When I'm making a decision I will usually lean towards more the logical choice as opposed to the choice that involves the heart. (SPOCK, cough cough.) Finally, I plan everything out and make decisions very early. This very much explains how I"m good at multi-tasking, my OCD, and organized personality despite being artsy. 

Other fun traits of being an INTJ:

I crave independence and prefer working by myself over a group of peers BUT, if needed (IE I see the current person in charge sucks or there is no backbone to a project), I enjoy leading a group of people.

I usually lean on being pragmatic, creative and logical.

I am insightful and mentally quick - BUT -  (there are so many buts with my traits you'd think I'm an ass lover) this rarely comes across physically since I enjoy keeping to myself.

Low tolerance for rampant emotionalism.

I don't readily accept most tradition based on rank/title/ect (REBEL)

I'm a strong individual (Strongest / most independent of all personality types) who thrives off of looking at things from new perspectives and angles

I have a desire for efficiency (Hence why I can't sit still, love working OT / two jobs, and so on)

I am best in quietly / firmly creating ideas, theories and principles. (VOICES IN MY HEAD ARE TALKING TO ME AGAIN)

Harbor a desire to express myself (WORK IT GIRL)

Talent for thinking up complex theories (In you face, CHEM101)

Able to develop strong confidence in own talents since I know what I'm NOT good at and what I am. You know those people that say, "I can do anything, ever, and I can do it perfectly!"? Yeah, that's not me. I know I can't juggle flaming bowling pins while balancing on a quarter sized bouncy ball in a killer shark tank.

I am demanding in expectations of relationships and rational in them as well. (I'M COOL AS A CUCUMBER)

I am stable, reliable, dedicated.

Harmony in my work, home life and relationships is pretty crucial to my happiness and well being.

I don't like to waste time with what I think are irrational social rituals. (I'm snobby, get over it)

I'm 100% trustworthy of my intuition - it's always right (within reason)

My emotions are hard to read. ("Why do you always look so sad? // Invisible Julie Syndrome EXISTS)

I suck at expressing emotional reactions

I may seem like I'm really reserved, cold or don't care but all of the physical reactions that should be occurring are all running in my head on steroids. (ALL THE THINGS YOU SAID, ALL THE THINGS YOU SAID - RUNNING THROUGH MY HEAD, RUNNING THROUGH MY HEAD)

I could care less about small talk and really dislike it. I enjoy fully getting to know anybody and everybody and want to cut that "So, how's the weather today? Do you like my shoelaces?"

As I said, just for one personality you can prattle on until you run out of breath in your lungs because there is so much information that is really groovy to know. But, you all don't care too much about my personality trait since it's probably not yours - so here's your chance to find out! The test is free, and takes maybe ten minutes to complete. Be sure to answer everything honestly though, or else it may not be entirely accurate. Also, if you feel like you have more then one answer for one question - pick the answer that is AT LEAST 51% right or more persistent throughout your entire life not just a recent situation. It's hard choosing some of them because they seem similar after a while. The last part of my post today is showing you all relevant Pop Culture characters modeled after my personality, INTJ, and that may help visually show you what I'm talking about! Have fun!

Arnold Schwarzenegger 

Chevy Chase 

Dan Akroyd 

Lance Armstrong

C. S. Lewis 

Jane Austen 

Franz Kafka 

Lewis Carroll 

Friederich Nietzsche 

Calvin Coolidge

Dwight D. Eisenhower 

Woodrow Wilson 

Thomas Jefferson 

General Ulysses S. Grant 

Susan B. Anthony 

Sir Isaac Newton 

Nikola Tesla

Stephen Hawking 



Dr. Otto Octavius 


Hannibal Lecter


Mr. Darcy 

Sherlock Holmes

Stewie Griffin 

Willy Wonka

Draco Malfoy 



Robert California 

Gabe Lewis 

Tywin Lannister 



Sideshow Bob

Mr. Burns 

Victor Von Frankenstein - Frankenstein

Final Opinion: I am a psychotic, intelligent, intuitive, genuine, unorthodox, logical, intense, unpredictable, straightforward,

menacing, focussed, sarcastic, monotone, quiet, powerful, stubborn, independent, philosophizing, witty, creative, misunderstood, organized, awkward mess of a human. Enjoy my presence and remember to


Comment below with your results and who your other personality trait carriers are. Thanks for reading!

* I would like to thank Wikipedia for helping me find the words I was searching for in my head to put to paper and Deviantart for all those free icons that those fabulous and talented artists so kindly let the world use! *

Disclaimer: These are my opinions on what I think I can recall of certain events in my life. I am in no way accusing anyone of any crimes and will never provide personal information such as names, addresses, and things of that nature. This is all being used to tell a story to help others out who may be in a similar situation.