You Shall Not Pass....#Steffulie's Fortress

Almost four months later -- HERE IT IS (still a tad unfinished too.....) but I want to show off my cutie Kawaii / forest pixie apartment! I can never stress enough how important it is to cherish where you live. Where you live is where you spend so much of your time so you have to make it special! I didn't have the opportunity until the last few years so I will never take it for granted and neither should you. SPOILER this contains a lot of photos and not a lot of words so if you prefer to read................SORRY! But please enjoy these pretty pictures of my apartment. Since you may or may not be a creepy ass stranger - this is the closest you'll get to coming over and hanging out with me!

 MY GOAL: To transform my apartment into a fairy/pixie woodland wonderland. This basically means some base colors of light grays, golds, whites and bronzes with lots of pops of glitter, mint, baby blue, pastel pink and light yellow! I think having some sort of goal and visualization is imperative when decorating. Let's begin! 

First let's start with the bedroom / office area! Our bedroom is large enough to sport two different areas: lounging and working. I thought that would be odd since I work almost four jobs at home but luckily it's big enough that I don't notice! 

I have a very minimal gray fabric headboard and my actual bedframe is only a few inches off the ground. On top of our bed I found a mint comforter set that has deer / pastel colored flowers all over it. Our sheets are actually from the kids section of Big Lots and are periwinkle with cacti on them! Above our bed I hung up a floral garland from Target and also from the same store are our three shadow boxes that center our bed with the few Pop figures that I don't find ugly! 

There is a closeup of our small Pop collection. Both Stephen and I have matching bureaus and unicorn lamps. One unicorn lamp was given to me as a gift from my dear friend Amanda! It was so thoughtful and I honestly can't believe she gave it to me still. I was perusing Target (for the 20th time in my weekly Target runs) and found the same lamp in the "Pillowfort" brand section! The matching dressers are from Ikea and I just put some candles on there as well since I'm a candle whore. 

Here is the other half of our room - the working area. Being the cheesy nerds we are - you betcha we have matching glass desks with matching mint lamps AND matching gamer chairs! Okay we also have matching trash cans but.............DEAL WITH THE CUTENESS. I included the art on our walls as of right now too! I want so much more but we are off to a good start. On top of our windows around the entire apartment I adorned with garland and ivy from Michaels. I think it gives the most adorable forest vibes. Since I do not own a desktop, yet, my desk has a lot more nick nacks than Stephen's since I have the space. In between our desks is our printer and storage area for paper/boring shiz. I draped the perimeter of the stand with a string of bronze flower lights from none other than Target. Above that is a jungle-esque garland from.............YOU GUESSED IT........TARGET! You can also see a lame painting I designed for Stephen when we first met by his desk. 

Moving on we go through our hallway. This has our walk in closet and laundry room (I didn't show this's pretty boring and not exciting.) You can see our bronze colored sea urchins though and bronze colored Harry Potter Goblet of Fire - ish mirror though! (FROM TARGET OKAY I HAVE A PROBLEM!!!!) This leads us to our bathroom! I love our bathroom because it's divided into two sections: the shower/toilet area and the sink area. This is ideal for living with somebody! Data from Star Trek The Next Generation watches over us as we get ready everyday and use the vanity area. Overtop the sink is a silver string of tassles. The sink area is minimal in itself with a bird bath ornament I purchased from Michaels and I filled that with blue gems from my local dollar store. Other than that we just have pops of mint in our soap dispenser, toothbrush holder and accessory dish. The bathroom itself has a heavenly pastel tone to it with it's long stemmed yellow and white flowers (from my local 99c store), floral candle holders (from Wal Mart), a gray toilet seat cover (Wal Mart) and shower curtain that has rainbow, light colored clouds on it (Amazon). I thought I'd spare you our boring shower from the inside - I think we all understand what showers looks like. 

When you exit the powder room you will be positioned into the entryway. We have a mail organizer mounted on the wall (Target), various artworks and a hook station for keys/leashes/etc. It's all tied together with pops of teal and that bronzy/Earth color as a base.

Trekking forward we find ourselves in the kitchen! You can see we have a floral patterned, butterfly shaped garland welcoming you (Target) with the cutest island that is complete with 3 light colored salon stools from Craigslist. Stepping into the actual kitchen we can see that we have a light birch colored cabinet set with white appliances. Above our sink we have glitter star garlands (TARGET DUH) which is centered with a Homer Simpson clock found super randomly at HomeGoods. On top of our microwave I put my favorite glassware set: an 8bit Mario and 8bit turtle from.............TARGET. On the very right of our counter we have a magical water fountain fro Boo and a booze area. Our fridge is super tacky with lots of magnets and memoribilia but throughout it all are rainbow colored LED lights if you look closely on top of the cabinetry. 

A lil bit halfway through this tour we will end up in our cozy dining room. You can see right off the bat there's a glass/wood dining table that I found through Craigslist. On top of that are some light green leaf placemats that I found at..............TARGET. (DO YOU SEE THE PATTERN!!) We have a chandelier hanging over the table too. On the wall behind that I hung up my three gold, empty frames and made a mint/baby pink/gold fan collage. (TARGET) We also have a Rubix cube mini fridge from ThinkGeek! I want to have more tea and dinner parties please!

Rounding out the end of #stefullie's lair - we come to our entertainment area. You'll see various artworks and a holographic stool (TARGET) and a little white bench from Ikea that I snagged via Craigslist. Our couch is also secondhand Ikea bought through Craigslist and it is both a storage couch and bed. Half of it lifts up and has concealed storage while the rest pulls out to a Queen sized bed. It's easily washable and extremely durable with two animals and a couple who uses this everyday. Above that you will see some busts of cutesy animals: an elephant, unicorn and rhino. The patched animal heads are from HomeGoods and the unicorn I just found at Ross literally this past weekend. Draping over them is a simple string of white lights. Our pillows on the couch are from Michaels or Target and continue on with our 5 year old's bedroom theme. I found our circular glass table that pretty much matches the dining table on Craigslist but it is also from Ikea originally. Our entertainment stand is from.........Ikea but I scouted it out through Craigslist (WHEN I LIKE THINGS I GO ALL OUT OKAY!!?) To the left of our entertainment area is a concealed litter box with a lamp behind it that changes colors, artwork on the walls and rainbow string lights everywhere. As mentioned I put garland overtop all of the blinds in the house - so this matches our bedroom with the window. We have a simple patio that has LED lights wrapped all around the fencing and some gold tassle garland on the top. The patio set is from Target / Stephen's parents. 

THERE YOU HAVE IT! How cute is our palace? I never like to leave home even more  now with how much perfection resides in this galaxy of fairy/pixi-ness. What do you think? What does your home look like? Let me know and #STAYNERDY until next week!


Another year has passed which means another year I have gone without going to San Diego Comic Con. -sigh- Maybe next year! Luckily my friend snagged me some prints from my favorite artist - Alex Pardee to help me feel included!


Oh shit - MORE INK!? Yep! I'm hooked. Melvin gave me this PEZ piece to represent the total and huge dork I am. I collect PEZ dispensers for those who don't know and this was one of the first PEZ I ever had so I'm OBSESSED!! Look at that dang pointillism. 


I feel like I haven't posted about Boo and Merk in a minute so here are some shots of them doing nothing very special but still being cute nonetheless! 

Disclaimer: These are my opinions on what I think I can recall of certain events in my life. I am in no way accusing anyone of any crimes and will never provide personal information such as names, addresses, and things of that nature. This is all being used to tell a story to help others out who may be in a similar situation.