I Danced With Pluto.

After a little over a year - I have finally had the absolute pleasure of being able to renew my Disney pass! *symphony of cheers* A lot of people have requested for me to blog about my frequent Disney trips – so here goes nothing.  I love Disneyland. It’s as simple as that. It’s my happy place and therapeutic for me to escape reality by going there as much as possible. Come along with me and my first day back at Disney this year! It was so much fun.

We didn’t really have a plan when going for the first time after a long (unwanted) break. We just wanted to walk around and take everything in while sprinkling on some people watching too. But first – alcohol! The Cove Bar in California Adventure is generally our first stop because you can get an appetizer and drinks outside of beer to get your buzz on. Disclaimer: I don’t drink beer. We ordered the ultimate nachos which were so yummy! They had all the fix-ins: lobster, jalapenos, onion, sour cream, horseradish, cheese salsa, regular salsa and homemade, warm  tortilla chips. Of course B ate all of the lobster but that plate was empty fairly quick. We were seated right at the edge overlooking the pond where the light show is located. It was beautiful and oh so sunny. I could have sat there until closing time and I would have been content.

I asked the waiter for the strongest drink because I’m money savvy like that and also have a problem with booze. He suggested a drink called a Zombie that is not on the menu but is a concoction that a lot of peeps know about at Disney. Brendan ordered the Smoked Turkey which was a bourbon drink that is so gorgeous to look at! My drink was a mixture of five alcohols and a splash of grenadine – just how I like it. I couldn’t even taste anything and the color was so off putting – so I knew that I chose wisely and probably shouldn’t have more than one. We wanted to lock in our buzz so we also ordered Neverlands – which are absolutely stunning! I am a sucker for pretty looking things. They are strong too – so very  strong. We were set for the entire afternoon with our two drinks, so our wallets and our loopy selves were maxed out with happiness.

I am a pin collector. Disney has pins that you can trade and collect, for those who are unaware. I love little nick nacks so the pins are heaven for me. They are pretty pricy but I can’t help it! In grade school I had a friend who went to Disney World at least once a year. She invited me along but I was unable to go so she brought me back a few pins. From then, I knew I was hooked. I actually filled my first lanyard without realizing it which is sad for me because the lanyard I have for these pins is my fave. It’s all of the villains of Disney. I have always enjoyed the villains of anything more than the protagonist in films. I’m a psycho – deal with it. This lanyard is reversible too but I’m happy with all of my pins on it and wouldn’t want to trade any of them. I guess I should mention that the fun part of the pin collecting is that cast members at Disney have their own lanyards with pins and you can trade with them. They can’t tell you “no” either if you want to trade – all of their pins are yours if you have one to put in place of the pin you take. There are also pin boards at some of the stores in Disney so it’s quite the rush finding limited edition or retired pins just up for grabs. But my first lanyard is now retired. I even screwed the backs on with the pin lock backs so it’s set it stone (or metal, I guess) that they are mine forever!  Mwahahahahah. Unless I become homeless and need some cash – then on EBay it goes. I found my new lanyard for this year  though (I’m just going out on a limb and saying after this year my lanyard will be chalk full once again) – which was a treat! I’m fairly picky with the lanyard selection Disney has. Usually none impress me but I fell head over heels with this Irish one. It’s so cute! Rainbows, pots of gold, and bright colors – so stunning. I started off my 2nd lanyard with a newly released pin from Disney this year: Captain Hook and the alligator from Peter Pan. I thought it was so lovely and a great pin to start my new lanyard. I also got a basic Daisy pin that I traded via a Pin Board in Magic Kingdom – Donald and Daisy are my favorite classic characters, in case you were wondering.

We trotted around California Adventure and saw Mickey Mouse bopping around. The line was only maybe five people long so we had to get a photo. Without photos, things obviously don’t really happen. We need proof, right? He was so cute! I don’t think I’ve ever gotten a picture with Mickey now that I think about it – but he gave me a smooch and we were on our way to Magic Kingdom for the remainder of the evening.

It’s Disney’s 60th Anniversary this year, so there are a lot of decorations representing that all around Disney. The main flower bed that has Mickey’s face in it has a 60th Anniversary theme. I had to snap a photo of it with how gorgeous it looks. We didn’t feel like waiting for a professional picture because the line was ridiculous. With the highest tier pass, you actually get free copies (or downloads, you have the print them yourself at home) of any pictures professionally taken at Disney of you. I love that perk because the photos are much better quality then the ones from my phone!

Right upon entering Magic Kingdom, we were greeted with a triumphant symphony of a Star Wars medley from this marching band. They were perfectly synchronized and had an entertaining routine. We caught only maybe the last three songs so I don’t have any video. They were phenomenal though! Next to them was Pluto. Again, we had such good luck with timing because the line was not long to get a picture. Pluto interacted with me a lot and ended up dancing with me a little bit so this was the end result:

He also gave me a smooch and we said our farewell. We took in the Disney air and walked down Main Street. All of the lights were on and the sun was setting so it made for an elegant site. Brendan had to get his picture with his main squeeze:

We really wanted to check out the new Star Wars shizzle that Disney has so we hiked over to Tomorrowland. It’s pretty rad! They are nowhere near complete with construction but what they have done thus far is impressive. Brendan was drooling since Star Wars is his thing. We then went over to the gun shooting range but didn’t have any spare change so we ended up going home because unfortunately the park closed at 8PM and it was already 7:30! The day flew by but was truly spectacular. I’m honestly surprised I didn’t cry upon arriving.

So have you been to any of the Disney parks yet? Do you want to? (How can you not want to?) Do you collect pins? We try to go to Disney 1-2X a month so expect more of these Disney blogs! Let me know what you think and remember to #staynerdy!


If you live in North County San Diego - check out Pour House! It's a regular spot for me. They always have a vast array of different artists playing almost every night - so you're always in for something new when you go. There's a pool table and outdoor seating too, if you aren't digging who is performing that evening. The food is always a hit, and the drinks are strong yet reasonably priced - what could be better then that? Well, free would be better - but not realistic I guess.  I had one too many Vodka Lemonades in this photo....but can you blame me? The waitress kept asking if I want one more and I have no self control. So yes, you can blame solely me.


I dunno if I'm new to the party....but have you been to the 99c store recently? I have done my grocery shopping at Wal Mart for the longest time but as of two weeks ago started doing it all at my 99c store. They have FRESH produce for $1...like what? They also have over the counter medicines and household items for only $1. I bought a bag of apples for $1, bananas for $1, blueberries for $1, sleep aids for $1, socks for $1 and even trash bags for $1! I am still in shock and don't understand how they can sell fresh fruits and veggies for only $1. Honestly I don't want to know because it seems too good to be true. But if you have a 99c in your neighborhood - you should pop in and see what they have to offer. I've saved close to $75 a week by shopping here now. Let me know if your local 99c shop is this awesome too. Oh and yes, I have zero shame in admitting all of my groceries are from here. All they need is alcohol now - and I'd have a total one stop shop.