It is that awesome time of year where it’s “in between seasons” (WHAT SEASONS, SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA? WARM, HOT, KINDA WARM OR KINDA HOT?) for us terribly spoiled Californians. That means we are confused as to whether or not to bring a light jacket with us when we go out at night. It ALSO means that stores are having killer sales to make room for their new inventory of the Spring / Summer / Fall Collections of 2016. This results in absolute steals for your wallet, piggy bank, or the hole in your backyard - wherever you keep your money - no judgement. I have always been extremely frugal with clothes shopping for me. I can’t explain it too thoroughly but since I know I won’t be wearing the same piece of clothing for my whole life, I cannot justify spending full price - ever! I am a banging bargain hunter to say the least. During this time of year is one of the prime times for others like me to stock up on new pieces so I wanted to share my little ole haul from yesterday with ya’ll.

I had a budget of $100. I highly suggest if you are going to venture to a mall with no real idea of what you are searching for - definitely set a budget beforehand or you will be broke. I didn’t really have any items in mind for this trip but I knew I wanted to stock up on mainly clothes so I came up with $100 that I could spend and still afford to have a roof over my head when its time to pay rent.

In case you weren't paying attention, I have super bad anxiety problems. So malls, as much as I enjoy shopping, are typically an area that I avoid. They are crawling with those people at kiosks that just attack you trying to get you to smell their perfume, to touch your hair or to get you to try on a robe or equally awkward scenarios. It’s very anxiety ridden for me and it may not seem like a big deal but for me it is okay!? To stray away from suffering from an embarrassing anxiety attack in public, I decided to pick only four stores to visit on this solo excursion. Mine were:


Forever 21

Bath and Body Works


I chose H&M and Forever 21 because in previous experiences I always make out like a bandit from these locations - especially in between seasons. As long as you care well for your clothes, the quality is sturdy too! I haven't ever had a complaint about something from these shops. I spent $30 at H&M in total and this is what I purchased:

HOLY SHIT, right???! Am I good or what? I walked out of the store with two dresses, and three tops for thirty bucks. I feel like an achievement should be unlocked. I win. Check out your local H&M because 3 of my tops were $1! That’s insane. 

I scored two lovely dresses from this $30 haul. The red one I wore last night on a fancy little date with the boo - described below.  It's thick and very sturdy material. The only complaint I have is in the rib area - it bunches up pretty terribly and it makes it look like a weird fat roll is there.....but it was only $10 so screw it! Let people think I have an abnormal build up of fat under my ribs. The navy dress has sheer cutouts on the sides just above the waist and a sheer upper part as well over the shoulders and chest. The fabric is super clingy but it's very cute so it's manageable. The pink crop top was $1 so absolutely no complaints there. I love my mint checkerboard peplum top! It makes me feel like a modern princess and looks really cute with leggings or shorts - it's a basic cotton material and is very comfy indeed. It was $4! WWWWHHHAAAAATTT??! The tribal print button up is a thick cotton that is a crop top - it's a fun twist that I'll wear to shows most likely. It matches almost everything and can be layered nicely too on cooler evenings. The one flop I purchased was the white tie up button up shirt. It's really thin material, which is fine, but the buttons are too awkwardly placed! You'd think with how it fits that I'm a 34DD.....I am not. I'm small chested and it seriously looks like I'm busting out - which is impossible for me. I still want to keep it though but as more of a cover up with swimsuits. The material is perfect for going over water soaked suits. All in all - good haul! (Yes, it rhymed.)

Next up I hiked up to the second floor of the mall and popped into Forever 21. I never even look at the front of the store when I go here, I dash to the back section where it’s a clearance heaven. I don’t care how messy it is or what size label is on top of the racks, I look at each piece in this area because the sizing usually isn’t right and there are real hidden gems stashed here! I happily strode out of F21 with only spending $36 this time and EIGHT new things for myself!

The three pastel skirts have a zip up the back and are made of a nylon material so they are very light and airy - PERFECT for summer! I can't wait to wear these to Disneyland too - they are super cute and I feel like I can be any of The Powerpuff Girls when I wear the appropriate color! The lip crayon I tried out today and it's so vibrant and long lasting. I only had to reapply once over the span of eight hours - and that's including sipping a Mountain Dew all afternoon. ( I really need to find a replacement for that...btw....) The floral dress is gorgeous and screamed Nancy Drew to me. It's a cotton material and very low cut. It's extremely comfy and can be layered up for the cooler seasons or worn as is for the hotter months. EEEEE, I love being an IRL Nancy Drew. The black skater skirt is a simple cotton stretch fabric that matches everything. The blue lace skirt is not wearable right now because the zipper is stuck....and the headband is pretty self explanatory, right? It goes on my head to hold my weave back.

I really wanted to go to Lush instead of BBW, to be honest. Lush is my life and I’m completely out of all my body sprays, lotions, and other bathroom goodies. Unfortunately, I just don’t have the money right now to buy what I want at Lush so I went to my old friend, Bath and Body Works - the place I lived at forever before Lush was a thing. I knew I needed body lotion and body spray - so I decided to stick with their Buy 2 Get 1 FREE deal that they normally always have going on. I also had a 20% coupon off my entire purchase. With whatever body spray I use daily, I always get one that has sparkles in it! If there is an option for anything that comes WITH glitter….I always take the shiny option. I left very happy with only spending $25 on a body mist, body cream, body lotion and hand lotion. HOPEFULLY I can give you all a Lush haul when I run out of these products! (sponsor me please Lush, PLEASE)

The body lotion I purchased is a new fragrance BBW released this year called A Thousand Wishes. It's a beautiful blend of floral and pomegranate scents that is perfect for day to day use or solely special occasions.  It even won an award, which I wasn't aware smells could achieve. Congrats though, A Thousand Wishes, I know you worked really hard to always smell so glorious. The Sweet Pea body mist has diamond sparkles infused with it so you know I'll be wearing this daily to shimmer in the moonlight. I picked up a body cream that is the Paris Amour Fine scent. It's romantic and breezy. I love it! The hand cream is  called Fresh Strawberries and seriously smells like delicious hand picked strawberries! It's in my everyday purse now and it'll probably be gone in a week.....I may or may not eat it on sleep aids.

Finally I went to a three story tall Target that is at this mall. It’s glorious….for you Target lovers, which I’m pretty sure is everyone, right? On top of running out of all my daily body care shizzle, I also have been low on a few everyday makeup products too. Unfortunately, much like my settling for BBW over Lush, (Sorry BBW, I love you but Lush is my soul mate and you’re just a placeholder) I had to grab my go to CoverGirl products instead of my more high end brands - which is perfectly okay because CoverGirl has been there for me since Day 1 with my heavy blue eye shadow days and clumped mascara nights. I picked up mascara, loose finishing powder, two bright eyeliners, an eyebrow gel, and a new eye shadow palette for about $50. I spent a little more then I should have….but I was at Target. I think we all have experienced the spell Target puts you under when you walk through the door and end up spending 3x more then you intended. Still, a great deal for all the new beauty products I got to make me look not hideous! You’ll thank me when you hang out with me sometime.

That was my three hour adventure haul! It was a pretty random decision, but I’m so happy I stocked up my closet and bathroom. The advice I want to leave you with if you are trying to be a little more savvy with smart shopping would be to embrace the clearance rack - no matter how disorganized / scary it looks. Remember to go hunting “off season” - which is about two different times a year in the retail world. And most importantly, plan it out! I mapped out my afternoon efficiently to allow myself plenty of time in the stores I wanted to visit AND kept a list of how much I was spending to stay in my budget. How do you like shopping? Online? Not at all? Let me know your secrets to staying cute (or not) and remember to #staynerdy. See you punks next week!


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Western Settings at Til Two Club. Pictured is a rad Spanish punk band that opened for Western Settings called Que Oso. They performed a song called "23" that was truly moving as it was written solely for the horrible kidnapping in Mexico last year. It was fantastic to say the least.

Disclaimer: These are my opinions on what I think I can recall of certain events in my life. I am in no way accusing anyone of any crimes and will never provide personal information such as names, addresses, and things of that nature. This is all being used to tell a story to help others out who may be in a similar situation.