It's the Most Wonderful Time...of the Year (Halloween)

IT'S OCTOBER. If this isn't your favorite time of year - what is wrong with you? Don't even read my blog anymore, just don't. There's something terribly wrong with you. So, yeah - it's October! A time for cooler weather, (Or if you're in Southern California, like me, the weather gets maybe five degrees lower...sometimes...) lots of sweet, candy indulgences without the guilt trips, scaring your friends and maybe some strangers,  pumpkin flavored everything you can imagine, black/purple/neon colored crap, SOCKS (Don't act like you don't enjoy a nicely themed sock) that amazing feeling that is just indescribable when it's October 1st - and, for myself,  a large portion of my friend's birthdays. October is so busy for me - but in the best way possible! Every weekend I have at least two celebrations and I always cross my fingers for some Halloween themed shenanigans to take place at said celebrations along the way.

Yesterday I celebrated one of my very good friend's thirtieth birthday. It was such an amazing day I thought I'd share it with you all! We began our day around 1PM by hitting up a Creole/Cajun Seafood joint called Crab Town. We originally were planning on stuffing our faces at Crab


down the street, but an hour after they opened they were out of Crawfish - yeah, seriously. So we went less then a mile down the road to Crab TOWN. It's pretty new but they serve you literally a bag of seafood and you will get down and dirty with the crabs. (Pun intended.)  No utensils and a load of bibs is what the restaurant gives you to dive in. (Pun intended.) You order by the pound and can eat until you put yourself in some sort of sea coma. They offer five types of spice levels too to cook all your sea creature friends in: Mild, Moderate, Medium, Spicy, and Fire. Just a disclosure, the spiciness wasn't really spicy - and by spicy I mean you struggle with putting it down your throat because it's so hot and live with your choice for a few days. I like to feel a small fire in my mouth to enjoy spice, so..I'm probably wrong with how spicy it really was. ( I just said spicy a million times. Spicy.) Anyway - it's a great restaurant with good service with nice decor sprinkled in - so if you're in the Kearney Mesa area of San Diego - HIT IT UP. You get 5% off for just checking in on Yelp too, which is really cool.

I wanted to talk about today, briefly, how thankful I am for the friends in my life. We did such a simple outing for my friend's 30th, but I had one of the best times ever. We all went around the table and talked about our favorite memories with the birthday boy - and that turned into a couple of hours of reminiscing of all the fun/weird/cool times we've had. It was really awesome. Lots of laughing and smiles all around. It was one of those things that in the moment I was just thinking, "Wow. I'm so lucky to have these people in my life!" It was a Hallmark card if there is such a real life situation. My friends (who weren't all there, just to clarify...) are the best people I've ever met so if you're reading this and cannot relate - you should really get some new friends. Seriously. I guess my point is that I've had some really fake/crappy friends throughout my life & always thought I should keep the friendship with them because it's rude NOT to do that. Does that make sense? I made a post a while ago about cutting negative people out of your life - so I wanted to reassure you guys that I live by what I say. I'm happy I chopped certain people from my life because if I didn't I would not be so close to the group of peeps I'm referring to and I can't imagine not having them around. YOU can be in control of your life in almost all aspects of it, other then a natural disaster or something super crazy that you


cannot control.... I'll be making a more detailed post about this in the future but I guess I'm just saying don't settle if you're unhappy - in anything! A job, friends, significant other, family, ect. Sometimes it's easier and sometimes  it's not but eventually you can find happiness by persevering and not accepting anything except what makes you 100% happy inside.

One of the reasons I know I'm so happy with who is in my life presently is because we never have a dull conversation. Every time we get together we can chat about anything - serious, lighthearted, crazy - you name it. Yesterday, after taking a vacation to Crab Town for a few hours, we went over a friend's house because he was having a BBQ party to celebrate him moving into the place. We ended up having a longwinded discussion about what everybody's spirit animal is. If we came up with a response we had to have a valid reason to justify WHY we thought the spirit animal represented whoever we were referring to, but we ultimately decided posse is: a large/sassy black woman or mosquito hawk, a modern Mexican-Hitler, a pterodactyl, a street pigeon, a possum, a cactus, a mixture of a buck & robot, and to wrap it all up - a hybrid of a bear/seal. Don't ask, just go with it. We are oddballs to say the least and I love every second of it.

I really would like to make this a comic book series because how is that not entertaining and original?'s genius, right? Or something that would be created on loads of drugs....that's basically the same thing as genius though - case and point - Sigmund Freud. NAILED IT.

October is breathtaking  - to loop back around to the beginning of this conversation I started with myself. Yes, breathtaking. Pumpkins, ghosts, blood, crisp & chilly air, skeletons, apple cider, haunted houses, hayrides, layers of clothes, leaves falling + changing color, you get what I'm saying, right? There's something so attractive about being able to let your freak flag fly higher then usual without (usually) repercussions. October has always been a month that just seems to get me. It's a month that justifies who I am & in the past has made me feel comfortable in my own skin.  It is OKAY to love horror movies and be strange, especially in October - and that's me all year round. I'm a total package tied with an orange and black bow. Tell me why you can't love October and I'll prove you wrong = I promise! October is the BEST. What are your favorite traditions that revolve around this month? Let me know in the comments so we can swoon over this eerily beautiful month together. Thanks for reading and remember to stay #nerdy!