The Garsow Twins!

It's time for me to do one of my absolute favorite things in the whole world - and I'm not talking about drinking a whole bottle of Makers Mark. I get to give you guys, well just one of you, FREE STUFF! Yay, right? Free, the American way - you moochers. If you haven't figured it out yet, I have a giveaway starting today!

About five years ago I moved to California & my first job on the West was at JCPenney. It was here I met the two lovely ladies, Britta and Carli Garsow. The second I met them I knew they were going to go far in life - much further then the clothing department at JCP. They trekked all the way from the Midwest to the West Coast almost around the same time I did. We bonded over similar interests / experiences while at JCP and these women are role models! I can't think of one negative thing to say about them, and that says a lot coming from a sarcastic gal like myself. They are the kindest, most delightful cheeseheads you'll ever meet. They have a blog where you can learn more about them but in a nutshell they are all about fashion, DIY projects, beauty products, recipes, and just staying high off of good old fashioned life.


These two ARE  this stunning in real life - NO LIE - they are two of the most beautiful creatures I've ever met in person. 

If there is anything I am a whore for, it's a DIY project. I love going to Michael's and just buying all of the glittery shit to spruce up my place and say that I did it myself. Carli & Britta are huge fanatics of a good DIY project too. Their blog / YouTube Channel has lots of projects that they have done themselves where they walk you through how to make your life cuter - step by step WITH pictures for those of us visual learners. It's really fun to read and the projects they partake in are actually DOABLE. I sometimes go on Pinterest and try to recreate some of the stuff I see on there - it just results in something that looks like a blind, dying animal attempted to make, so it's really neat to see others succeeding in making something with their own two (or four, I suppose, in this case) well-manicured hands.

These goddess princesses are very talented and have recently opened up an Etsy shop along with everything else they carry on their plate - so I'm here to share with you all their awesome products featured in their shop, Garsow Twins Creations. So far they only have two products for purchase: golden, shiny pineapple koozies and lip balms that come in two different scents. I'm sure with how much these twins love crafting, there will be more variety coming soon - but give them some time people, they are busy ass women doing their thang.



is pictured here:

It's very minimal and simple - which is so my style! What's NOT my style is sweaty drinks, that's pretty gross. This koozie will keep your alcoholic or nonalcoholic (No peer pressure here) drink dry as the desert. I guess I should specify that it keeps your hands dry, not the actual drink. They don't make deodorant for beverages yet - but maybe that'll be a thing someday. Featured in the center is the most luxurious pineapple I've ever seen - golden and sparkly. The quality is the best you'll get for a koozie and it's also hand washable for you dirtbags out there.

My favorite thing in their shop is definitely this

lip balm:

I instantly felt a Native American vibe coming from this lip balm. How did you girls remember that I'm Native American? (Just kidding, this style is totally theirs and wasn't made for me. I have to remember the world doesn't revolve around me - yet. Maybe if I gain enough weight though, one day it will.)  It's all organic and handmade for all of you Earth lovers. (Do I really need to specify that it's handmade when it's coming from Etsy? Someone let me know.) It comes in one of two scents: peppermint or grapefruit. The one I'm giving away is grapefruit and it smells ORGASMIC and lovely. I literally almost used it without thinking after I took a whiff but then remembered that one of you gets to use it instead! It's housed in a golden tin to match the sparkly pineapple, and on top is a mixture of beautiful golden and turquoise beads. I never thought to have a cute cased lip balm - mine are all plain and ugly compared to this very classy casing. I would even suggest keeping the tin when the balm is gone to store some earrings or something small!

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You obviously have more chances to win if you do all of these steps, and you'll get even more chances if you share with your friends too! I will be keeping track of everybody who enters and will use a random entry generator thingeemagig to pick the winner. Be sure to check out C&B's YouTube Channel and blog when you're done here - their life is inspiring and will make you jealous. Seriously though, these girls are optimistic, sweetie pie superstars who are slowly but surely changing up the world! We are going to get together in the future for an interview / fun day of LA things (Nothing involving prostitutes, drugs or kidnapping though; unless I really don't know the true Carli and Britta...) so I tried not to tell you too much about them yet! Stay tuned for that and in the mean time, you know where to find / stalk them on the internet. Thanks for reading and remember to #staynerdy.

Disclaimer: These are my opinions on what I think I can recall of certain events in my life. I am in no way accusing anyone of any crimes and will never provide personal information such as names, addresses, and things of that nature. This is all being used to tell a story to help others out who may be in a similar situation.