Quite a few people have asked me to do a post about my tattoos. I don’t really have a ton so I didn’t think it’d be that lengthy to qualify for a post on its own. So, along with that, I wanted to talk about *briefly* how I can’t stand how shallow most people still are in the year 2015 and how it needs to CHANGE.

Tattoos, piercings, hair color, and literally everything physical used to express yourself does not affect in any way a person’s work ability or their values as a human. Since I was very young, I never comprehended those kinds of rules in the workplace. The only thing I can kind of understand is if you have tattoos that may have you in arguments with customers each day, like ‘FUCK GOD” with a burning baby fetus bordering it with a few swastikas on there too. Then, I can see why you’d have to cover it up while on the clock. That’s just asking for fights to happen. Outside of that weird scenario, I never understood why adults would always tell me not to get my nose pierced, get a visible tattoo or dye my hair an unnatural color because I won’t get a job. Why are people so judgmental? Nobody is perfect and we all go through phases. Self expression is the best way to find happiness so what’s the big deal if a purple haired, tatted and pierced gal is 100% confident and happy? Wouldn’t you want that kind of person with that kind of energy working for you, spreading her joy to others and bringing in new clients? I just don’t get it. Maybe in 1920 I can see why these things scared society because it was so new and different for the times. But, that shouldn’t be the case anymore. A hard working person can be tatted or not at all - how can you tell just by an appearance? Sure, you may regret some tattoo choices when you’re eighty years old, but won’t we all have regrets by then? Why does it even concern others with what our regret MAY be seventy years from now? 

To touch more on tattoos - someone does not have to have some deep, lengthy backstory for every tattoo. “I liked the design” or “I thought it was cool” is an acceptable response because…. that person paid for someone to ink their body permanently and there’s no list of requirements for a tattoo to be worthy enough to get in the first place. If you like a piece of artwork, perhaps by Dali, do you need to have a four page paper on why exactly you enjoy that piece of work he created? No! You just like looking at his masterpieces and that new tattoo I got was because I thought it was neat. So shut up about it already. 

My point is this: do what you want to do with YOUR body and screw the thoughts of people obviously not worthy to get to know you anyway. If you don’t want any ink, piercings, ect - that’s great & fine but just like religion, that doesn’t mean that your decision is the way to go for the rest of us here trying to find out who we are and all that deep, meaning of life shit. Does it really need to be said that we don’t live in a dictatorship? I think people forget that sometimes. Do what makes you happy and if you feel the need to dye your hair hot pink for a week because you’re stressed and need a distraction from the rollercoaster of everyday life, do it! Life is way too short to keep worrying about what people are going to say to you because no matter what you do, (brown or rainbow hair) people talk anyway. Please yourself first, always and you’ll soon learn that it’s easier to ignore those buttholes who just want to cause a ripple in the water just for kicks.

I hope to one day be tatted head to toe! Presently, I only have six tattoos: 

1) My very first tattoo I got about three years ago and it was done by a good friend of mine. He did it for free and it means so much to me since a friend walked me through my first tattoo. It’s the keyblade from Kingdom Hearts tied with a Sailor Moon bow. Kingdom Hearts is a huge part of my life and I’ve been a Moonie since I can remember. So - Keyblade / Sailor Moon tattoo obviously. This was actually all done freehand because my skin wouldn’t take the outline. I always like raving about that because it just shows how talented my friend is! He doesn’t work at a shop or anything so unfortunately I can’t direct ya’ll to him. He moved to a different state as well so he is missed but luckily I think of him and one of my best friends everyday thanks to this tattoo. 

2) My next tattoo is not the EMT symbol, which is what almost everybody thinks it is from afar. It’s a music piece of the Red Hot Chili Peppers’ asterisk symbol with the album artwork from Californication as it’s filling. This is a tattoo I have wanted for an extremely long time. The Chili Peppers have always been my favorite band and they helped me get through so much mentally growing up. I relied on the radio for a long time so they were really the first band I would hear on the stations frequently. They will always be my #1 and this was the tattoo I knew I had to get since a very young age. I’m so glad I have it now! Thanks to Chelsie Strauss who used to work at Black Filigree Tattoo in San Marcos but she moved to Florida. So if you’re in the sunshine state, look her up! She’s amazing and super cute. 

Chelsie's Facebook

3&4) I got my next two tattoos on the same day on a Friday the 13th. I had just started a new job at a car dealership and was crossing the street back from my lunch and a car hit me while I was walking. I rolled over the hood and the car drove away! They never caught the person but my work sent me home early because, being the stubborn mule I am, I didn’t even tell anybody about the accident and tried to continue to work like nothing happened. I’m pretty sure I had a concussion so the company I was at told me to go straight to the hospital. Instead I got tattoos because I’m at the hospital enough and really didn’t want to go. (Did I mention I’m stubborn?) Yay hit and runs!  I ended up getting Boo from the flash sheet provided and a crescent moon. The Boo is probably my favorite placed tattoo so far being right behind my ear. He’s my guardian and keeps me safe from unfortunate events that seem to happen to me. Also, my huge gamer side would have never let me live down NOT getting a Boo. He’s my favorite character from Mario anyway so it was a sign. The moon has a very long backstory but to keep this short, I love the moon. I’ll probably incorporate that story later on at some point. These were also done by

Chelsie Strauss. 

^ I didn't think a photo of the crescent moon was really necessary. It's just an outline of a crescent moon on my wrist. Use your imagination.

5) My last tattoo from Chelsie before she switched coasts on me was of a spin on the Jesus fish that is everywhere. To clarify, I don't care what you believe in and love learning about different religions. Personally though, I don't practice any religion and don't believe in anything. So - this is a jab at my lack of religion and how Star Trek is my only god. It's the word TREK instead of JESUS in the colors of the uniforms from The Next Generation (The only series to watch...) and instead of a fish it is of the Enterprise. It's awesome and I hope the super religious folks have a sense of humor about it because nothing should be taken too seriously, in my opinion. 

Chelsie's Profile

 (one last time) 

6) My most recent tattoo I got from the most kickass artist I have ever met, Jasmine Wright! It’s of Nancy Drew, the girl, badass detective from the 1920’s. She was one of the first books I ever read and one of my favorite series of PC games. Jasmine drew this up and it’s amazing. Unless she moves to a different state, the remainder of my tattoos will be only from her. She is wildly talented and is meant to be tattooing for sure. She’s located in San Diego so check out her work and set up an appointment NOW.  

Jasmine's Website


Jasmine's Facebook 

Like I said I want to get so many more tattoos in the future when I’m not poor. Hopefully they’ll all be done by miss Jasmine Wright. :) What are your thoughts on expressing yourself through clothes, tattoos, piercings, hair color, and all that jazz? What tattoos do you have or want? Comment below with your answers and cool stories below and remember to #staynerdy! 

Disclaimer: These are my opinions on what I think I can recall of certain events in my life. I am in no way accusing anyone of any crimes and will never provide personal information such as names, addresses, and things of that nature. This is all being used to tell a story to help others out who may be in a similar situation.