For lots of students, today is the first day of Spring Semester at whatever college or high school you attend. For me, it’s my first day of college in general! I am so thrilled! I graduated from a private high school in PA  in 2010. For my own well being I moved to CA right afterwards + it has been a grave journey getting my financial aid together since I’m “independent” but -not really- according to the government, since my birth parents are still living. With the help of a select few this past Fall though, I was FINALLY able to be marked “independent” on government documents, which means nearly all of my school is paid for! Otherwise, I would never be able to afford it right now.

School has always been something I love. (Yes, total loser right here.) I loved going to school and distracting myself from personal problems by focusing on learning new things + excelling the best I could in class & extracurricular activities. School also brought me many friendships that I am thankful for, even if I do not have them anymore. (Unfortunately people drift + sometimes drama happens. You know.) School helped me discover some of my passions as well.

I am majoring in computer sciences which is something I’ve always wanted to pursue. Since I was young, I wanted to major in photography. But, after talking to a few people / counselors, I concluded that computer sciences is a much more logical choice. (Pulling out my Spock talk.) I am a tech person and technology has always been kind of second nature to me. I’m very excited to learn even more about the field.  Photography will remain present in my life, and I hope to make it a side job.

So I went school supplies shopping (one of my ABSOLUTE favorite things in the world to do!) the other day in order to prepare for my new college journey. I only bought things I knew I’d need at this point, because today is my first day of class so I don’t have a list to go by. But I kept everything cute as always & am so ready to embrace my first day.

Polka dots, chevron, floral & pastels seem to be a recurring theme. I'm okay with that c: 

My main study method is index cards. I usually go through hundreds per class. It’s always worked for me. Don’t you just LOOOVE the smell of a new book, & the crisp sound that unread pages make when you fan through them with your fingers? I also H A V E  to have my notes well taken. This meaning using outlines, highlighting key aspects, and a whole OCD system that you'd probably laugh at. All of my supplies are from Target or Staples - except for one thing: MY BACKPACK!

 My boyfriend's parents bought me this little number for my birthday from Thirty One Gifts. It has 2 large compartments in the front, & one has a little pencil case type dealio sewed in. The flap that closes the bag is a 3rd storage section that zippers down into the back of the purse. You can change the strap 4 different ways: making it a backpack, a one shoulder backpack, a cross body purse or over the shoulder purse. You can get in embroidered too & it comes in various colors! I always get black everything so I thought I'd mix it up by picking out     this grey / blue combination.

Anxiety is something that keeps popping up, unfortunately. As much as I am truly electrified by the thought of starting school, I am also extremely petrified. There’s going to be hundreds of strangers that I’ll be seeing everyday & group projects shall commence. Teachers may dislike me. Failure. These are  just SOME of the  thoughts that give me an enormous amount of anxiety! I’m hoping I don’t make a total awkward mess of myself today if I have to talk to any peers. I’ll hopefully be able to use my dry sarcasm & a smile to make a new friend, who knows!?

My goals for school are to do the best I can (hopefully that’s a 4.0 GPA), make new friends, if doable study abrod + take a tap dance class. I danced for nearly 17 years before moving. I even assisted in teaching dance for 4 years. It’s a huge passion of mine and I miss it dearly. I hope I have time to take one tap dance class weekly! I’d love to get a group together and start making videos too. I’m a theater kid so I constantly am reminiscing on my dancing & acting days.

Are you guys excited for school? What kind of supplies did you purchase? What are you academic goals? Where are you going to school? Tell us anything you want that’s school related! GO!

Disclaimer: These are my opinions on what I think I can recall of certain events in my life. I am in no way accusing anyone of any crimes and will never provide personal information such as names, addresses, and things of that nature. This is all being used to tell a story to help others out who may be in a similar situation.