What is your favorite gaming company? Nintendo? Sony? Microsoft? Well, one of mine has always been HeR Interactive! HeR is the fantastic company that makes Nancy Drew computer games! When I was younger Nancy Drew was one of the first PC games I played. I have been an addict ever since!

These PC / Mac games are filled with puzzles, exploring, questioning suspects, traveling, learning new things & so much more. You can choose either being a Junior or Senior detective. This makes the puzzles either a little more tough or a bit easier. Playing as a Junior Detective also allows you to phone your friends in the game for hints if you get stuck. 

A really major component in these games, in my opinion, is the music compilations. The music made for these games is phenomenal & truly elevates the feeling of suspense, terror & erie-ness. When I was younger and first began playing, I honestly had to turn off the sound  at some points because I got so                                                            frightened! 

Are you a nosy person but never have ample opportunities to put your skill to use? Well Nancy Drew allows you to snoop to your heart's content! Rifling through EVERYTHING- you take away your suspects' personal space 100%. It's so, so fun.

Interrogating your suspects is a large portion of the game as well. You are given choices to what you can ask each character. Depending on what you ask you can either find out what you're looking for or frustrate someone to the point where you cannot talk to them for a period of time.

There are also really cute parts to the game. I say "cute" because these portions consist of baking/cooking or artistic things. They are crucial to continuing the storyline but its kind of a nice break to bake a cake or make a necklace after doing something a tad more intense.

Easter Eggs are hidden in every game and also if you play from the first game in order there are references from every game in later games. If you are unsure what Easter Eggs are, they are pretty literal in the Nancy Drew games. They are actual eggs you can collect in each game by doing a certain action to unlock it. For example, clicking on a vase on a character's desk after a certain point in the game allows you to collect an egg.

As with almost all games, you can collect achievements throughout the game. Obviously you would receive one for solving the case but there's usually other ones such as playing a mini game a certain amount if times, setting off alarms multiple times, or petting an animal over and over again. I always end up playing the games a few times so I can collect all achievements available. But you can do whatever floats your boat. 

To wrap things up, Nancy Drew is the perfect example of how girl gamers are taking over! One of my biggest pet peeves is the outdated stereotype that girls can't play video games. Or if they do play games that they suck. Girls are just as good gamers as guys and there are just as many nowadays. Nancy Drew showed me that women can do anything that men can, and sometimes even better! ;) 

How would you like to hop on the Nancy Drew train yourself? Well, here's your chance ladies (and gentlemen of course)! HeR has teamed up with me and is letting me give two lucky people the latest game in the series! How do you win? Simple! Just subscribe to my blog, comment on this post with your favorite Nancy Drew game (or which game you'd like to play most), follow me & HER on twitter, "Like" HeR Interactive on Facebook and check out HeR's website! (www.herinteractive.com) I made it easy as can be with the little doodad down below. So get to it! Winner will be announced by the beginning of next month, good luck!

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