Rockabilly Revolt

Calling all bow lovers! Do I have a treat for you! I am a huge fan of cute bows. Who isn't - right? I am always on the web browsing Etsy shops to discover new bows and hair accessories. Recently, I stumbled upon Rockabilly Revolt. Her shop ranges from girly to total geek and I love everything about it! 

The owner of the shop is named Madison and she opened her Etsy business just over a year ago. It's taken off so fast due to her talent and out of the box ideas that you wouldn't find in your typical store. Her creations are unique, feisty & über cute!

Right when I came across Rockabilly Revolt, I purchased a few bows. (Pictured below) I will definitely be a loyal customer for time to come. My bows were delivered in about 3 days & the quality is astounding. They attach to your hair via alligator clip, which is a personal preference, so that's a huge plus for me. The bows are constructed from top quality fabric so I know they will last me a long time. 

If you are browsing Rockabilly's shop and don't see something that you were hoping she would have - don't fret! She does custom orders to please your every wish. How fantastic is that!? 

Bows give such a nice pop to nearly any outfit. You can wear them casually or dressy too. They are an awesome statement piece and also conversation starters! You necessarily don't have to wear bows in your hair either. Sometimes I attach them to purses or pockets of clothing. 

So, why was I saying I have a treat for you? Because the owner has been gracious enough to do a giveaway with me! 5 bows from her shop can be yours soon! She gave me a Dr. Who, cheetah, floral, Batman, Star Wars and a Harry Potter bow to award to one lucky winner! All you need to do is subscribe to my blog, follow Rockabilly Revolt's Instagram & Facebook and comment below with what your favorite bow in this pack is! Of course I made it simple for you guys by combining all of the various entries in one spot down below. Thanks so much for reading and the best of luck to all of you cuties! 

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