Getting My Life Together.

I still get crafty at times, or I guess you could call it getting older aligned with my OCD vastly caving in. Anyway, Daiso is one of the absolute, most fantastic stores in the world. That’s not even an exaggeration because it’s international! It's basically a dollar (ish) store that has all imported items from Japan. I could spend close to an entire day in here. There are so many lovely trinkets that you definitely need in your fortress - but I'm here to show you how to organize that pesky jewelry box and also your vanity. This really applies to any "junk drawer" you have as well. I know it's intimidating - but together we can get through that evil mass of tangled items. 

First - I went to Daiso, crazy right? It was a hard first step to take - okay not really. I bolted in there with a stupid grin plastered on my face. You can go to any dollar store by you but it should be Daiso because everything is cuter there! (Unfortunately this is not sponsored no matter how much I drop the name, "Daiso") I spent $1-$3 each on ALL. OF. THIS.

*** Cat collars, floral business card holder, mini strawberry trash can, purple can opener/wine opener, falsies, heart shaped ice cube tray, eye lash holder that looks like a turquoise bow, a hard boiled egg timer ( I can never get it right - and it's a little chick!), BB/CC cream, pastel socks, neon dish scrubber, teal beanie, yoga mat -- and of course trays and dishes of every size for this project! ***

Next - empty the drawer you are trying to convert to NOT being a hot mess. Take this time to throw away actual junk, (screw being sentimental), sort through everything and whatnot. Space everything out and then sift through your newly purchased trays and accommodate to the size you need:

Finally - choose however you want to sort each section! I think I did mine pretty simply, as I am a peasant with no imagination. I lumped together my necklaces into two different trays ("dressy" and "casual"), bracelets ("dressy" and "casual" as well) earrings I separated between "dangly" and "studs" and so forth. There's no wrong way to do it - unless you do it the wrong way, obviously. Anyway - here are the results. VISUALS, PEOPLE, VISUALS ARE THE ONLY WAY TO LEARN.

My other super small project at my new pad was to get myself a vanity because my bathroom is just barely large enough to stand - seriously. I have no room to do my makeup, hair, and all that girly shit. I searched Craigslist and stumbled upon this PERFECT vanity for only $25! It was really good luck to be honest so I suggest Ikea if you want a cheap one quickly or doing a Craigslist hunt yourself. Please just don't get murdered, molested, or any other bad "M" words - especially monkeyed. I'm referring going to Ikea, not Craiglist hunting, to clarify. 

I had all of my makeup in those two bags (Silver sparkly one and obnoxious neon yellow one to the right) originally so it was extremely complicated doing a simple face of beauty every morning as I had to pour out each one to find what I needed. All of my lotions were scattered, none of my brushes were separated and it was total chaos - in the most first world problem way possible. I am a minimal person, so it was a big step for me to kind of have everything OUT and SEEN by the world - but it was getting really chaotic sorting through bags each day.

I basically had the same approach as organizing my jewelry chest - except not really. Hence why I'm explaining it. I found these pastel pink Paris themed (?) cubes for $1 each! ONE DOLLAR EACH! Or "yen", if you will, since I was in Daiso and all. I could probably have organized these two cute cubes even further but the vanity I found is super tiny (suitable for the Japanese life I try to live) so I was happy with the result. I put in all of my foundation/BB creams, concealer, ect in one cube and put my pencil eyeliners, eyebrow liners..and a few odds and ends in the other Parisian cube.

I used the same tray approach for my bronzers, blushes, highlighters, contouring kit, ect (on the left) and I found what I think is considered a pen organizer for my brushes. In case you didn't guess it - I put my brushes in there! I put all of my lotions, sprays and hair products in that floral case - I already had this and it's just perfect to organize yet keep everything handy. I also picked up a ring holder (left front) and am using the miniature strawberry trash can (back right) for daily trash from all of the errors I make putting pounds of makeup on my face. The rest I think is self explanatory, right? I know, you want the visuals and to stop reading this paragraph so here: (SLIDESHOWS FTW)

I spent less then $40 on my haul from Daiso! I bought a few other random cute things that I listed originally. It was extremely magical and I really can't go back for a while because I WILL spend hundreds of dollars I don't have. Remember to #staynerdy and I'll say you dweebs next week (maybe - I hate commitments) 


Yeah - I'm crowning myself the Pixie of the week. Is that a thing? I don't know but I'm a fairy princess now and I'm in love with every (not inch) of it. 


(photo cred: Kendra Sheetz from FtLP) Remember La Escalera Fest? Oh....yeah you probably don't thanks to your good pal, alcohol. So to relive this epic weekend - check out For the Love of Punk's recap! Look at my face in that photo - I'm a STAR. I'm a cherub. I am everything. (aka - ew)

NIGHTS 1 & 2


MAKEUP (#minihauls) OF THE WEEK

I didn't know how to label this - but I took my first trip to Ulta two weeks ago. Where have I been, right? Oh my heavens it was...............overwhelming. I am not going to review each product on its own mainly because I have no problems with any of them - not even if I were to be nit picky. The bronzer is miraculous, the highlighter makes me look like a GD Angel, Smashbox's contour kit is perfect for everyday or special occasion use, and that eyebrow powder makes me look like a doll. I also picked up some L'oreal lipsticks and a lipliner from Revlon - which I have nothing but fantastic things to say about too! #minihaul

I lastly wanted to give a small shoutout to my main bitch, ELF. This brand is bomb for those of us who, like me, are not able to afford Ulta trips weekly. (*cries*) But the quality is superb and the prices are UNBEATABLE. All of the brushes I bought were $1-$2 and deliver the same result as a more high end brush, in my opinion. The concealer, finishing powder and eyeliner gel are to die for. They ranged from $2-$5. Target has a humungous Elf dedicated half aisle in the makeup section so check it out on your next stop because I know you go to Target too much as it is. #minihaul

Disclaimer: These are my opinions on what I think I can recall of certain events in my life. I am in no way accusing anyone of any crimes and will never provide personal information such as names, addresses, and things of that nature. This is all being used to tell a story to help others out who may be in a similar situation.