DIY Sequin Embroidered Ravenclaw Backpack!

It's been a lil over a week since posting - sorry about that! December is a hectic month for all of us, I know, but on top of Holiday shizzle it is ALSO my & Stephen's bdays! So I've been doing a #reblogoftheday each day of December to keep you all content :) I'm here today to do a good ole craft project! I only have four DIY articles almost five years into this blog so here is article number five. Stephen went above and beyond (as always) at getting me a very thoughtful Christmas gift! I have been drooling over this Ravenclaw backpack from Universal Studios for....ever --> well it feels that way! Not only did I want the backpack but I've really wanted this Etsy shop to bedazzle my name on it too. The only problem is this shop charges $200+ to do so. As much as I understand WHY it's that much -- I just don't have that chedda! So Stephen got me the naked backpack:

 He figured I could use my somewhat artsy skills to recreate the bedazzling effect. I have no idea why I never thought that I could attempt doing this myself! I hopped in my Green Machine and drove my butt to Michael's. I spent maybe $10 on: fabric, sequins and thread. If you have a piece you'd like to embellish --> read on this week as this will be a THREE STEP tutorial on how to add your name to a backpack, jacket, or anything you'd like! The House backpacks from Universal have the perfect space to add a name :) Here is a before and after shot before we get started. The top photo is the brilliant work that the Etsy shop I mentioned does and the bottom two are what I ended up producing:




Thread (Same color as backpack)

18" of fabric (Same color as backpack)


Hot Glue Gun / Glue Sticks


Sharpie / Fabric Marker (Same color as backpack)


Paint Pen (White / Bright colored, preferably)



First things first - take your pencil to sketch out your name. When you're happy with how that looks (draw very lightly so you can erase) trace that outline out with your bright paint marker. I suggested using 18" of fabric in case you mess up like I do a lot! You can choose any font for your lettering but I mimicked what the Etsy shop does: a "Harry Potter-esque" font. I didn't try to do any lightning bolts though - I just couldn't handle that and to be frank -- I sucked butt at it. 


Next, simply cut out your letters and prepare to hot glue them onto your bag. Before diving in - lay them out to ensure you get the spacing right and that it doesn't look to cramped or too far apart. After hot gluing these letters, hand sew them as well. I used a needle and thread. It was my first time sewing actually and to me it wasn't even hard! All I did was Google how to hand sew fabric to fabric. My only advice is to take your time and tie your knots tight and you will be golden. After you go all out with attaching your letters - take a sharpie and fill in the white outline that's on your letters. (This part is optional because honestly I liked the white outline!)


From here I dumped all my sequins into a bowl. I originally was going to mix two different shades of blue but decided to stick to the same blue tone instead. I hand sewed each sequin. When I was done that, I put a small dab of hot glue on each sequin as well to offer ultimate support. After letting this all dry - I went back over everything with warm water and tweezers to clean up the hot glue that was visible on the backpack. 

Then....I just added some enamel pins and BAM! Eight hours later and I have this cutie backpack for all of my adventures! 


It's as easy as that, nerds. A little bit of labor saved me $150. I like the sequins I chose more then what was available at the Etsy shop anyway. All in all - I'm going to try and provide more DIY posts on kenNERDdy because I've been slacking. On that note - I will see you soon and remind you to #staynerdy!


Are you surprised I'm talking about how I saw Rogue One this week? As our Christmas gift - I took Stephen and I to Cinepolis! If you are not familiar - Cineopolis is a luxury movie theater where you can dine either prior to your film in their small restaurant or eat a full meal while watching your film. They serve delicious cocktails and their food is everything. We split a pizza in the lounge and got some chili popcorn during the screening.  I enjoyed a few lemon drop martinis too. The movie though....ugh. I don't have the most popular opinion but before I say anything - I didn't hate it! I just thought it was okay. I will  not go see it again in theater and won't rewatch it anytime soon. I can't put my finger on it but it just didn't own up to Episode VII. I'm not a huge Star Wars person so I'm not saying my opinion is even valid but this is my blog where I am allowed to put my opinion so HA.


YAS. I finally dyed my hair lilac! For years on years on years I've wanted purple hair. It just seemed to be right for me. I took the jump and I am SO glad I did! I have never felt more comfortable in my own skin to be honest. I enjoy looking in the mirror a little bit more then I used to. 


Our second pin will be here this week! Our sloth boys are limited edition and will come in two colors: lilac (shown above) and mint. I can't wait for them to be available for you dorks!


Finally.....I got to go to Disney with Stephen! Almost a year later and we both went to my absolute favorite place ever. It was SO fun! We met up with Stephen's parents on Christmas Day and had a blast. I got to ride Tower of Terror one last time before they close it down forever. (Well..until they reopen it for Marvel land or whatever to clarify) I had to show Stephen the ropes too because he hadn't been in forever! I took him on my usual routine: hitting up Cove Bar in California Adventure first. Those nachos though! I got my usual Neverland drink followed by a Zombie. Stephen enjoyed a cotton candy lemonade that looked almost too cute to devour! I introduced Stephen to the very dangerous world of pin trading too. He loves it -- which is awesome because that's one of the main reasons I love going to Disney so much too. He bought me the limited edition 2016 Malificent ice skate pin! I also traded an older pin of mine with a little girl who was dressed as Cinderella. I think one of my favorite moments was getting matching bracelets in Tomorrowland. We got each other's names written in Aurebush! We also added glow in the dark buttons: Stephen got the Rebellion symbol and I got the Imperial symbol. We didn't stay too late as it was a school night for us but I can't wait to go back. I'm going to try and  make a monthly Disney segment on kenNERDdy. I used my Ravenclaw bag for the first time on this lil outing and it was wonderful! The bag itself is so sturdy and a perfect size for all of your crap!


Merk sports her cute winter sweater before peeing on it. I wanted to commemorate the lifespan of this sweater -- a whole two days before I had to throw it away. But on this day she got a treat! Plain yogurt on a plate... a puppy's dream. 

Disclaimer: These are my opinions on what I think I can recall of certain events in my life. I am in no way accusing anyone of any crimes and will never provide personal information such as names, addresses, and things of that nature. This is all being used to tell a story to help others out who may be in a similar situation.