*almost* Daily Makeup Routine

My views on makeup have changed pretty drastically over the years. I remember at one point, in my very early teen-hood, I was stuck on a very old fashioned viewpoint that if you indulged in the cosmetic universe - you were fake and hiding who you truly were. I suppose that stemmed from the terribly backwards neighborhood I lived in too. I thought wearing mascara each day made me appear not sincere and insecure to others, but that is not the case at all! Makeup is empowering and is one of the reasons I am more confident as of today. Back when being exposed to the world of the lipstick aisle, I was heavily involved in theater / dance too. I had a general association with makeup to be with stage makeup - which, for those of you unaware, consists of almost thirty pounds of foundation with a thick layer of red blush and eyeliner that makes you feel like a raccoon’s eye put under a microscope. It was a scary, all or nothing territory for me. I finally got out of my tiny, small minded town and was able to broaden my point of views with an array of opinions - including that of makeup! Makeup is sometimes a wonderful way to both express yourself and feel truly GOOD about yourself. It can actually help you overcome insecurities in the long run and give you the confidence needed to deal with getting out of bed each day. In no way does wearing makeup everyday force a person to appear “fake”. Sincerity sprouts from within and the brand of clothes you own, how much makeup you wear, and how many friends you have do not define if you are a decent person or not. Makeup has given me the power to take on tasks I never thought possible for an anxious wreck that is me. I now can look in the mirror without a smidgen of makeup and think the thing looking back at me isn’t a total waste. It’s still an ongoing process but the point is that makeup should not be discouraged in today’s judgmental society. If you can cover a flaw that most people will not embrace as they should, why not gain the confidence you want by looking like a fairy goddess princess? I’m not saying every person ever should rely on makeup to be gain happiness - but it does help a lot of us get to the positive mindset we deserve to be at! Makeup is in no way a crutch either. It can be the fire that is sparked inside someone that gives them the passion to start truly chasing their dreams! My post this week is a little tutorial of my daily beauty routine. By “daily”, I should state, I mean whenever I am not running late and whenever I feel like putting effort into my face. I am in no way a cosmetic guru, so I don’t need to be told that. I just wanted to share a pretty simple makeup tutorial that is appropriate for work, a date, errands, or just lounging around the house. 

I don’t have a specific brand of makeup I religiously use - mainly because my taste is expensive and my wallet is super empty. My range in what I use is off brand dollar store pieces to the CVS makeup aisle to MAC. I still am fairly new to the makeup field as well so I am unfamiliar with most terms, techniques and I’m still learning about tons of brands! Please go easy on me, internet. 

Here’s all the shit I use for a basic, everyday look:

Always remember to have a clean face before applying makeup! (For my everyday skin care routine…..go here: https://kennerddy.squarespace.com/new-blog/2015/09/it-used-to-be-biggest-struggle-for-me.html) 

STEP 1: Don’t have a dry, flakey face like me before applying foundation:

STEP 2: Grab a compact mirror

STEP 3: Pluck any unwanted hairs - typically just loose eyebrow ones in between waxes or whatever is the normal thing to do. I also have a freckle on my face that grows one hair so I have to pluck that every now and again. 

STEP 4: Use a Bb cream as a primer and to smooth out your skin before applying foundation. Use a small amount, like this:

I apply it all over, mostly concentrating on my bags, lids, chin and T ZONE (so my whole face, in other words)

STEP 5: Find a good foundation! Use about the same amount that you did for the primer or cream and apply that on your mug. I use an applicator that I found at the dollar store but you can use your finger or anything else they may have for this. I know using your finger can clog your pores with oil and whatever else may be on your fingers (like the dirt from your grimy life) - so i prefer to use this lil pink applicator:

STEP 6: If you have huge ass black bags under your eyes like I do, you may need a little extra work on your under circles. I use a foundation that is two shades lighter then the foundation listed above for my zombie dark circles so that it reflects off of them and conceals them even better!

APPLY THAT SHIT, sparingly:

STEP 7: Before moving on past your core face makeup, blend all the work you just did with a brush. This ensures that you don’t miss any spots. I use a Bare Minerals blending brush that I picked up at Big Lots I believe:

STEP 8: Use a little amount of powder to really lock in a smooth, flawless look. I use this cheap set of eyeshadow, lip color and powder that I got at Victoria’s Secret a while back at one of their annual sales. I use the lightest shade of the powder in here and then I do a very basic contouring - for those nervous with contouring, it’s not necessary. But I just lightly shade in any part of my face that naturally has a shadow and that trick works for me, I think? For the contouring I use the middle shade bronzer shown below:

STEP 9: For my eyes, I unfortunately don’t have the Naked palette. I use a $4 CoverGirl eyeshadow set. If you’re anything like me, I suggest getting products with a little shimmer in them. My eyeshadow always has a little glitter in it so that I look more energized and can have more confidence to take on shit I probably don’t feel like doing. 

I use the 2nd to the left as a base color. Then, I use the one to the right of that as a crease color. After that, I use the darkest shade to fill in the shadows of my eyelid and I smear it down onto my lower lid. As a final step, I take the white shimmer and swipe that under my brow and down through the lower right corner of my eyelid. This also helps with me not looking so beat / tired. Finally - BLEND. I use this ELF brush, also fromBig Lots (I’m a BIG spender). It’s difficult to mess up blending, but just be wary of the pressure you put into it - you don’t wanna pull a darker color to a lighter one and mess it all up. Or if you do, that’s cool. I’m not the boss of you. 

STEP 10:  Eyeliner! The hardest part for me with my shaky hands. My tip for those who suffer with this or something in that realm: take your time and remember you don’t have to do the line in one swipe. I do it in three lines to avoid mess ups. I also use a very thin liquid liner so that I can thicken it if need be. Don’t forget to get your waterline too. I only do my upper lid for everyday makeup so……yeah - that looks like this:

STEP 11:  Mascara. This doesn’t require too much of a description but I use two coats. Remember to turn your brush while applying and go all the way from base to tip (ha ha ha…. yeah that’s what she said. Shut up.) 

STEP 12: Eyebrows on FLEEK ~~ My eyebrows are naturally not too terrible, so they don’t require too much effort. I want to explore some other options outside of a $1 pencil…but that’s what I’ve got for now. I only follow my natural shape of my brows and fill in the middle. I seal it off with this MAC eyebrow conditioner thing and I’m good to go.

STEP 13:  Blush. I use this MAC blush. I blend it with the contouring I did earlier and only do a small amount since I have a lot of red in my skin due to being super white and experiencing sweaty, awkward moments a lot throughout the day and evening. I just blend it with some knock off brush I’ve had forever. It has shimmer in it, in case you couldn’t guess it! (SHIMMER = LIFE)

STEP 14: Simple lips. Make sure you put some primer or chapstick on prior to applying a lip color. I'm sticking to Ellen Tracy in a neutral, shimmery (yes, shimmery) color that doesn't require too much effort! I picked it up at Marshall's and I don't even know if it's a popular / well known brand. I like it though! 

STEP 15: HELLO DAY. All done. Time for some selfies and to take on the world without feeling like a POS. 

Thanks so much for reading and please give me feedback! What brands of makeup do you use? Am I skipping any major steps in a daily routine of a full face of makeup? Am I doing things wrong? Remember to #staynerdy and stay tuned next week for whatever the heck I feel like prattling on about!


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Disclaimer: These are my opinions on what I think I can recall of certain events in my life. I am in no way accusing anyone of any crimes and will never provide personal information such as names, addresses, and things of that nature. This is all being used to tell a story to help others out who may be in a similar situation.