DIY Gold Hanging Frames

Simple DIY Gold Hanging Frames 

If there is anything in this world that I get way too excited over, it's DIY projects. I enjoy being hands on, creativity, and adding flare to my apartment - so do it yourself ideas are always floating around in my  noggin. I like to consider myself a thrifty person as well - I'm not a millionaire (yet) so I don't have a ton of extra cash to decorate my apartment. I've had to get extremely creative in thinking of ways to spruce up my place, so I'd thought I'd share with you internet people what I did today.

My boyfriend found three old paintings at his work in a storage unit and brought them home, thinking they may be worth some extra cash. They weren't even worth selling and I didn't care for the portraits that they were but I did really swoon over the frames. I stupidly did not take any before shots but they were raunchy old things that were off white and chipping crazily. Hideous is being polite. Before chucking them in the garbage I came up with an idea to save the frames - spray painting them and hanging the empty frames up on the wall.

I headed to my local hell hole (Wal Mart) and picked up a $6 can of gold spray paint. You can use whatever color you want, but my color scheme in my living room is gold, red, and black so I just stayed with what I already have.

I went out to my patio and spray painted all three frames with two coats of this gold paint. It only took two minutes to spray paint and around fifteen minutes to dry. I already had a hammer and nails so I figured out where I wanted to place the frames, hammered in some nails, and hung them up! I should add to this story that I'm a double idiot and ended up dropping a frame to the point where it broke. It was a simple fix though. I whipped out my handy dandy miniature glue gun and repaired the damage in a matter of minutes. So then I


the final frame. It looks really fancy and has a filigree style. I'm so happy with the result. This was only a six dollar project! You can't beat that.

^ evidence of how clumsy and stupid I am. 

Go ahead and check out your attic, storage unit, basement, or whatever space you leave untouched for long periods of time. I'm sure you can also find some old frames that you never use. These gold ones add an extra pop to my studio that is very welcoming when I come  home or have guests over.

Let me know what DIY projects you have succeeded at recently in the comments below and of course remember to stay #nerdy!

PS - I apologize for how boring this post looks. I'm in the middle of switching computers and redesigning my blog. I did edit my photos though..? "A" for effort, right?

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