A Skip Down the Gaming Portals

I've been extremely busy recently! I'm working two jobs, in school, and trying to raise 3 cats - it's tiring. Okay, the raising three cats isn't that difficult, but I thought it added to my case and further reminded the internet of my problem as a cat lady. At least I can admit I have a problem, right? Anyway, I have not had time to sit down and blog. I thought that I'd do a quick, painless nerdy post of the games that I consider to be Classics in the gaming industry, or at least MY childhood:


((**and in no particular order either...**))


Kirby's Adventure









This was one of my first video games on my SNES. As much as I love my Mario, Kirby holds a huge place in my childhood heart. I can't tell you how many times I beat this game. I remember the first time I played I was only 3 or 4, so this is a soundtrack this is forever engraved into my bones. How can't this game be on your top games list? You really can't skip it. With it's colorful worlds and the imagination poured into the plot and levels - it's perfection in a cartridge.



Super Mario Brothers









Who did not ever play this at least one time growing up? I know that I played it 489308490384902830 times. Really, that many. It was revolutionary in gaming and is still prominent today. Luigi is my man though, not to diss Mario. I used to get so scared throughout the dungeon levels and can never pass up an opportunity to play. That shows a truly amazing game, if you can play it for over two decades and not be tired of it - especially with my attention span.



Tomb Raider











This was my first "badass" game. By "badass" I mean a game with actual weapons in it. I felt so cool being able to shoot a gun virtually and see realistic blood. Also, it was extremely awesome that the main character is a woman. I always admired that and really wanted to be like Lara Craft. She didn't need anybody but herself to get shit done, and she looked HOT doing it too. 


Kingdom Hearts











Kingdom Hearts is.... MY LIFE. If I've met you a couple of times, I've probably even talked about this game even if only briefly. I was ten when I first played, and it's thirteen years later now and I'm just dying for the next one to be released. Disney, Final Fantasy, action, romance, fantasy...it all ties together in this really spectacular series. I can't believe how many gamers / nerds have never played. If you are sitting down reading this right now, download the first one and I guarantee you will join in the cult of Kingdom Hearts.





Rollercoaster Tycoon









I lost so much of my life to this franchise. I wouldn't even do the challenging part of the game, I'd enter Sandbox mode or activate the cheat that gave me infinite money, and I'd lose days building my ultimate theme park. I'd also spend a copious amount of time drowning guests or naming them "DICK BAG". Who knows why drowning people amused me for hours on end..but let's not get into that.






The Sims









Ahh The Sims. A classic that I think anyone, gamer or not, has played at least once growing up. Making people hook up or "be naked" on screen was just so entertaining. Designing your Sim to look hideous or to just look like yourself took so much time and effort. I hate getting up, going to work and doing chores everyday but for some reason living out someone else's life is too thrilling. They are still releasing Sims games and I'm still hooked!



Dance Dance Revolution












Oh my. This game. I used to play this for entire weekends straight with my good friend back in the day. We actually were pretty good and could do the "Extreme" setting. We never took our talent to the arcade though. I could so out step any Asian there. But, we kept it to just the basement and never revealed our awesome dance moves. I hated the mats on carpeted floors because they wouldn't work 1/3 of the time. I actually have the soundtracks to these games and listen to them once in a blue moon. Sometimes I'll play at an arcade too, but I'm way too rusty to do anything more then Medium difficulty.




Nancy Drew















Oh, you thought I wasn't going to include one of the best computer games ever, huh? I still play Nancy Drew, as most of you know. Not a lot of people know that Nancy has a video game series, but I suggest more people become familiar because they are always loads of fun. If you play by yourself with the sound blasted in a dark room, it's scary as crap and you jump A LOT. The soundtracks are a major reason why I became hooked back in the day. I would become so terrified where I couldn't play for a few days. Obviously that's not the case now... but I still jump and become anxious. The puzzles are mind boggling and no matter what age you are - it takes a little while to decipher them. The games  are only $20 (some even $10) each too - which is affordable compared to most games these days.



















I have never met a huge Rayman fan. I'm not sure why but nobody seems hardcore into the guy with no limbs for some mysterious reason. I know he has fans, but not like those of Zelda or Mario. It's weird to me, because I still play the game once in a while and I still love it! I used to have sleepovers where all me and my friend did was play Rayman for months in a row. It took us so long to beat when we were young. The levels are really clever and super creative -  I was never bored. My ADD was tamed and I became addicted. I haven't played all of the expansions / branched out parts of Rayman - just the original and the newly released one for the PS4. But he has a big place in my heart.



Spyro / Crash Bandicoot














 ALL OF THE SPYROS. All of that little, purple, courageous dragon. These games. I can't speak for the Skylanders expansion of the game, but EVERY. SINGLE. ONE of the originals was my favorite. If I could, I'd play them right now. For the longest time, nobody even knew what Spyro was when I got the first game back when I was about seven years old. But now, it has a fairly large following especially with the revamped Skylanders franchise. If we are going to talk about creativity...this game was ....well... game changing. Focusing on a dragon realm with magic and gems.... this game is golden. I got so lost in that fantasy world of coolness. I had a crush on Spyro too..if that's a thing? I thought he was so cute and badass.










I included Crash Bandicoot in this same ranking because shortly after Spryo did I play Crash Bandicoot - another game with such a creative world. Most of my points are pretty similar to that of Spyro and they are developed by the same gaming company so...BOTH. (Also, remember when they did a crossover game?! They need to be posted together. So shut up.)

















Last, but clearly not least, is The Legend Of Zelda. I played these games...... endlessly...and still do. I just can't even begin talking about how much I love the Zelda series because I don't think I could stop. So I'm just leaving it here....because you all know about it. You all agree. So....here. Zelda.






          Those are just games off the top of my head and again, in no particular order. If I had to do a Top 12, those would be it, for sure. They are classics in my opinion because they fully shaped my childhood 100% and introduced me to so many different genres of gaming: fantasy, sport, RPG, puzzle, adventure, action..... you name it. What games do you consider Classics that molded your childhood? Let me know in the comments below and try to stay #nerdy!

Disclaimer: These are my opinions on what I think I can recall of certain events in my life. I am in no way accusing anyone of any crimes and will never provide personal information such as names, addresses, and things of that nature. This is all being used to tell a story to help others out who may be in a similar situation.