HylianBabe wants to eat a baby?!

Oh hello dorks! Welcome back to my page. This week I got delicious Italian food with Cassidy and her boyfriend. We enjoyed pizza and pasta together with a few drinks to rid us of those stinky anxiety nerves. For those who don't know - Cassidy goes by Hylianbabe online and is a makeup legend! She's so talented and original with her looks - I drool and die and come back to life every time she shares a new look. Her interests range from gaming to makeup to anime and everything in between. After we finished our yummy food - I picked her pink brain (literally and figuratively) We cover makeup. We cover gaming. We cover her inspos. We cover anime. We cover trends. We cover it all! Sit back, grab a snack and enjoy our chat. 

 My name is Cass, I'm 23 and I'm from Southern California. I like to do makeup on the internet for fun. 

Tell me how you got into doing makeup and what made you want to start sharing it with the internet.

It kinda starts that when I was younger I'd play makeup with my cousins but it wasn't like, "I'm gonna give you a smokey eye.." It was clown ass makeup. I watched my mom do her makeup as well. I didn't think I was going to do makeup ever though because I grew up super tomboy-ish. I'm the only girl of all of my siblings. I have 4 brothers. I was super close with my older brother. I'd always wear his clothes and play with all of his toys. I didn't really start doing my makeup until high school-ish when I was on the dance team  -- we had to have that stage makeup. I'd do my friend's makeup because they'd say they dunno what they're doing and I'd have my whole kit with me. That's when I started. I'd just do browns. Honestly - I can't even touch a brown eye shadow now. I've tried for work interviews and can't. I have a lot of inspiration from Samantha Ravndahl. She did some stuff for NYX. She also had a YouTube channel and that's when I started  watching YouTube videos. My first palette was the electric palette. I spent one of my first paychecks on it. It was $52. 

Roughly when was this?

Hmm..2014. I would look up Urban Decay Electric palette on Youtube - mainly because I spent this money on this palette and didn't know how to use it. I would just do that same tutorial every single day. Now I get inspiration like from my friend -- she's @mermaidthuglife and I also love @rocioceja_. All her stuff - all of her experimentation with color. That's when I started thinking that i want to try it too and do it. I just started doing my own thing from there and taking inspiration from things I like. One of the first looks I did was one I posted on Twitter that got pretty big -- it was of Howl's Moving Castle. It was the scene with the garden and everything - I did that on my eye. Looking back I wonder how that got so big because it's so simple to me, haha. After that - I just wanted to do makeup inspired by stuff that I like. Today I was thinking, "I want to play Overwatch" so I did a Lucio look in cohesion with that. Whatever I have on my mind I put on my face!

 That's exactly why I started following you too. As much as you just said the Howl's look was "simple" - 1. I can't do that + many others can't either so please give yourself some credit  and 2. I don't see anyone else doing that! What do you use for those intricate details? Paint? 

When I started -- I would do graphic liner a lot. Like if you saw the Sailor Moon look I did - it's of her blanket - that's what I used for those details. I would use the NYX - the Vivid Brights. I would not recommend those, though, because they're really drying. They crack - there's better ones. I've been told to use face paint but I don't know where to get that/how much it is. 

 You have a very niche aesthetic, IMO! What are core elements of a Cassidy look that you can share if someone is trying to use you as inspiration for their style? How do you pick out an outfit? 

PINK! Anything pink. That's it! Pink! 

 Such a simple answer!

 I feel like I'm quoting Trixie but the color pink like I see it and it's the best thing ever. I've had my hair blue, purple, green, orange..I haven't had yellow but whatever color I do - I always have to go back to pink. It makes me feel confident. 

That's how I am with purple. It's my home. 

Since you're so into makeup - do you have any brands that you recommend for a beginner if they want to take makeup more seriously? 

When I started I really liked NYX but I feel like if you're just starting and you haven't tried high end brands - you don't want to dive into high end brands (yet) NYX is a good starting point. They're in the middle of high end and drug store as far as quality. I've heard that the NYX Brights palette is a good one if you're into brights but if you're into neutrals I love NYX's single pan shadows. If you want really good quality I definitely recommend Sugarpill. I swear by Sugarpill. I don't use anything else. It's kind of a lot but they're the best.  

 I love Sugarpill too! I'm not very familiar with them entirely - I only have a few things from them. Do they just have eyeshadows and lipsticks?

 Well their lipsticks just came out recently. They're the best formula I've ever tried, though. They're super soft and they don't bleed. 

Like everyone else in the world - I got the Little Twin Stars collection and the lipsticks in there are the best I've ever had. They're my first Sugarpill lip product and it'll be hard for me to stray away after trying them out for a few weeks. The shadow stays all day too! I'm obsessed. 

 Give or take I have almost tube they've sold so far, haha. They're really amazing. Especially anything with glitter - it's not chunky and you don't feel it on your lips. They also have some lashes but I'm a creature of habit with my lashes so I only buy the Black Magic lashes. I think they're caled Rouge and Rogue now or something like that. Their eyeshadows are worth it though (Sugarpill's) 

 Let's talk about pop culture a bit. When I think of you I don't only think of makeup. I also think of video games, comics, TV shows - that kinda thing. That's one of the reasons I continued following you after I fell in love with your makeup looks - I saw we liked so many of the same things. I wanna talk about Kingdom Hearts because I know you like Kingdom Hearts. Did you listen to Utada's new song? Before I say my thoughts - what are yours on it?

It's not Simple and Clean......it didn't have that impact on me. When you hear them now ---

They make you cry., 

Yeah. When I play Kingdom Hearts 2 - I cry. I think it's gonna grow on me. With the wait with Kingdom Hearts too...I don't know.

 Yeah it's been a decade, lol. I was 10 when I first heard the original soundtrack and I've waited until my late 20's to get the 3rd installment. Of course they'll probably remix the song and it'll be longer and we haven't played the game yet so it's hard to judge. 

Yeah! It definitely comes with playing the game. When we finally get to play it - and we see the entire story - we will have that song attached to those memories and how you felt playing that game. Then maybe it'll have that same impact but right now I'm just like, "Okay...it's there." haha. 

 What is your favorite Kingdom Hearts game? 

I would say Kingdom Hearts 2. I love the story line and everything. I have a soft spot for the game because when I went to Denver to visit my dad when I was 11 - that's all we did. That was all my siblings and I did was play Kingdom Hearts 2. That just makes me feel happy that there was a time when me and my brothers were all together and we were enjoying this game. 

I've seen you post a little about comics and stuff too...

 Kind of. My boyfriend is way more into them than me. When Gwenpool came out - I was like, "Oh my gosh she's the cutest thing in the world" I had to read it. I'm bummed they're ending it. I mostly read Gwenpool and Snotgirl. I love Snotgirl. 

If you were a villain in an anime - what would your title be and what would your "power" be? 

My favorite villain is probably Dio from Jojo's Bizarre Adventures because he's just the worst. He's just the worst...he's the worst. And I'd want to be like Dio - just the kind that is super bright but there's kind of a lot of darkness in me. I'd be like that - relentless. I wouldn't care about anyone. He ate a baby, I think. If you think he's done something super bad he'll just top it. A villain with that impact is the best. 

 So you'd be the "best" villain ever. I love it. You'd eat a baby if you wanted to. 

 Yeah! But like..the worst. Haha. My name would have something with Sparkles in it though. 

Super cute at first but then deceiving. 

 Do you think any characters from an anime would be super boring to meet in real life?

Yes! I thought of someone instantly. It would be the Sohma family except for Hatori. There's all this drama and exciting stuff happening so if I were Hatori I wouldn't want to live with that family, haha. They've turned into like the Chinese Zodiac and that's the only cool thing. But if I met that family in real life - they'd be really boring. 

What's the most overrated + underrated anime in your opinion? 

Overrated? Hmm. Sword Art! I hate Sword Art Online. 

Dang, yeah I have to agree. I loved the idea and the first few episodes but then they all seemed exactly the same and I got so bored. 

 I feel like Soul Eater is underrated. It's good, I love it. When my boyfriend and I started dating - I'd go to his house and we'd just watch it. At first I didn't like it because the beginning is kind of repetative but that's just because they're introducing all the characters but after that it's so good.

OH! Another overrated one is Attack on Titan. I just think that because when it came out I was super excited. I binge watched it. And then I started working at Hot Topic and I'd get customers that would have such a strong opinion about it. I don't know. Hot Topic is very pop culture now too - it's not how it used to be. It's not like the underrated anime that they sell - they sell the ones that everyone knows. 

Yeah I feel like if I worked at a place like Hot Topic - a lot of my favorite things I'd end up hating haha. 

 That's like with Stranger Things too. Everyday is about Stranger Things there - and Riverdale. I refuse to watch it. 

You worked at Hot Topic for a while. For me when Hot Topic first opened - people would be scared to go in because it was so weird. I mean that's why I loved going in but what was your weirdest experience while working there?

 I've become pretty blind to anything "weird". Especially since I was a manger at the end of my time there - I got used to almost anything imaginable. There was one time that I opened and then I left. My friends closed that night and a guest had used the fitting room and then left. When my friends checked the fitting room there was a pair of soiled, poopy shorts just left in the fitting room. That was probably the worst thing. 

What fad are you just over right now? 

 I'm sick of Stranger Things.... I know I said it already haha. I'm just over Pops too. I know in my YouTube videos - I have my Pops and love them. I'm just sick of them. I have a new job and there are still Pops. The new job is at the same mall as Hot Topic so it's the same collectors that come in and all the experiences I've had with collectors are just...ugh. 

I agree somewhat. I think most Pop figures are ugly but I have a collection of about 12 or something. Every once in a while they'll announce and release the cutest ones. 

You're open about having anxiety an depression. You're like me, though, and typically joke about it but how do you stay consistent with your looks, videos and everyday life with that - what advice would you give someone that struggles with that? 

 I just tell myself that life goes on and it'll be fine. The only thing you can really do is just do the best you can in the moment. You can feel proud about that and do small steps. With depression and stuff - if you clean your room you can be proud of that. It's small but not really at the same time. Just do the best you can even though you feel like it's holding you back - - if you don't that's fine too! You can do it next time. I typically don't like to talk too much about this though because I want my channel and anything I put out there to be positive. Not that putting that stuff out there is bad, it could be helpful to someone else but if I look back on that it's going to bring that back to me. I wouldn't want people to be like, "Oh - is she okay???". I don't like to make people feel negative emotions. I just want my channel to be about me and my makeup - sometimes I say funny stuff. :-) 

 I tooootally get that. For me I'm the opposite though - it helps me get through those darker times if I'm open about it to everyone. I also write advice columns about it so I feel like it pertains to my "brand" (blech I hate using that word) haha. 

 How do you #staynerdy?! 

 I love Lord of the Rings. I LOVE Lord of the Rings. Oh my God. That's one of those things that has sentimental value to me too. I've read The Hobbit, I've read the books. It's the best to me.  

Thank you so much, Cassidy, for spending some time with me! Cassidy is going places in the makeup world - whether she likes it or not. She's just too talented! The best part is that she's a total sweetheart too with a solid sense of humor. Thanks for reading along and getting to know her with me - I"ll see you dorks next week so until then #staynerdy!






My 3rd Boutique Nite is here! I really hope to see you there this Wednesday. All the information you need is on the flyer above :) 


Spyro will be here real soon! Here's our card backing that will go with our Spyro chain pin! I seriously haven't been more excited for a pin release of ours. 


HAPPY ANNIVERSARY TO STEPHEN + I! We celebrated by heading to Lips! This was my first drag show and certainly won't be my last. Everything was an A+. The food was delicious, the decor was gorgeous and most importantly the queens were IMPECCABLE. I cannot believe these ladies work 2 shifts a night, serve guests their food/drinks and perform so flawlessly. I want to go to all of their shows and will definitely be back within the month. Also please ignore the angle of this awful shot of me. I'm wearing a flow-y romper and am not on my good side so I just look like a huge, rectangular building uggo muggo. 


A good, dear friend of mine told me I need these. And she's right, I do. I think this will be my next "Treat yo'self" gift - which will be soon! I've been eyeing these for about a month and since I'm still obsessed - I think it's a wise investment. I mean - I'd wear these with EVERYTHING! 


I talked with Travis of The Flatliners before their San Diego show and it was GREAT. Their new album is dope so stay tuned for that next week ya'll!

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