Allweather - Rap, Backyard Gigs + Juggalo Makeup

There's a noobie band in this neck of the woods that is filled with very experienced musicians!  Meet Tim, Tony, Scott and Manny of Allweather. Although being a very new band they are already playing gigs and planning some cool stuff in the near future! I got to hang out with these gents at Til Two Club last week before they played their set. Get to know these rad "dads" with me this week!

I'm Tim - I play in Allweather. I play guitar and sing and yeah we're a band based out of San Diego. We all grew up in Imperial Valley and now we're up here playing music - just a bunch of buds playing music. 

I'm Manny - I play with Tim in Allweather.. *waves*

I'm sorry I forgot to tell you it's just an audio recording, no need to wave! ;) 

 I'm Manny, hi. I'm an alcoholic. Haha no - I met Tim a long time ago and we just started practicing last summer and now here we are. Then Tony came in and Aaron last. 

 I'm Tony and I play guitar. 

I'm Aaron - I'm the bassist. I've known all these guys for over 10 years. Tim and I started jamming out a few months ago in this band and it pretty much kicked ass so that's why we are here tonight!

This obviously isn't your first bands so let's talk about what you did before this and what really led up to Allweather forming.

I played in a lot of different bands throughout the years but my most recent one would have been Bainbridge. There's no real proof that that happened.

Well, I mean, I believe you - you don't need proof for me. 

 Hahaha. We played last year's Deadview event. Before that I was playing in From Scars and then a bunch of other bands before that.

I was playing in mostly psychobilly bands prior to this. I'd always go to their shows but I never really hung out with them or anything like that. We broke up last year. Me and Tim were always joking around about starting something.

Got it - this band is a total joke.

Yeah basically! Haha. Everyone's getting trolled right now - even this interview is a part of it. But yeah it just started in that sweaty room that is the studio. It took a very slow start. 

I started off playing in this band called Deadend and I actually recorded us as well. That's how I got to know everyone too because everyone used to play in Dropouts and I recorded their band - Tim was also in that band so that's how I got to know him. I also recorded From Scars and when I was still recording in San Diego - I heard some demos from Manny and Tim and I was just like, "Tim - I NEED to be in this band. I don't care what I do but I need to be in it. I wanna play your songs." I originally proposed that I wanted to play Bass but Tim switched me over to guitar. Then we got Aaron on Bass. 

 As Tony mentioned I used to play in the band The Dropouts growing up. It was cool music. Tony's being modest --- I tried out for guitar in Allweather and was pretty bad. I hadn't been in a band for a while and I was just like, "Yeah this isn't gonna be good for me or for you" so Tim said, "Why don't you just play Bass then?" So that was cool with me. I hope he doesn't kick me out of the band - I kinda made him promise me that he never will so here I am and I'm staying in. 

 Actually Allweather called me here today to kick you out of the band. I'm the new Bassist, hi! 

You're all from the Imperial Valley. How does that sound differ from the San Diego punk scene? 

Aw shit. Our bands kinda used to play together actually. 

I feel like the scene there was more...all types of music having to play together because there weren't as many shows. So you had hardcore shows with punk bands or it was limited how many shows there were so everyone jumped on the same one.

Yeah everyone scavenged to get on shows. We'd  play anything to fill the slot.

What is the weirdest lineup you've been a part of or seen?

Oh God. Rap. Old school. 

Yeah they'd have rap shows. 

 Sometimes even Juggalo stuff. They'd throw out condoms to everyone and were wearing Juggalo makeup.

 Woah are you a part of this? You know a little TOO much.

 Nooo I wish I was! I've been wanting to go for a while. 

 There's not a lot of opportunities either. (In Imperial Valley) 

Yeah most shows were backyard shows. 

There's a lot of jealousy in a way too - because you'd have these friends in San Diego that would get such awesome opportunities for amazing shows and we had to make our fun out of Play-Doh - we were like cavemen being behind in everything modern haha. 

Yeah I was just curious - I've never really been there so I wanted to know if it was a drastic difference and damn: rap, backyard shows and juggalo makeup sounds like a big difference then your average San Diego Punk show.

There's an In N Out too - it's new. They're trying....

Since you're a brand spankin' new band I am totally allowed to ask the most generic interview question since this is your first interview as Allweather - HOW'D YOU GET YOUR NAME?!?

That's a good question! 

Let's go back to that situation of finding a band name. If you go to 2017 - EVERY band name has been chosen. You go to Spotify and you start searching...everything is already taken. It was frustrating. 

I work on cars for a living and I was going to school at the time and I was just sitting in class thinking, "What could I freaking come up with?" "All weather" is a type of tire made for all seasons type of thing - I thought that sounded pretty cool so I hit up the guys and they loved it. It just kinda stuck. I'm not even a car guy. I don't think cars are even that cool. 

 Well, importantly, it's memorable.

 As far as inspirations for your sound and where you draw a kind of muse for the style you're trying to hit - who/what is that?

I'd say an adaptation of everything we have played before. 

 Yeah. Allweather is more melodic, too, then anything I've ever played before. I think this time I really wanted to try to sing instead of scream - so that was my goal. I don't know if I was trying to base it off of any one band. Bands like Kid Dynamite I really like a lot because it's heavy but it's also very melodic. But yeah - just going for more of a melodic, punk sound. More hooks.

Do you have any pre-show rituals you are going to migrate over to Allweather? 

It's funny - Tony just brought one up like two minutes ago where he wanted to have a ritual where before each of our shows we go out and have a really nice dinner. Manny and Tim are just finding out about this. 

Woooah, who's payin for this?

The band fund! It's a tax write off.

 That's definitely the cutest ritual I've ever heard of. 

 A nice candle lit dinner. I have one though but it's pretty cheesy. I just watch videos before I go on. I also do some back stretches.

 As a guitarist I do stretch out my arms and fingers before I perform but as a band I think it's just traveling to the gig. We don't just meet up there right when we are going to perform. We get together prior and discuss everything.

 Says the guy who was fifteen minutes late to the interview.

 I thought you guys were outside! 

 I think a band pre-show ritual too is that we just tell each other not to fuck up and not to mess anything up. 

 Is that a GOOD preshow ritual?! That sounds so intimidating!

 Well that way we can hold each other accountable haha. 

This is gonna be our third show and we have already made fun of ourselves. It's comical to pick on each other but it's all out of love. 

Where do you wanna go first when Allweather tours? 

 One of the reasons this band is kinda slow moving and that it took a while for us to start is that we all work full time jobs. Except for Tony.

 What do you do exactly Tony? 

 Yeah Mr. Steak Dinner!

 I work with a consulting company so my schedule's pretty flexible. 

It's more of an adult thing where we have to make time for the band so the most we could ever do for the band is maybe a week or two at a time. Two is pushing it already. We could probably do a West Coast tour.

Nobody is a dad but everyone acts like they are dads like it is the worst thing to take off work. We are willing to use our vacation time to do this though, don't get me wrong. 

What's all of your go-to gear for playing?

I'll answer that. Tim's gear is what I use - I'll tell you that. Tim used to be a really great bassist.

 Used to be.

Yeah he lost all his talent when he let me start playing. It went away. 

What kind of bass?

I don't even know -- Tim?

That was part of the deal with him being in the band -- he could just use my stuff if he came over and played. 

I'm a good negotiator: I don't purchase equipment and you can't kick me out of the band.

 So Aaron plays a Fender Mustang Bass with a Trayner YBA 3 Head. That's about it. I play  a G&L guitar with a Fender amp.

I play a Gibson Les Paul - it was the cheapest one I could find. 

 I gotta save money for the dinners! I play a Fender Hot Rod too. 

I just can't believe THAT came out of your mouth with wanting to get the cheapest model when you want to go to 5 star La Jolla dinners before every show! 

 You gotta make some sacrifices. 

I'm under strong belief too that it's not the guitar anyway - it's the talent that makes the music. 

No wonder we sound bad. 

It can all be fixed on the computer anyways haha. 

What's your go to drink at a bar? 

 Ginger beer!

I drink a PBR but because it's before a show right now I'm drinking a Miller High Life. Go to drink though? Ooooh - I love a good Mule.

 I like a nice glass of Bourbon too. 

On the rocks or neat?

 Whichever - I'm not picky about it.

As long as it's in a glass right? 

Not even that, hahaha. Just the bottle. As long as it's in my mouth. 

I just liked IPA's. I've been trying to drink Bourbon to look manly and cool like Tim. I'm drinking a Miller High Life right now to be like Manny. 

What's your favorite drunk snack? 

I think it's a Valley Kid thing but Hot Cheetos is my thing. 

That's a good choice though!

 Yeah but you wake up regretting it because your fingers are all covered in it and it gets all over your stuff. 

Whatever's in my fridge, I dunno.

What was your last endeavor of a snack?

My last one? It was a bowl of cereal, a Snickers ice cream bar on top, turkey and cheese wrapped up with it and it had mustard and barbecue for dip.

How high were you????

I was pretty high. This was also this morning.

Probably a burrito. That's my go to.

He's vegan.

 Not fully - I'm vegetarian. I'm transitioning.

OMG me too! I am probably 90% there but drinking definitely makes me cheat a lot when it comes to cheese and ice cream! I don't even remember my diet if I'm drunk and hungry.

 Eggs are hard for me I think.

I've officially gone vegan at Taco Bell -- no cheese! (Nothing else is hard for me to give up when it comes to being vegan really.) As long as I have 10+ Fire sauces I don't even miss it. 

Are you guys working on an album right now? Or what is the long term plan of Allweather?

 We're shooting a really cool music video right now. We wanna finish it up within the next 2 weeks. It's for one of our two songs. The video will probably come out within the next month. 

 Your'e being so confidential. I get it though! Can you give us a theme or something like that at least?

 It's about dogs. I do this thing called Puppy Hour here.

 Aw I was supposed to come to that! I said, "Interested" on Facebook because that's all my anxiety decaying self can do!

I'm, "Interested", in so many thing on Facebook hahaha. If you don't put "Going" - you're fine. The videos gonna come out we just have to get a few more scenes. It's revolved around my brother's dog. 

Do you all have dogs at home or is it just Manny's brother?

 It's moreso just this crazy idea I came out with. We had this arts and crafts night at my house where we cut out all this cardboard stuff for the video. It's gonna be interesting to see how this comes out. It may be horrible! We do wanna go and record a 6 or 7 song EP sometime soon - we don't know too much about a record yet...

No you HAVE to make the commitment RIGHT NOW. 

Oh shit! This holds up in court I bet. 

We go up to Calexico record and you were probably gonna ask this but recording isn't easy for us.

 Damn I actually WASN'T going to ask that but now I feel like shit knowing you were kind of expecting me to.

Haha no! Recording just isn't easy for us because ya know we don't have a ton of money......

Well DUH you spend it all on these fancy ass dinners!

Oh my GOD it all makes sense now! With all due respect though, Tony is the hardest laborer of this band because he puts his all into it. We record at his parents house. We headed down there for a weekend and we had a rough idea of what we were getting into and we setup the drums in there and he had everything else all ready. His parents brought us Chinese food and then we crossed the border that night to go eat tacos. Back to the story --- we pretty much only recorded our two songs that time. I wish we coulda done more but we just couldn't. I was new to all of this as far as being in a studio. I heard it and was like..."I could die after these two songs now." That's how good they are to me.

 WHOA! That's intense. Well now you can die but make sure to do one of those dinners first. Ugh sorry I can't let a joke die (GET IT - DIE????)


But yeah - we are gonna work on the EP next.

 But don't even hold us to that.

 Actually I'm gonna put a date in this article that's fake AF and hold you accountable. It'll be the day after this is posted. 

We are all excited for TIM Fest too! The funny thing about that is I'm flying to it like some sorta rock star while they all drive. They are driving themselves and one other person which equals five so there's no room for me. 

 Why don't you just drive yourself though?

Because I'm flying??? Plus I can't ride with these peasants.

And he needs his points! 

How do ya'll #STAYNERDY?

I love movies. I'm a Hollywood nerd. 

His house is awesome with just all this movie memorabilia.

What's your favorite movie or genre of movies?

I like a lot of horror and I like a lot of comedies. I have a lot of movie props and a lot of autographed memorabilia. That's how I'm a nerd and then my fiance is a Kawaii nerd. 

He's making the trek to Japan this year!

 I feel like it's almost a poser nerdy thing to say I'm into Game of Thrones. I feel like that's....I don't know! But I do love it. I've also gotten into watching old professional wrestling. 

 Do you reenact it too?

No, no haha. I really should! We should. 

 That'll be your pre show ritual! 

I just don't do that - the nerdy thing. I guess playing in this band. I'm really into FIFA though. I'm not a gamer but I FIFA. 

I feel like the community looks down on sports' gamers. 

 That's what's funny. I don't like sports but I watch every sports documentary because it's so uplifting and motivating and..full of drama!

Well that's why you watch GoT! It's full of the most drama.

 And the dragons. 

I'd like to go on the record and say what Tony is nerdy about. He's nerdy about MUSIC. He will talk about Kee-sha.

 You mean KE$HA???!

That's how much I'm out of the loop of that kinda music!

 Her new album is super lit. 

 He says the same thing!

Just one song so far - I hadn't listened to the whole album yet. I guess I wouldn't consider myself really into music - I just happened to run into the KE$HA music video and liked it.

 No I am announcing to EVERYONE that you are Ke$ha's #1 fan!

I'll listen to Childish Gambino and think, "This is a good album." I'll listen to Lady Gaga's album and think it's good. It's just certain, kind of random things. 

I love comics too. Batman especially. I'll defend the new DC until I die. I also own the new Superman soundtrack on vinyl, unopened. I also love technology - I follow all the new releases and have to own them all too. 

I had tons of fun chilling with these guys and hope you had fun getting to know them better! Check out Allweather if you haven't yet below and your ears a solid. Stay tuned for their music video and an EP as well sometime in the future! I'll see ya'll dorks next week so in the meantime #staynerdy


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