Spilling the TEA with K.K. Slider

I ventured down to Chula Vista last week and got to meet the one and only Karely Fregoso. I stumbled upon her via Twitter because I fell in love with her kickass cosplays! She did a spectacular Harley Quinn one that caught my eye! From there I just developed such a huge girl crush.

I'm Karely -- in case nobody knew. I am 19, born and raised here in San Diego...well Chula Vista. I've lived here my entire life. It's a small town. I like it. I don't have a problem with it but I've been here my whole life.

What do I do? Let me think. Right now I am in between everything. I was working at Vans and the comic book store (a local comic shop) but in the middle of a shift at Vans I had a mental breakdown while doing shoes in the back. I quit. I put in my two weeks after the breakdown --- I realized I was kind of stuck. I was over it and now it's time to move on and do things for myself.

Hobby wise....my main interests are art related things: crafting, jewelry making...

What kind of jewelry do you make?

I have been working on little elf ears. I have been wanting to start a shop on those but I've just been lazy and doing other stuff. I like doing wire twisting, it's fun but it's also intense. I've been working on accruing that a little better before starting a shop. I also like chokers and sewing little things like earrings....cute DIY. I enjoy fixing up "simple" things and making them more fun. I also adore sewing my cosplays!

That's when I first saw you on the social medias. You were cosplaying Harley Quinn. It was amazing! I immediately knew I had to follow you and get to know you more on the web. 

It was fun. Harley Quinn was the first time I thought, "I could make something out of this." I got a lot of attention off of it - which was really cool despite Harley Quinn being so overdone. It was still fresh though - I did it before Suicide Squad and now everyone is doing it. It was really fun. That was cool because it was my own twist on it. It wasn't cookie cutter Harley Quinn - I experimented what I did with the makeup.

And you did the entire thing yourself? Head to toe?

I actually bought that one! I bought it for EDC but then I also wore it to Comic Con.

I'm not too hip but EDC is a rave right?

Yeah! Electric Music Carnival. It's in Vegas, it's huge. That's another thing I do, too. If I am not working, doing crafts or riding my bike I am probably at a show. I got into raving last year and I fell in love.

What made you go to your first rave?

Let's see. My first festival had been FYF - Fuck Yeah Fest - in LA. It was really cool. I wasn't super into EDM up until maybe one or two years ago just because I have never been to an event. But I went to Beach Got two years ago and I saw Die Antwoord.

WHAAAAT! I have wanted to see them for so long.

Yeah, it was LIFE changing! They were phenomenal. They are rap mixed with electronic music. The crowd was so full of life and I was hyped. From there I was like, "Dude, I need to go to EDC." I had a bunch of friends going to EDC so I just did it! I had just turned eighteen so the timing was perfect. EDC was my first rave. It was insane. After that I got hooked on it. That's something I definitely recommend for others to experience because even if it's small or big -- everyone is SO friendly. What you hear about it is true: everyone is genuine and yeah, some people do drugs and stuff but it's not a big deal. People are genuinely kind and you can make a friend just standing next to you. Even if it's just for that moment - you had that connection with them and that's something you don't get that often in real life. I was thriving off of that. I haven't been to too many recently. I'm slowly getting more and more into it.

I am not super into that music, nor am I against it. I just don't know too much about it. I would love to go to an event because getting dressed up and seeing what people wear ---- I normally wouldn't wear outfits like what I see there so I think It'd be such a one of a kind experience. 

It's so fun! Another cool thing is just that - I get to dress up and make my outfits. I'm all about being extra. You can't do that at any festival. At Insomniac Raves (like EDC and the larger raves) everyone goes all out. This was my first year at EDC so I cosplayed all three of the days. I did Kida from Atlantis but a rave version of it - that was my favorite. It had a glowing LED bra. I also did Harley Quinn and then I did Raven but my own version of it. I made a sparkly, purple cape and wore that around. It's super cool because everyone is so creative and the things they make.....people put their heart and soul into it. Yeah, it's just for a day, but it's fun! I wasn't into EDM music when I first went to EDC too - I liked it but I was just going with my friends. Now I am kind of established my own taste so it's interesting. I was always into more punk/hardcore/rock/pop growing up  so it's fun exploring a new genre. 

I am the same way! I try to use that exact philosophy you just described in any area in life. Really give shit a chance, ya know? You can never know if you like/dislike something until you give it a fair chance. That's why I love music! I always am exploring and looking for new things. 

What's great too is it's not a cookie cutter genre. More recently a lot of DJ's and producers have been branching out. Anything can be remixed. I'm gonna send you this one that I know you'll like: it's a mix of all these emo bands like Fall Out Boy and that era. 

That sounds so cool. I remember when I was so obsessed with FOB and that whole scene...but what am I saying I still am. I love P@TD!

Same! I still am as well. Just the old school stuff.

San Diego has those Emo Nights every once and a while at The Casbah. I would ask if you have gone but I keep forgetting you're not 21! You are the youngest person I have interviewed so far so I think that's an achievement unlocked or something.

One of the main reasons I wanted to interview you is because you're vegan. Now - I am all for going vegan because I really disagree with the way animals are treated and such - but I am SUPPOSED to be going full vegan for some severe health issues I have. I am pretty close to being there but I still have my mess ups. I can say I've been vegetarian my entire life, though. I thought the transition to vegan would be nothing since I don't have a taste for meat but I still have my moments of weakness. So - first off - what made you want to become vegan?

My Junior year of high school I was in a marine biology class and we went on a trip to Catalina Island. It was just a snorkeling, educational based trip to learn more about fish and stuff. I was all excited but it was my first time snorkeling so I was terrified too! I like the ocean but the deep dark beyond always scares me. It's literally like an entire new world when you go under there. I was having an anxiety attack at first and then calmed down because everyone was already in the water. I couldn't hold back. So I did it and fell in love. It was gorgeous seeing all these fish. It was just insane. I had wanted to study marine biology and that made me even more passionate for it. We also learned, since it was education based - we'd have little seminars in between, they gave us a lecture on the fish industry and how fisherman are overfishing the fish population. We are expected to have little to no sea life between 2020-2040. That's insane to me because not only have we not discovered over 2% of the ocean but we are literally draining the life out of it. We are consuming the point where it's not coming back - it's all wiping out to where they don't have time to reproduce so that really got to me. Seeing it in person it's gorgeous and it SUCKS that people aren't really caring or that they aren't informed. If people were more informed - they would be more conscience and willing to cut back. So I stopped eating fish first and slowly converted. A few months into it I stopped eating chicken and then over time I even started becoming grossed out by dairy products and all that stuff. I had wanted to be vegan but it was a thing like, "It's too hard. I love cheese" -- I did a detox though where it was just water/tea followed by a vegan diet. I did that for a week and from then on I couldn't even stomach dairy. I then started learning more about the lifestyle and the benefits of it. The hard part about being vegan is knowing all of the tiny, little ingredients that you have to memorize. There are apps that help but...two years in now I know it by heart. The main reason I went, though, it was because of the animals. Not only is it helpful for the animals but helpful for the environment too. 

It's just a chain reaction of positive. 

It saves more water then you could ever conserve in a lifetime. Just because it takes thousands of gallons of water to produce one pound of meat.

I learned that just last year and I was never more happy that I've been vegetarian my entire life. That is just chaos. 

It's not helpful. I am super big on the environment. We are killing the Earth with what we eat.

That's totally something we can control too. 

We've messed up so much already...this is the LEAST I can do to give back. I don't think I'll ever not be vegan again.

Once you cut out dairy, though, like you were saying it makes you sick which is a sign in itself how bad it is for you. But people are lazy and want instant gratification (Myself included)  

That's another thing too. The way I see it - we are put on this Earth together. We should share it and we shouldn't exploit one another - meaning humans and animals. We should learn to live with them because we don't NEED to eat them or use them. Veganism has advanced to the point where the substitutes taste just as good or better! So, not only do you FEEL better but some of it even tastes better. They are still working on the vegan cheese but it's an acquired taste. 

I LOVE vegan cheese! And that's coming from the world's pickiest eater. As long as it's mixed with good flavoring, you really cannot tell. Just don't get a block of it and bite right in, then you'll taste the difference. 

To expand on your comment on people not being informed - you are TOTALLY right. As I mentioned, I have always been vegetarian. My body just can't process meat and never has been able to. And I never liked the taste anyway since I went so long without it. I remember thinking how helpful I was to the animals when I was younger because I was vegetarian. Not until more recently did I realize how much damage is still done with the other products from animals - especially dairy. Animals still die from having all that pumped out of them and that really horrifies me. I truly stand by what you said with others not being informed - I wish we could inform people worldwide somehow without it seeming odd haha. 

A lot of people don't know what goes on behind the factories either. That's their (the factory's) fault because they are keeping it behind closed doors obviously because they don't want the consumer to know how the animals are being treated. It's just the conditions they are living in are unbearable: their abused, the hormones are pumped into them...oh it's awful. It's not benefiting anyone. 

Even if you don't care about anything you just said and want to take that out of the vegan equation - it's just better for your health! 

You feel so much better. I feel so much cleaner and happier.

It's super hard to describe until you do it.

The lifestyle as well it doesn't just concern food it ties into cosmetics and stuff too. I'm all about cruelty free products. 

Yeah I'm heading down the path too. I stopped buying from Mac, unfortunately. 

I haven't bought from them in forever and let's just admit it - their products suck anyway haha. Well, except their lipsticks. 

I remember they were my first, "big brand" of makeup and I was so ecstatic to have not a drug store cosmetic item. But then....yeah they don't test on animals here in the United States but I'm not just a U.S.A. vegan (or transitioning?) - that shit comes with me anywhere in the universe.  I just don't understand that justification ya know? It's great you don't test in the United States but animals need to be saved everywhere.

It's crazy. I used to shop at MAC too, when I didn't know, and once you start learning about it.....they are one of the top makeup brands. They could easily transition to cruelty free but they won't so they can keep making all that profit. If a company CHOOSES to sell in China, China has a law that requires the product being sold to be tested on animals. 

MAC definitely will not go bankrupt if they don't sell there! 

Exactly. That's something I feel like a lot of companies should be considering if they haven't already. On top of that, what pisses me off, is there are a lot of, "vegan", celebrities that work with MAC. Miley Cyrus, Ariana Grande...have all said they were vegan but they still work with MAC. That threw me off also. It's like you have this platform where you are speaking out for animals rights but you still are involved in animal cruelty. 

That pisses ME off! I love Miley and Ariana...they definitely don't need the profit from whatever work they still do with MAC. 

Veganism is not just what you eat, that's what is hardest for most to realize too, it's a lifestyle. 

Clothes definitely is hard for me. I have never worn real leather or fur. Just because of cost originally but now, with all the knowledge I have, I never would.

The clothing part confuses me because faux anything feels and looks exactly the same! 

What pleasure do people get out of wearing a dead animal? It seems so barbaric to me. 

What are you winning from this? Haha, yeah I don't know.

What advice do you have for people that have those usual excuses such as, "I can't give up cheese! That's impossible." or "Being vegan is too expensive."

I have gotten a lot of those people in the past. It's hard because it's all about self restraint and mentality. If you think the way you just asked me those questions, you can't do it. I understand, it is hard. You can say, "I can NEVER give up cheese", but you CAN  you just don't WANT to. 

It's like an addiction. Once you cut it out you're gonna have super big cravings.

Yeah. It's not easy being vegan. I don't recommend it to anyone to quit cold turkey. Then you'll just relapse because you will have intense cravings. If you think you can't do it.....you definitely need to firstly change your mindset and believe you can. Then try and make the change, do your research and find out all of the amazing alternatives to cheese or whatever you think you can't give up. We are lucky in San Diego as its vegan friendly. The best advice I have is consider that you CAN do it. Put in the thought and effort into trying. Then do it little by little and practice routine! 

You also hear all the time how expensive veganism is....well I can get most of my vegan diet at the freaking 99c store! 

Tofu is A DOLLAR. All the fake meats are around the same price. They're not pricy - literally it's the same price as anything else. People just think, "oh because it's organic" or whatever that it's ridiculously expensive. But nope! SOME things may be a little bit more but it's not anything you'd be sacrificing. You'd be spending that money somewhere else anyway. I also recommend meal prepping. Having food ahead of time for when you want something fast and would normally go to McDonalds or something is very helpful. When you have it ready, it's easier. 

The most helpful thing for me is adding spice to everything! You really don't miss a lot of cheese or anything like that if it's a spicy dish. You can't even tell the difference! Every time I go somewhere they will fully caution me cause I'm so white asking, "Are you SURE you want the 10?" and..........I'm just like I NEED IT. 

If I'm not sweating by the end of the meal, it wasn't spicy enough.

If my throat isn't closing up, I need a refund. But yeah, just getting smarter/better with flavor is a great thing to keep in mind too if you're making then switch for sure. 

I know you're really into gaming and comics. Are you excited for the Nintendo Switch?


Did you know I was about to ask that? You started smiling before I got halfway through the question!

A little. It's coming out tomorrow and I really want it. But I am going to wait on it until they release the new Animal Crossing game and a few others.

Plus the price may go down and more colors will be available. You never wanna get something the day it comes out, in my opinion. I always give it six months. 

Yeah. Well if I had that luxury I would.

But of course! Unfortunately I'm not a baller.

I'm just gonna go to a friend's for now and play it. I've been watching gameplay videos of Breath of the Wild and it's GORGEOUS. I'm even okay with not playing as long as I can watch it an enjoy it. That's gonna be amazing.

Would you say Nintendo is your favorite brand of gaming?

Yeah! Nintendo is my favorite gaming platform. I grew up with Nintendo - that was the first for me. Me and my sister would always play it. I did have a PS2 at the time, too, and Playstation is cool but I'm always more into.....well first person shooter games give me horrible anxiety. Call of Duty and games like that, I can't handle it. I love Zelda/Nintendo games because you can explore this little world, relax....with Zelda games I love cutting grass and talking to people haha. It's just living your life in the game. It's a lot of fun and visually appealing. More strategic too.

Plus it's so cute!

Duh! I feel so pure when I play it.

That's a great way to explain it. I've always been tied between Nintendo and Playstation. Grew up on both platforms really addictively. The only reason Playstation is up there for me on the list is because I am a HUUUUUGE Kingdom Hearts fan. It's my rule of life. I'm a POS obsessed KH fan. Also the Spyro games. If I wrote out the list of games and compared that way, Nintendo would probably win but Kingdom Hearts and Spyro are just so close to my heart. 

Are you excited for the new one?

OF COURSE! I've been waiting for the third one now for over a GD decade. 

That's why I am waiting on a PS4 too until they announce an actual date for KH3. 

It's definitely a love/hate relationship because they keep teasing us with all these in between titles. 

Yeah, it'll be amazing for sure but I am really impatient. 

Speaking of Kingdom Heart and it's connection to Disney - I see you are there quite often! I am too. Have you been going there your whole life since you're in SoCal? 

No, actually. The first time I ever went I was maybe two or three but I don't remember shit so I don't count that. The next time was when I was twelve. I went when I was fourteen as well. I had always loved Disney but my family never did a lot of trips since we didn't really have the money so we just wouldn't go. That one family trip I mentioned was the only one we ever had. The other times were with friends. When I was fourteen I went with a friend to Dapper Day and the friend I went with is SUPER passionate into Disney. I fell in love that day! I definitely believe the people you go with make or break the time you have too. 

I always wrap up my interview by asking how do you #staynerdy!? What's something about you that isn't super obvious about you that makes you nerdy? Any deep dark dorkiness traits? 

I haven't been really open about this because it's just an idea. As you know I'm super into EDM music but I've been thinking about going into DJ-ing! Not trying to make it big but just to try it. Animals Crossing is MY LIFE. I really like KK Slider. He's all I've been listening too.

You could be Kale Kale Slider!

I always hear songs and think, "I could remix this!". So I'm gonna get a soundboard and try it. I'm the biggest KK Slider fan too. Mixing boards are fairly inexpensive. Music is just not something I've ever dove into. I did play piano in third grade or something but that's it. I never thought I could do something with it but I'm open to trying new hobbies and just wanna give it a shot. So yeah - my nerdy thing is - I'm obsessed with KK Slider and I want to become a DJ just like him!


The past month has been nonstop with A+ movies. I can't just give you my fave of the week because it's impossible to narrow it down! I do have three different genres you should check out though: horror, action and sci-fi. Get Out has ONE HUNDRED PERCENT on Rotten Tomatoes! Freaking 100% - in my 25 years of living I have never seen it at 100. The twists are never ending in this film. I was truly impressed that this came from the brain of Jordan Peele - who I associate comedy with. Next we have John Wick. I only recently saw the first one because I had never heard of the film. The first was no disappointment and made me even more eager to see the 2nd chapter -- with a shocking NINETY PERCENT on RT, this was everything you could hope the second film in this series to be. I am also a tad biased towards Keanu Reeves. Last, but not least in anyway, is Logan! FUCK, with 92% on Rotten Tomatoes.........honestly I'm not sure why I am stuck on Rotten Tomatoes scores but whatever. Logan was the only movie I can recall that literally made me cry in my seat. It was a wonderful blend of devastating and heart felt moments. GO SEE ANY THREE OF THESE MOVIES AND YOU WILL NOT BE LET DOWN.


I sat down with Will Castro of La Escalera Records recently and picked his brain! I can't wait to share out hang out session with you nerds.


Our latest pin will be here quite soon and he is the cutest yet, right?! Perfect Humans' Forever No Face is here to ring in Spring. Keep your eyes peeled for him in the shop maybe in the next week or so!