Is Zeta a Disco Sponsored by Leonardo's?

Zeta is new on my radar. They are an experimental / future jazz band from Venezuela! They played Fest this year and from what I saw were INCREDIBLE. I can't believe how many talented bands exist in this world that I still don't know about each and everyday. Keep 'em coming though! Read all about this group that has been around for over a freaking decade. They are pros - to say the least. 

Hello, my name is Juanchi, thanks to you so much for reaching out and believing in our art in behalf of all my brothers in Zeta

 What started Zeta?

We started Zeta as a punk cover band of friends in the early 2003, and we never even imagine we where going to continue doing this for so long.

Was this your first Fest?

No, it was our third, we went once to volunteer and two times to play. 

What would your dream cover set be to perform yourselves and also to see someone else perform?

Beastie Boys or Weezer cover set would be incredible. 

Who was your favorite and least favorite set at Fest?

Favorite act this fest i think it was DFMK, SOUL GLO or Frameworks at 8 Seconds, i can't think of a least favorite tho, just to be in Fest makes us very excited cause we don't have any festivals alike back home, so I got say we were very stoked about all of the acts we get to catch.

What was your favorite food / drinks at Fest?

Leonardo’s by the slice is been our favorite food in Gainesville and continues to amuse us every single time we stop by.

Where's your name stem from? It reminds me of a disco or something haha.

Haha! Zeta disco like a disco music band? Our name comes from the greek letter Zeta (ζ), like alpha, beta, omega, etc. 

Where do you want to do a tour at that you haven't yet?

Japan for sure, or Asia in general, I feel there’s a lot of interesting things to learn from all of their culture.

Do you have any specific pre show rituals? 

Well… we don't have any like specific pre show rituals more than breathe out all of the emotion and go play, but I got to say for this special occasion we went inside of the tour van with the guys from Alumine and Soul Glo and listen to Reggaeton and Salsa music while we try to sing along and laugh about it. Just to bond with them make us very relaxed and happy.

Who are your inspirations both musically and personally?

Musically we have a list that feature tons of artists, but right now I got to say “Totó la Momposina & Petrona Martinez” have been both musically and personally a huge inspiration, they play Afro Caribbean and also Pacific music mixed with Latin American sounds and they’ve been fighters for their communities in Colombia and the coast of our side of the continent as well. We admire them so much.

What's your best memory of any tour and worst memory?

Best memory on tour so far was getting to play an Audiotree session in Chicago. Worst memory getting stomachache be cause of eating something that wasn't vegan while having years of eating a vegan diet.

How is punk in Venezuela different than America? 

Well, i think the only difference is that our political music scene in general is very little, so i guess it feels more like a huge family, it doesn't matter whether it's punk or any other type of music.

Who would you love to be endorsed or sponsored by?

Leonardo’s pizza for sure! Haha!!! 

How do you all #staynerdy? I do with my collection of 300+ PEZ dispensers!

I think it could be that Im a huge fan of Super Metroid and I continue playing it and finishing the game over and over again at least twice a year.

I learned a huge lesson this year with Fest: DON'T DO INTERVIEWS AT LARGE FESTIVALS YA'LL! This was so chaotic and difficult to pull off that most of my interviews had to be switched to an email one! Bummer right? I'm still so glad I got to connect with Zeta. #staynerdy till next week with my interview with a lil band called CHON!


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I love how often I keep saying "_____ was the coolest experience of my life." I keep having things top other adventures! That's how life should be right? I got Guest Listed on the sold out Thrice/Circa Survive show in LA last week to interview Chon! It went better than I could have hoped. I hung with Mario in the tour van and even got to know his folks. Stay tuned next week for the interview!

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