The Fest is living strong in spirit on my blog! Happy Thanksgiving week, nerd fam. I'm thankful that I got to review Kid You Not's latest album this past year but also got to interview them too! I'm also thankful for corn chowder and other tasty Turkey Day treats. Read all about half the gents of Kid You Not this week on kenNERDdy and of course - #staynerdy!

Patrick! Justin! 2/4ths of Kid You Not!

Your 2nd Fest has come and gone! What did you do different this time around?

I think I planned for things a little better this time. Last time, I didn’t even really use the schedule, just kind of wandered around. I ended up missing a few things that I would've liked to be a part of because of that.

I definitely spent more time doing as much as I could this year. Last year I was so worn out from our shows the days prior to Fest that I showed up in the middle of each day, caught a few sets, and left before it got too late each night. This year I made sure to get downtown and find prime parking at like 10am each morning, then get brunch and Fest the day away. That early bird parking also meant I bought so much more merch this year because I had a place to drop it off.

What's your usual routine at Fest? Your go to food spots and sight to see? This is your turf afterall!

Well I wouldn’t say I really have any kind of routine yet, other than failing to hit up the hot dog cart 2 years in a row now. There was a place called Sweet Mel's that I was REALLY looking forward to eating at again, and it closed down before Fest this year, so bummer. We ended up finding an awesome place called Original American Kitchen that we had brunch and morning drinks at a few times. That is definitely going to be a routine from now on.

Sweet Mel’s shutting down was for sure a bummer this year. I don’t really have any go-to food spots, usually just brunch somewhere then I like to check out what the food trucks have to offer. But a trip to Arrow’s Aim is always a must for some record shopping. There’s no real routine to Fest. You can plan your days all you want, but it will never end up that way. Best to just figure out a few must-see bands on your list and otherwise go with the flow.

Who was your favorite / least fave band that you saw perform?

By far, my favorite band I saw this time was The Penske File. Absolutely amazing set, I can’t say enough good things about them. Rebuilder's Blink 182 cover set was incredible as well. I can't say I really had a least favorite, I enjoyed something about every set that I saw.

 Penske File were great. That was my first time seeing them, and they blew me away. Iron Chic are always amazing. I think the main highlights for me were seeing bands that broke up and I never thought I’d see again – mainly Majority Rule, Grade, and Cadillac Blindside. Least favorite is harder, but I gotta say I wasn’t crazy about the few songs I caught from Hot Water Music; they’re one of my favorite bands but without Chris there is was just lacking. And Beach Slang. I was incredibly disappointed in the Beach Slang set.

What's your dream cover set to perform yourselves and what is your dream cover set of another band?

This is actually great question, because we have just been talking about trying to do a cover set next year. I have 3 ideas that I've been juggling, Saves the Day "Through Being Cool" (this album is a HUGE influence of mine), Taking Back Sunday "Tell All Your Friends, and Fallout Boy "Take This To Your Grave". For me, all of these albums have an enormous amount of nostalgia associated with them. I'd love to see another band do any of these sets as well.

I’d love to do Jimmy Eat World. Or MxPx. Or Bruce Springsteen. 

As for what I’d love to see another band cover, it’s funny because we walked by Bo Diddley this year while Against Me! were sound checking in the morning and they were playing their Tom Petty cover. I commented that LJG’s voice singing it sounded like Brian Molko from Placebo. So I’d have to say, I’d love to see Against Me! do a Placebo cover set.

 If Fest made it mandatory to dress up each year - what would your band's costume be?

Definitely Jedi, because then I could just walk around in my bathrobe around.

The Dude, because then I could also walk around in a bathrobe. Except I’d get to have booze too.

Never a Dull Movement is AWESOME, obviously if you checked out my review. Talk to me about that: the themes, process, influences, and all that jazz (Or all that punk?)

I don’t know if there’s really a theme, but the influences are definitely just life in general. I really just write about whatever I’m feeling. Sometimes it’s feeling a strong sense of nostalgia for times gone by with old friends. Sometimes it’s sadness and anxiety about getting older and being shouldered with a lot of responsibilities. Sometimes it’s optimistic feelings of “hey, if we stick together, we can get through anything”. I never really know what is going to come out when I start writing a song.

When will you be touring to CALI?! You have a following out here that wants to see you badly.

I wish I could say for sure, I’d like to get out there at some point. Most of us have families and jobs that make it difficult to get away for more than a few days at a time, but I’m sure we’ll figure something out at some point.

Like Patrick said, have families and such has made the touring harder. We like to do a few days at a time. But this year I’d like for us to play more festivals in different places, and do a few days of touring around that. So to really answer your question, I’m hoping to get us a spot on Awesome Fest this year in San Diego and do a couple days in Cali based around that.

What are you future plans? Where do you wanna see Kid You Not go?

 I just want to keep having fun making music that I love. We actually never tried to make this anything other than just us all getting together and having a blast playing music. It’s just kind of snowballed into much more than that.

I just want to keep having fun with my friends, and meeting new people along the way.

[laughing] Then put out maybe one or two more records, break up, have people say we were before our time, and reunite in 20 years for an ungodly amount of money at Riot Fest. That’s what all the cool kids do right?

How do each of you #staynerdy? I'm a nerd with my collection of 300+ PEZ dispensers! 

Well, other than music, I definitely have a passion for gaming. I spend way too much time playing War Thunder and the Fallout games.

Well I’m definitely a big vinyl collector and a huge comic book nerd. I did collect PEZ dispensers for a long time as well, I think those are in storage somewhere now. I also think me and Patrick are the biggest movie geeks we know. We can quote you pretty much anything.  We also have an annual tradition of watching The OC series – but I’m not sure if that’s nerdy or just sad. You be the judge of that one. 

That went too fast! Patrick and Justin are so kind - I'm so happy we got to chit chat for a bit about their fairly new band. I don't know too too many bands over in Florida so it's been awesome discovering them! Check them out all over the internetz:






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