A lot of you have been wondering why I'm sticking to my once a week upload schedule with Fest stuff because now Fest is almost a month from it's end run and I'm still posting about it. WELL - change is scary, I'm a creature of habit and also this keeps Fest going on for a bit longer! The rest of November will still be Fest related ya'll. Here is a lil hang out sesh I had with WOLVESX4. I first saw these guys perform two years ago and fell in love with the music and of course the name as it was so intriguing and unforgettable. Read all about them this week, relive some Fest memories and #staynerdy!

I’m Brian Woodall I sing and play guitar.

My name is Kyle Woodall I beat the shit out of the drums.

Needs no introduction, his reputation precedes him.

Name's Elijah Newman! I like loud guitars, fast cars, and all things Rock ‘n Roll. I'm an audio engineer and songwriter, and I slam the hits with a band called WolvesX4. I don't like talking about my flair.

What is your Fest Survival Guide?


Water, phone, Fest app, backpack, earplugs and good company.

 1. Coffee 2. Water 3. Pizza 4. Gelato 5. Coffee

You’ve gotta have plenty of cash on you, make sure your phone is fully charged at the start of the day, and don’t forget to eat before you crack open a PBR.

Water, a fashionable fanny pack, phone charger, ear plugs, and a jean jacket with enough pockets to raid Fort Knox.

             What are your Fest go to Hot Spots?

 I mainly stayed around Loosey’s, Durty Nelly’s, and Bo Diddley Plaza. But I wished I had made it to at least one of the wrestling sessions, definitely next year.

Big Lou’s NY Style Pizza was amazing, Loosey’s and Durty Nelly’s had some of the best bands. Cookiegazm’s cookies were the great way to end a night.

Loosey’s is always a good spot. Definitely have to stop by Arrow’s Aim Records.

Loosey's had some incredible shows this year, and Tall Paul's housed just about every killer late night set.

              Who was your favorite performance?

Probably Snapcase’s Mystery Set at The Wooly on Saturday. They played Steps which is one of my favorite songs of all time, so being able to sing along at the top of my lungs and not lose my voice right before we played was awesome.

 Our boys in The Run Up from the UK absolutely killed at Loosey’s.

It’s a tie between Against Me (Reinventing Axl Rose set) and Tim Barry. Bigwig gets an honorable mention.

 Spanish Love Songs. That band makes me weak in the knees and sob like a baby. They put on an incredible show. They know how to make a room move. 

What is your dream cover set to both perform and see someone else perform?

To perform – Avail, absolutely trying to make that happen soon, to see performed – Rancid covering The Clash.

I’d really enjoy doing a Megadeth cover set, and I would love to see Megadeth cover Metallica just to hear how the songs should actually be played. (you’re welcome Jake)

I’d love to do and Avail or Kid Dynamite cover set, and love to see A Wilhelm Scream cover Iron Maiden.

I'd rage to cover some Hot Water Music tunes. Especially "Trusty Chords." I would also pass out if Big Wig covered that business. But I gotta say, the Red City Radio Clash cover set was mind blowing.

            Even if you're not a fan of dressing up - what would your band's costume be if it was mandatory?

Elijah’s on the right track, Canadian Tuxedos.

We’ve done 2 full band costume sets in our existence. The first was the original lineup all in Canadian Tuxedos, and the second we all wore suits and wore werewolf masks and played as werewolves&werewolves&werewolves&werewolves. I feel like we’d have to avoid wolf costumes because of Wolf-Face so I have no clue what our mandatory costume would be, we could just complete the circle and dress up as Hot Water every night.

You're a fan of pins! You only have one cool one though. What's a mashup you'd wanna see for your next one? Maybe the 4 of you wearing a wolf head? 

 We have a strict no wolf policy when it comes to merch, so maybe a cephalopod of some sort.

The no wolf policy was something we put in place very early, so a WX4/Spice Girls mashup?

Where does your obnoxious name stem from? I love it so much because it's truly impossible to ever forget! 

 This is exactly why we are adding a Frequently Asked Question (not questions) section to our website. Once wolves had a complete lineup we sat down and compiled a list of 20 possible names. We had song titles from our favorite bands, catch phrases from our favorite TV shows, and wolves&wolves&wolves&wolves. WX4 was originally a song title for a band I was writing for previous to starting this one. I thought it was funny. I don’t think that anymore. I searched out every name on that list to see if there already was or had been a band on Google, Yahoo, Facebook, MySpace, Wikipedia, Ask Jeeves, basically anywhere I knew I could get info I looked and crossed off names until only one was left. I wish I had spent more time trying to get a better name, but at that point I had gone through about 5 bands in a couple years that never got off the ground so I didn’t care too much about it. It’s a name people don’t forget, but also has made it hard to locate us on various social media and streaming sites. We’re working on making things a little easier to find us.

Kyle + Brian = you’re brothers. Have you been into music forever? Have you both always enjoyed the same music and was your goal to always play together?

 Pretty much, our parents and grandparents always listened to music. Our Dad was a bass player when he was younger. I listen to a lot of foreign death metal and power metal bands, but we have always been in punk or ska bands together. It just feels natural to be in a band with one another, especially when it comes to songwriting. Plus, it’s not so bad being in a band with my big bro.

It’s hard to have completely different tastes when you’re raised on the same music. We both discovered a lot of the same stuff at the same time and it’s definitely the greatest bond we have. There’s a lot of stuff we both love, a lot of stuff he listens to that I don’t and vice versa, but the core is similar. We’ve played together since we both picked up our first guitars. He moved to drums, then bass, then back to drums, and there’s only been one instance where we weren’t in the same band together, but that didn’t last long. It’s to the point where I can bring a song I’ve written to him and he does exactly what I’m looking for without saying anything.

You've been a band for a LOOONG time! What's next and why are there such gaps in your music making? There's nothing wrong with that at all - all bands have their own pace so I am just curious if it's day to day life that keeps it that way or if it's on purpose or what the story is.

 It has been a long time, and it took a few years to get the first album out but we’ve had a release every year since 2013. 2013 – Subtle Serpents, 2014 – Scorched Earth EP, 2015 – Scars EP, and 2016 – The Cross and The Switchblade. 2017 may be the first year without a physical release, but next year we should have a split EP and a new full length. The biggest thing that we’ve had to deal with has been member changes, it hasn’t hindered songwriting but it becomes a pain having to teach someone new the songs every other year. I’m also a perfectionist so the songs take a little longer to get out and the slightest bit of doubt throws the song into question. For all the songs that have been released there’s probably another full length and 2 EPs no one will ever hear because they weren’t up to my standards. It also explains why I’m totally George Lucas-ing some of the old songs, because they weren’t what I heard in my head the first time we recorded them.

Do you + Eddie Money hang now? What would be your ultimate friend date?

No there’s been no Wolves/Money collab yet but don’t count that out. I’ve been a fan of his since I was a kid sitting in the back seat of my parent’s car riding around listening to the radio. There’s a few people that were the soundtrack of my childhood that I still listen to regularly today and he’s one. I’d love to just talk shop, songwriting, lyric writing, inspiration, and nerd out over sitting and talking to one of my favorite singers.

How does everyone #staynerdy? I #staynerdy with my collection of over 300 PEZ dispensers

I #staynerdy when I go gem mining and mineral collecting, my collection of raw uncut stones is a little out of control.

 I don’t think I’ll ever #staynerdy. What does that even mean?!

I #staynerdy with my vast CD collection. Boyz 2 Men all the way to Thrice. Did I mention I don't own a device to even play these CD's? I keep buying them. I'm a relic I guess.

 I #staynerdy with many things, my obsessions with Disney/EPCOT, McDonaldland characters, Spice Girls (no joke and not ironic), dead comic universes, probably too many things. I can’t help it. 

Whoah -  First things first. I have never had someone not have an answer for staying nerdy! Thanks Jake for being different, haha. If you haven't seen Wx4 play live - you will be in a for a treat when you do get to see them. Anytime I've seen them - from a smaller show in San Diego to a huge event like Fest in Florida - the room is PACKED (get that analogy? A PACK of wolves? HAHAHAHA don't lie you're laughing.) and raging with crazy energy. These wolf boys know how to make music and put on a show. See them all over the WEB: 









At this rate I'll be fully tattooed in a year or two - which is so exciting! Here is some progress on my Lisa Frank leg sleeve - we will have the "Sea" section complete next month! Look at that lil sea lion head. Thanks Melvin - check her out from The Hideaway on IG!


I know these are still sparkly but my claws for the next four weeks are some of the most minimal ones I've ever had! My fingers thanked me so much for getting my nails cut (All of my job heavily rely on me using a keyboard) Frosted pastel colors are my FAVE!


Aw yes - Perfect Humans' Nostalgia Series is COMPLETE! Fruit Punch Man was released today --- you can buy all three pins in this collection for just $25! Or $10 separately. 




Let's keep Fest rolling! Next week check out my interview with Florida natives, Kid You Not! Until then don't forget to #STAYNERDY!

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