Everything They Say I Do: An Interview With Spanish Love Songs

I hung out with the crew of Spanish Love Songs at their Tower Bar show this last Sunday. This was only a little (okay a lot) intimidating talking to six people at the same time! I had a blast though as this group of peeps have the kindest and most hilarious spirits. I felt like I was chilling with some besties from high school! Read all about these talented musicians, their new EP, new label, fidget spinners, candy corn and more this week! We open this interview talking about how to spell Ruben's name and how Ruben will give you a Reuben Sandwich if you want: it's where he hugs you and puts mayo all over your face. CUTE!

I always start my interviews by introducing a little more in depth who I am because I'm a nobody that most gracious people who let me interview them don't know much about me! BUT the SLS fam knew all about me and it flattered my ego big time! Thanks ya'll. 

I'm Dylan! I play guitar and sing.

I'm Kyle, I play guitar.

I'm Ruben, I play drums.

I'm Meredith! I'm keys.

I'm Gabe, I play bass.

And we're Spanish Love Songs!

Everyone's been having such short ass introductions recently!

Oh no...we did it wrong.

Haha, there's no criteria but most people say a fact or something just a little more than their name!

We're already failing this interview, oh god. 

 Fact about Dylan - he lives in LA.

That is correct. Kyle and I also met on Craigslist. 

 It's true. I was lonely. 

 Meredith is my girlfriend's best friend. Gabe and I played in a Bruce Springsteen type band that blew up and now we formed this one with Ruben.

Blew up like got big or was there a tragedy?

 Our singer said he didn't need us anymore because I started writing songs. Ruben played the last few shows of that band too.

 Those are some facts! 

Okay now we're gettin' the hang of this! On your About Me on your Facebook it says, "Their sound combines the energy of of drunken bar shows and the intimacy of passionate, lived-in lyrics. " - can you expand on that at all as to what you mean?

Yeah, um, we didn't write that haha. Our old record label manager did, I think. Rob Castellon is his name. I think he wrote that because we don't like writing bios about ourselves. I think what he was trying to capture was that we tend to be very....

**Cue us needing to move locations because we were in the way of a car. We kindly made way to where we belong - a dumpster**

...spactic live. We're a bar band. We don't play a lot of all ages shows - at least in LA. We have the energy of drunken, sad people. The, "intimate lived in lyrics" is just the tendency for me to write about things I've done like my divorce, daydreams about dying and stuff like that. Half of our first album was written about that divorce and half of it was written about the relationship after that divorce that felt like a divorce. 

I can relate 100%!! (cue me describing some of the personal stuff with a past relationship to SHOW UP DYLAN. JK - just wanted to show him all of us have shitty lives sometimes!) MIC DROP! Broken Marriage Club 5ever.

Your new EP just came out! I love the album cover - did any of ya'll design that and if not what artist did? 

 I have a friend that I grew up with named Christopher Kettner who did it. He did all of our new run of shirts, the actual album cover that's coming out in March and we decided we were gonna put out the EP and we already paid him for everything else...but I was like, "Heeeey buddy. Uhh...can you do ONE more thing for us??"

Oooh you're THAT kinda client! 

 I try not to be!

 And he (Chris Kettner) has a Reel Big Fish tattoo! 

Yeah! He used to tour with Reel Big Fish and take pictures for them. He's a "reel" big ska fan. We won't judge him. But yeah - we told him the name and the concept and he sent us back that artwork. He was like, "I had this idea to do it as kinda an off style 3D thing" and it was perfect! It also became another shirt we did. He's great - check out his work.

With your 3 pieces of work you have out now - do they all correlate in anyway? Are there similar themes in each? You said the first was divorce/relationships -- how does that translate to the newest album coming out soon and the new EP?

 The first album was about that divorce, moving to LA..

Not as good as mine remember! 


 My lesser divorce, moving to LA, all that crap. Little Giants is just a bunch of B Sides we had lying around - things that didn't make the album that never made it off my iPhone. The new EP is kind of a bridge into the new album. When we sat down to start writing - I disappeared for 6 months and moved to Atlanta to work on a movie. I told the guys I'm gonna go away for 6 months but I promised I'm gonna write a new album while I'm gone.

Is that all you said to them? All mysterious and vague? 

 They weren't that happy with me - we had to cancel four really good shows because of it haha. 

This is turning into a passive aggressive interview....

 Yeah we were touring with The Flatliners at the time and I was like...."Yeah guys I'm gonna be gone for 6 months, bye!!"

What do you mean you were working on a movie?

 I work for a Director as my day job. It's a fun way to learn how to make movies. It's cool but sucks too.

Wait, it sucks too? What's the director's name? Spell it out in my mic please. I'M REVEALING THE T!

He's fine! The job of being a Director's Assistant is not glamourous. I get coffee and dry cleaning but I also look at a storyboard for a car blowing up and get to put in my two cents. But yeah I disappeared and said I was gonna write an album. When I was in Atlanta, I texted Kyle and was like, "The first album was about divorce so this next album won't have anything about my relationships." I think we kinda did that. Buffalo, Buffalo is a love song but it's not a relationship kinda song?

 You also said this album is sadder than the first one. 

The theme of this new album is trying to be comfortable with yourself even though the world is crazy or how you feel really crazy in the world. It's a lot about depression. 


It's understanding how to make sadness better too. 

 Therapy for you, sort of.

How has tour been going? Also - anyone else take the floor! Dylan's been the main star here and this being the largest group of peeps I've interviewed, I wanna hear from ya'll!

 It's been great.

It's been cozy.

What does that mean? I'm feeling some undertones in that answer, Meredith. 

We did this tour with Ducking Punches from the U.K. We have a 15 passenger van full of equipment for a 5 piece band and 10 people. So...........cozy is the most pleasant way to describe it.

Cozy? or smelly?

 Cozy and smelly.

Intimate and lived in.

 It's been great.

A lot of multicultural sweat. International body smell. Ruben spices it up too.

 I do spice it up. 

The shows have been pretty good. Well most.

Have you played at any new venue this tour?

 We played Evel Pie in Las Vegas last night which was tons of fun.

RIP though they aren't doing shows anymore. We had a whole drama of the venue possibly changing so when we got there we didn't really ask and just played. The promoter, afterwards, told us Evel Pie decided to stop doing shows. 

They have such a great area in the back for bands! WTF! I'm writing a letter.

 I'm gonna send them a strongly worded email.

Yeah! Our two letters will change their minds for sure. 

 Meredith has adopted the ponytail on stage while playing. We're trying to get her to add some tinsel. 

 Maybe put it to the side. 

You heard 'em Meredith! PONY UP AND TO THE SIDE!

 Anything they say I do. 

 We've somehow become hair advisers.

Okay I did it guys! Let's move on is there another question?

Nope. This whole interview is about your hair choices. 

JK -- you're on a new label! What's up with that? Why the change? I mean obviously it's because of Rob...asking people to interview you then never replying to their answer. (Sarcasm FYI!)

We finished the album and were excited. We were ready to plow ahead with it but we forgot that there's lead times to pressing albums, promoting it and getting it out. Our European friend, Gregory, who is our tour manager over in Europe -- he used to run the label we were on before called Bearded Punk Records. He sent it over to Chris Stowe over at A-F Records. Is it A to F or just AF?

 Just AF.

Oh whoops. I thought it was A to F because it has the dash. 

 We should know this! It's A-F because of Anti Flag. Chris Stowe called me on a Tuesday morning and he told me he listened to the EP all day yesterday and then on the phone just said he'd love to work with us. We freaked out because Anti Flag, Homeless Gospel Choir, Penske File, Swiss Army -- who we all love -- are on that label. We were just excited and because of that involvement we had been talking to Uncle M Music - over in Europe - and our contact over there was excited about the A-F idea so they basically agreed to partner up and do it. It worked out.

 It's like International Voltron. 

 He'd been waiting to use that line the whole interview. 

We just wanna work with people who are excited about what we do.

So NOT Rob then? 

 Definitely not Rob. Kidding! Rob's great. We still keep him in the loop.

 We ask him everything. He's the reason we got this far.

 I give him credit for us even existing because we were maybe 2 or 3 months into being a band and we played a Battle of the Bands at the Slidebar in Orange County. Rob was one of the judges. We made it through the 1st Round. Then Rob and Gabe began talking. We played The Finals too with Rob being a judge. We won this contest without sounding that good so I really think that Rob colluded with the other judges. The winning of that gave us $500 cash and $500 gear at Guitar Center. That $500 funded our first run of shirts, first pressing of CD's, and first tours. We didn't have to pay for the first year we were in a band. Rob's the reason we made it this far so we will always be apart of The Wiretap Family. 

Also to specify we are just kidding about the Rob comments! 

 He gave me a ride home one time!

That's weird because he refused me a ride home one time. 


No! Haha. 

Rob's the reason we are on Fest too.

You guys deserve it! You blend in so nicely with the lineup but stand out enough to make your name known.

Aw, thank you!

And I'm not a liar. I'm from Philly. We keep it real transparent there. 

A-F Records are from Pittsburg.

WHOA. For one - that is NOT Philly! In Pittsburgh, people like Abbi Lee Miller go to jail for bankruptcy fraud. That's not even a REAL crime.

No blood shed over in Pittsburg. 

Yeah. No blood no respect. 

One of my biggest pet peeves recently are anonymous people who sit behind a computer and give their BS feedback. Here's a comment from PunkNews.org that I found hilarious when I read it out loud:

What are your thoughts on that?


My thoughts on that is that guy is too much of a bitch to put his name on it. 


First off - Wonder Years reference - thank you! Love them. We'd love to be compared to them in any capacity. It's better than being compared to The Menzingers. Second off I don't think I have as whiny as a voice as Soupy. I love his voice but it's very distinct.

None of us give a shit about what anyone says anyway. 

Whoa first your telling dudes you wanna fight and now you're saying you don't care?!

Well great! I brought the commenter here tonight so you can hash this out. 

You haven't made it until some "Real Life / Hardcore  Punker" shit talks you on PunkNews.org. That makes us feel so good because that motherfucker still listened to our song and gave us streaming play so fuck you.

 Haters make us stronger. 

 He still gave us money. I bet Mr. Anonymous' record is really good. I'm sick so leave me alone. 

If you could play a cover set of anything, what would it be?

 Bruce Springsteen with a sax player or Third Eye Blind. 

 Third Eye Blind!

OR Carly Ray Jepsen. For Fest next year we wanna do it!

THIS is your first Fest playing! How do you feel about it?

 Kyle's sick and is gonna challenge everyone who doesn't come to our show. We're excited. We're playing Pre Fest and Fest. We hope people show up. We hope people wanna see us. We're playing at the same time as Caskitt at Pre Fest so we are really sad about that. During Fest I don't think there's any huge major conflicts. 

Meredith, you're the newest addition to the band! What sparked that and how do you feel being around all guys ALL the time? I feel like that's crazy. 

 Dylan and I were just talking about how cool it would be to have keyboards on the next album and take it to another place - do something different. It just kinda worked out. Dylan and I are music soulmates a little bit.

Okay does Dylan's girlfriend KNOW about ya'll being soulmates musically?????

Yeah! I was his girlfriend's friend before she met Dylan. She asked me to come see his show. I went and saw it and was like, "OH SHIT. THIS IS MY MUSIC!" I was so into it. Then I started wearing a side ponytail and it's never been the same. Haha - seriously though Dylan and I got along after that and it's never been the same. It was fun writing with them too to add another layer and take it to a whole other place. 

 It all started New Years of 2016. It was like 5 in the morning.

 I'm sure no drugs or alcohol were involved. 

 They were getting ready for Church! 

Start the New Year right.

 We were praying to god and I asked for a keyboard player. 

 It worked out though. We have a similar taste in music and a vision for the same thing. 

 It's fine being with all guys. 

That's so diplomatic of you.

I heard all the tones behind the "Fine". 

Let them eat cake! 

Will you all be dressing up for Fest?

 We've been arguing about this but Meredith had the greatest idea. We really fucked it up though because we haven't done any preparations. We wanna be The Flavortown 5. We wanted to dress up as Guy Fieri - all 5 of us. We'll see if we can pull it off. 

Everyone's into it except for Gabe. 

I'm not really that into it either. 

 Are you kidding! Guy Fieriis a National Treasure. 

 We should be so honored to be Guy Fieri

I wanna get a shirt that says, "Straight Outta Flavor Town." 

I now tried to find out who the fidget spinning master was and was going to record some sick tricks they can do. We found out it was just Gabe at work trying to get their followers on IG amped for the tour they had that weekend. #bummer He's so in with the crowd! 

Halloween candy: Candy corn or no?

 Fuck yes.

 Fuck NO! 

 I'll go with, "No? But I'll eat a whole bowl of it." 

 I like chocolate more. They do have that candy corn that has the chocolate at the top.

Yeah fuck that kind.

It's really fucked up because it's called Indian Candy Corn. 


How do ya'll #STAYNERDY!

I feel like since I have a three year old - I get to buy toys again. 

Well that makes me feel horrible because I do not have kids and buy toys haha. 

I'd still buy them. Today we just bought a monster truck with a cage and a T-Rex inside of it.

So a literal "Monster" truck?

 Yeah. It's a lifted, raised truck too. He loves monster trucks like Monster Jam and dinosaurs. 

 That's so unwoke to shop at Wal Mart. 

Where's a woke spot to shop for kid's toys? Urban Outfitters?

 Notorious B.I.G. on vinyl, reissued.  That's his next toy from Urban Outfitters. 

 I went to Comic Con for 10 years straight. I've read comics like this whole tour. 

Are you reading woke comics though?

 Yeah, I mean, Saga showed a dick. It was a robot but he had a pretty good one.

 Wait, why would a robot need a dick?

 How else is he gonna knock up his wife?

 I am nerdy for music though. Musical equipment pretty much. Everyone in the band uses something of mine besides Dylan. I work at a recording studio so I can't pick a favorite thing within equipment.

 How do I #staynerdy? I don't play sports? 


 I never have. I avoid them. I love The Simpsons. I watch everything on Netflix right now that's cartoons - not documentaries and stuff. 

Like One Hit Man?!

👏🏻ONE👏🏻PUNCH👏🏻MAN. ***!

Oh god I'm so sorry! Castlevania was good too. 

I watch a lot of Roseanne. I fucking love Roseanne. I wasn't excited for the reboot until I realized I could be in the studio audience. I'm absolutely signing up. I have an Aunt Jackie tattoo. She's my favorite character. Anything John Goodman does I love too. He's the fuckin best. I love anything from Roseanne. I've seen the whole series many times. 


 I love it okay!?

If you willingly want to sit in the live studio audience that you have to pay to do - I think I believe you're a big fan. 

I answered everyone else's questions so you don't need to ask me.

He (Dylan) always asks everyone what rap songs mean because he doesn't understand them.

I thought you were woke! 

I didn't claim to be woke - I just wanted to be sure Gabe is woke. 

Spanish Love Songs consists of the most genuine and purest energy pals I've ever met! I can't believe a band totaling 6 peeps are so close and not in fights all the time. It must be meant to be! This is Spanish Love Songs first Fest! Watch them TONIGHT at Pre Fest or check them out this weekend. Either way you'll be in for a heck of a show. Stay tuned until next week and until then #STAYNERDY!


My Nostalgia series is complete! This is Perfect Humans' third installment of our Nostalgia set. He will be available come the end of November! What do you think?!


Creep 2 is OUT! I can't watch it till next week because I'm going out of town....but my lord I am SO THRILLED. I loved the first one so much so I am biasedly going to say this one should be pretty good at the least.


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