Jennie Cotterill of Bad Cop Bad Cop!

I was super lucky to interview the pretty ladies of Bad Cop Bad Cop before they begin their tour! Front woman, Jennie, answered my lame questions on behalf of the band as this was extremely last minute. Bad Cop Bad Cop is an all female punk band that pumps out energetic songs and man, can they put on a show when you catch them live. Read all about them this week! Jennie talks about what it's in the works, their current tour and some personal info on the intriguing women of this powerhouse group. 

"Their debut full-length arrived on FAT in 2015 and brazenly blasts out some of the most vibrant pop-punk around today. Laden with catchy hooks, three part harmonies that'd make The Beach Boys jealous, and tons of attitude, all 13 tracks showcase BAD COP/BAD COP's uncanny ability to blend aggressive instrumentation with polished vocals."

Bad Cop Bad Cop is half a decade old now, time is flying! How would you compare yourselves presently as to when you all first began the band? 

Grown up, haha.  We definitely started this as a way to have fun and travel.  It’s more of a family business now.  We are all really into communication and collaboration and pushing ourselves to be better at this.

Have you always been attracted to music as far as wanting to play and perform? When did you begin playing instruments and writing music? Is Bad Cop Bad Cop what you envisioned yourselves doing when you first picked up a guitar, bass, drum sticks, ect?

I started playing and writing around 13.  No I absolutely never thought anything like this would ever happen, and I am really in it for the creative outlet.  I know Stacey and Linh have said they do it because they love to perform, and Myra has 6x the energy of a normal human so playing drums is important to her livelihood. Haha.  Myra learned to drum around 6, Linh learned to play as a teenager and Stacey’s dad is a musician so the beginning on that one is soft and old.

I love what you ladies represent! I imagine there is a lot of pressure being such a kickass all girl group when the genre you are in is male dominated. How do you deal with that? What would you say is your main message that you want fans to think of when hearing the name, Bad Cop Bad Cop?

Fun, powerful, and honest are words we like to associate with. 

Speaking of the band's name - how exactly did you come up with the name Bad Cop Bad Cop?

Shooting the shit at practice / throwing things around.  I think our first bassist, Jen, said it.  It’s unfortunately super relevant.  (I will say this: when picking a band name, changing a common or recognizable phrase or word into something that allows for a successful Google search is really helpful.)

You gals RULED (as usual) at Awesome Fest! You played some songs I haven't heard before - are you working on a new album? If so - when do you anticipate that being released and is there a theme to this record if it's in the works?

Yes we are writing! And we’re stoked about it.  Trying to sneak in and get some of that knocked out between tours this year.  Our goal is for a new album out in summer 2017.  Expect themes of positivity and honesty.

Do all of you ladies have day jobs? What are they / how long have you been there? 

Most of us.  I quit a good job for the band last year and it was worth it.  Now I freelance as an artist and work at a really fun bakery.  

YOU WERE ON NBC'S IMAGINARY FRIEND!!! WHAT?! How did that come about? It's super rad that you were able to perform as yourselves and perform an original song too, "Cheers"

The show’s creator, Kassia Miller, reached out to us.  Which is wild.  I think she was looking for a certain style and age demographic and we were it.  Really REALLY fun day shooting.  We are so grateful for the opportunity.  Kassia is the coolest!

Who are some of your biggest inspirations as far as music goes? 

Speaking for myself, I love Elvis Costello and Billy Bragg.  I grew up on Fat stuff and am appreciating the Talking Heads and Jeff Burke a lot right now.  That’s how you get a “Jennie” song, haha

Speaking of inspirations..who inspires you fashionably? I love everything about your styles. 

Ah, personally I like comfortable shoes and easy things that look like they took more effort (ie: long dirty hair and cheap dresses)

How do you always incorporate flawless ballet into your live performances? 

That’s Linh!  She was a gymnast for most of her life before a super scary accident on the parallel bars almost left her paralyzed.  SO SCARY!!! But, silver lining: it is during that recovery that she learned to play the bass.  Hooray!

What guitars do you use on stage? What makes you love that particular model and what are you favorite effect pedals as well?

I use a Gibson SG (stands for “Sexy Guy”) that used to belong to Myra’s old guitar player.  Stacey plays a Fender Telecaster named Silky. Linh plays a Fender P Bass (I think…) Most of our effects are from our amps and heads.  But I DID just get a rad pedal for my barfday which debuted at Awesome Fest.

You're going on a U.S. tour like NOW! Where are you most excited to head to? What are some of the standout memories on past tours that you will never forget?

hmmmm…Once we went to Tombstone AZ and our road dog AJ basically became the mayor.  The Murderburgers were killing us in the van this summer with their intense bromance.  Got stranded in Berlin and then rescued by our QUEEN Ines Bartl.  Traveling is amazing and a packed van is a breeding ground for weird inside jokes.

I know we’re all really looking forward to going to Canada and the East Coast.  I LOVE Florida and am stoked about how many dates we’ve got coming up down there

My motto is #staynerdy so I have to wrap this up by asking what is the nerdiest thing about each of you? You can answer for each other if you like. That would make it more interesting too to see what each of you think of each other.

I don’t know where to start because I love school and space and RadioLab type stuff.  Stacey has said to my face “you’re the coolest nerd I’ve ever met” which I’ll take as a compliment.  Myra is really good at tech stuff, Linh LOVES Harry Potter.  Stacey’s not a nerd about anything, but I did get her really into Carl Sagan a few years ago.

THANK YOU, JENNIE! You are wonderful, along with the rest of the girlies. Be sure to check out BCBC while they are on their Midwest tour right now:

Their shows will always leave you wanting more and they are unforgettable -- to say the least. If you are unable to catch them live - find them all over the webosphere! 


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