Pinked Flamingos Party!

OH HAI NERDS. I recently plopped down outside of a Starbucks and got to hang with the teeny, tiny, ball of spunk - Jamie Barttels-Muller - of PinkedFlamingos on Etsy!

"We're a couple of crafty broads blurring the line between trash and treasure. We make off base resin jewelry and contemporary needlework drawing inspiration from the twisted, unorthodox side of life reflected in our pieces. We love doing customs so please hit us up for details. We've got faith in our bad taste!" 

It was a stellar good time. Jamie is a talented crafter that specializes in needlework and Resin jewelry/accessories. Her aesthetic is a glowing orb filled with morbidity that is meshed with ultra adorableness. Make sense? No? WHATEVER! Read all about this lil cutie punk pie who resides in Anaheim and stop by her Etsy shop afterwards. Buy yourself and me a gift while you're at it. 

Let's begin how most noobz do and introduce yourself to all the nerds out there wondering who this orange haired lady is. Whatever you wanna say, the floor is yours.

***Utter silence & Disney Princess eyes happening***

I fucked up the first question, dammit! 

Did you expect me to ask you anything differently for the first question? I think I kept it pretty basic! 

I'm Jamie. I old am I? I'm 35. I kinda just hang out with my dog and make stuff. All kinds of stuff: jewelry, cross-stitch...I do mostly needlework now, though. I have a cat so making Resin is really difficult with her around and her just getting into everything.

What kinda cat do you have?

A gray one? I don't know the actual type. Her name is Skeeter. 

Oh, like from the TV show, Doug?

Iunno. My ex-boyfriend named it. I know who you're talking about though - I was a child of the 90's. 

Phew - I almost ultimately judged you for the worst if you didn't know Doug's blue bestie! 

I love all of your needlework though - that's what originally attracted me to scope out more of your work. That mixing of such different things like horror and then super girly-ness is just everything in my eyes. I love that. 

Like you're all about - you stay positive in person but you also have that morbid side to you since that's your sense of humor. It's a good balance.

You have a little over one hundred Admirers at this point on Etsy in just over a year. That's so awesome for such a short amount of time. What are your visions for your shop? Are you trying to make that your main job eventually? 

Nope! It's just what I do in my spare time. I think once I make something my JOB I won't want to do it anymore. 

I can relate. It's like when someone announces to everyone they know that they are going to start going to the gym but then when the time comes they back out. It's a lot of pressure to announce things of that stature. 

I kinda just make stuff that I like & that I want and if somebody buys it...that's cool. I'm not really like, "I NEED to sell, I NEED to sell." It's more along the lines of, "I made this - you like it? Cool, buy it. If you don't - whatever." I do what I feel like. 

Now THAT is the tagline you need on Pinked Flamingo. How did you come up with a name like that? It's one that I didn't forget after only hearing it once. 

My friend and I that started the shop are huge John Waters fans - so it's a play on the movie Pink Flamingos. "Pinked" is like pinking shears for crafting.

That's so rad. Well, clever girl! 

Have you always been crafty your entire life?

I think so, yeah. I do all kinds of stuff: shadowboxes, jewelry...I pretty much do whatever I feel like. My whole house is like a craft store. If someone comes over I'm always like, "What do you wanna do?!" because I can't just sit there. I have to be using my hands and working on something while watching TV so it depends what I'm in the mood for. If I'm not feeling needlework one day I'll put it down and work on something else. I'm very easy going. 

Is there anything you don't like doing as far as the crafting world is concerned? 

No - because if there was I probably just wouldn't do it. Haha.

Well touche. That makes sense! 

What exactly triggered you to open up an Etsy shop? 

It all started with Resin jewelry. I made a friend, through Instagram, and we collaborated to open it. 

Do you have any absolute favorite shops on Etsy that you exclusively purchase from?

A million! It depends on the mood I'm in. Eek. I have hundreds and hundreds of shops that I love. I'll get something in my head - like a band or anything, really - and I'll just spend forever searching that ONE thing on Etsy just to see what I can find. Right now I'm trying to find a good vintage band T-shirt. I'm not having much luck - it's a challenge. 

Since this isn't something that you are trying to make your main job to pay the bills - what is your day job? 

I work for a web hosting company called DreamHost. It's a great place. I didn't know anything about computers and still don't really. I do all kinds of stuff there - mostly handling new accounts. I don't do anything techie but I've learned enough to get by. I make it seem like I'm the only one who can do what I do, though. I've been there over four years now. 

Wow. You said you get to work from home with DreamHost too?

I work from home all week. I do my thing. Sometimes I work really random hours but it's not even about what I do for work it's just the company itself is pretty amazing. They don't micromanage me, obviously. They trust me. My boss checks on me every couple of weeks just to say, "Hi!". 

That's refreshing to hear - I don't think I've talked to anybody so far in my past interviews that is gung-ho about their day jobs. I'm glad you love it. That also allows you to do your crafting pretty easily too - so I'm definitely very jealous. 

I made it happen, though. I worked retail my whole life. I'm good at  talking people into buying stuff. After a while I couldn't fake being nice ALL the time. Also being on my feet eight hours everyday sucked. I've worked almost every kind of job too: Starbucks...the mall...whatever. There was nothing I ever wanted to be. It was just, "I'll figure it out.."

More people need that attitude! Right after graduating, kids are so worried about choosing only one path but that's impossible to do even when you're older. We never have it figured out. That's one of the many joys of being human. 

Yeah, that is INSANE to me - trying to force yourself to pick just one thing to do for the rest of your life. That's insane. I don't stress....whatever happens, HAPPENS. I'll roll with it.

I'm typically the same way. I can't always be carefree but I'm a laid back gal most of the time. I think more people need to try to take a breath and just go with the flow. Although, that's obviously a lot easier said then done. 

I'm not even certain what real stress IS because I'm so just...."It's no big deal." The worse the situation may be...the easier I take it because usually there's nothing you can do about it so I'll do my best to just figure it out. Make a game plan. It drives some of my friends crazy! I try to look at the positives, always, and go from there. I'm more of the fixer. 

How are we so identical mentally?! I've always been that person to others as well. I'm actually going to school for Applied Behavioral Sciences to start getting paid to help fix people's lives if I can. People like you and I - nothing phases us typically - and that is rare to find. The world needs more Jamie's and Julia's. 

Totally! I get strangers telling me the WEIRDEST stuff sometimes. I'm not someone, though, that you can cry on my shoulder. 

I've got a feeling we are going to get along just fine. I hate lingering and harping on the negative situations. Obviously, at times, we need to be able to get out the sad emotions and angry ones too - but don't harp on it for the rest of your life and let it define you. Learn from it and move on. I get compared to Spock at times for being more logical then letting emotions control me. I'm not perfect though, I have my moments.

Yeah I get called cold and emotionless as well. I don't think I've met someone like me before. 

I had a friend hit me up one time and he goes, "I have cancer." So, stoic-ly faced, I go, "Okay. What are we looking at?" Shocked, he says, "Stage 1." So I say, "Great! You still have plenty of time - you're gonna LIVE man!" People sometimes WANT sympathy and I just don't have it. I don't work that way. 

Samesies. You can vent to me all you want, I'm a good listener. But I won't feed into what you want me to say if I need to be real with you. Usually I won't say what you are wanting to hear, unfortunately, too. 

We can't help who we are! Stress causes all bad problems: mentally, physically, spiritually..whatever. Everything crumbles when you let it control you. 

Through heavy Facebook trolling - I see you're quite the Disney nerd. I, too, classify as  Disney nerd. 

Yeah I'm pretty new to it as far as being a Passholder. I've loved the movies since I was little - who hasn't? You can be a big kid, though. I get my face painted, wear the ears, hang with Mickey - the entire kit and kaboodle. I love it! 

Are you a pin collector too?

No! I have enough stuff at this point.

Woah. I wish I had that kind of discipline. #addictivepersonality. I am on my second lanyard now. I have no self control and need to collect all of the cool things. It's a huge burden at the same time though. I'll have a few drinks in Disney and wake up the next morning wondering why I'm $200 short of rent... DAMN YOU, PINS!  

I love to eat my way through Disneyland too. 

I think the first thing that really drew me to your shop was your needlework piece that read, "Wipe it till it bleeds!" I love that. That's definitely my favorite.

It's a Turbonegro song. I'm a nerd - I'm in the Turbonegro fan club. We have jean jackets and everything. 

We do lots of band stuff. Lots of GG Allin stuff - I thought it would be fun to see a portrait of GG Allin and see him on a bed of flowers. That contrast is so appealing to me. 

We aren't bipolar! We just love everything. At least, that's what I tell myself when everyone makes fun of me for all of my bizarre and not related interests. 

It's like this tattoo I have - an adorable kitty cat that just says, "Eat shit" beneath of it. The balance of contrast! 

I'm so uncomfortable being ALL nice ALL of the time. I'm not mean but.....

You keep it real! It's a noble, double edge sword trait to say the least. It's all about delivery too - I'm fairly transparent usually but I coat my honesty with just being polite. (emphasis on usally) There's no wrong way to be real either - you can choose the polite route or the abrasive path. Sometimes one is easier then the other but if you're okay with pissing people off then it doesn't even matter. 

I usually will keep it real in a sarcastic way. It's more fun that way. 

Outside of work I'm that way too. Sarcasm is LIFE! 

FINAL QUESTION! How do you #staynerdy? 

I'm a different kind of nerdy. I'm a horror dork - that's for sure. Mostly 70's and 80's horror movies: Near Dark, Nightbreed and Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Kinda cliche but....the whole reality factor of it is terrifying. I don't have any guilty pleasures - I like what I like with no apologies. 

Jamie was a true gem to shoot the shit with for almost an hour and a half. I hope you enjoyed this as much as I did, nerds! Go and check out Pinked Flamingos now - you'll probably be oh so tempted to treat yourself today and I give you permission to do so! I'll see ya'll next week and hope you remember to #staynerdy in the meantime!




AWESOME FEST 10 WAS THIS PAST WEEKEND! It was...awesome. This was actually my first Awesome Fest despite living in SD for six years. If you're unsure what I'm talking about - Awesome Fest is a live music festival held every year in San Diego. They showcase local bands in smaller, intimate venues to really focus on the experience you typically enjoy having at shows -- and it's three days long! I believe there was around seventy five bands all together or something close to that. It's one of those times that you get to not only meet rad, new peeps but you get to see friends that you don't see regularly throughout the year.  I unfortunately couldn't go Saturday because I was sick and also I worked during the day so I could only go around 7PM each night. I will definitely be taking off for the entire festival next year and hope to see you there too! 


Because of Awesome Fest I was in North Park, as I just said. The Ritual Kitchen was having special deals for anyone that was attending Awesome Fest so I had to try their Vegan Burger! It was one of the best meals I ever had, hands down. I have zero complaints on anything: the atmosphere, the service, the food itself, the drinks, the cleanliness, EVERYTHING was A+! I couldn't stop eating and wanna try everything on the menu at some point in the future. If you're in the San Diego area - please do yourself a huge favor to your belly and go to Ritual. 


Here is me ... being me. I really like this picture so that's solely why I put it up this week. #staynerdyandmetal