Chit Chat with Seanmarie Veronica!

        This week I chatted with East Coast beauty guru herself, Seanmarie Veronica! She is a makeup artist who not only gets to work at MAC cosmetics but also has started a YouTube channel that is EVERYTHING us viewers love. It ties together concrete knowledge about techniques/products, cuteness and of course that East Coast humor that we all adore so very much. Although new to the YouTube scene, Seanmarie is rising to the top very fast with her career thanks to her pure talent and charming personality. I'm bummed I'm not rich enough to fly on location to all of my interviews - this one would have been a ball to do in person rather then through chat. Nonetheless, I had a splendid time with what felt like just gabbing with a close gal pal for almost two hours with Seanmarie!

Have you always been attracted to the makeup / beauty industry?

Pretty much since I was about 8. It started when I first saw Legally Blonde (cheesy, I know). I felt like knowing I could create different looks with beauty products. I used to buy dozens of magazines every year and practically study all the beauty tips and tricks. They were like my bible.

Oh wow - that's not cheesy at all. Legally Blonde is a staple of our culture in my opinion. So then you've known for a long time that's what you wanted to turn this into a career?

Surprisingly, no! I didn't realize my love for applying makeup on other people until I was 18! I became allergic to wearing mascara on my top lashes; because of that I had to learn how to apply false lashes every day that I wanted to wear makeup. I would have these crazy long lashes on, with just foundation so I started to figure out how to fill in the rest of my face little by little. After the lashes, it started with eyeshadow, then contour/highlighting and so on!

Dang - that's awesome. I can't imagine applying falsies everyday! :o It's wonderful you're able to work around that allergy to keep doing what you love. Would you say most of your training comes from you figuring out how to fill in the rest of your face little by little? Or did you go to beauty school or anything too?

Most definitely. I would spend the last 15 minutes before I went to bed practicing things that scared me. I was terrified of winged liner! I knew if I did it before bed rather than before I had somewhere to be there wasn't any pressure. I was just going to wipe it off and go to bed. Working for MAC has definitely furthered my artistry though. They have amazing training and we have constant certifications that we are practicing for. I'm always on my toes and learning new techniques!

I think that's the best advice I've ever heard - applying before bed. I never would have thought to do that. How long have you been at MAC? It's amazing your "day job" is tied in with what you actually are so passionate for. Not many people can say that.

Yes! Practicing before bed is 100% the way to go. Then if you want to try anything new or fun it's Kay to be silly and mess up! That's pretty much how I've learned all my new techniques. I've been with MAC for 2 years! I really do love it there, they are an amazing company to work for. They treat their staff very well.

Yeah, I never hear any horror stories from that company.

Your YouTube channel is the bomb-diggity! I think you are such a refreshing blend of humor, sincerity and providing overall knowledge for us amateurs. What is your ultimate goal with your channel? It's growing pretty quickly in the small amount of time you've had it. :)

Thank you so much! That means a lot. I think my goal for it is just to have fun. The YouTube community opens up tons of doors for artists. My ultimate dream is to collaborate with multiple cosmetic lines. Being able to create amazing products for girls and boys who love makeup just as much as I do is what I strive for. I'd love to have my own lash company as well!

That's the way it should be! Having fun leads to success rather then taking something too seriously, so that's great. I'll definitely buy your lashes as long as you include very simple instructions for idiots like me!

What are some of your absolute favorite cosmetic lines that you'd want to collaborate with?

Oh my gosh stop it!! Anyone could wear lashes as long as you're not too scared to try. I adore Anastasia Beverly Hills so so much. I think their products are outstanding. They are consistently on trend with their products, if not creating the trend. I also love Makeup Forever. I've been wearing their foundation since I was 15!

Haha well it's true! I do my best but I am a dweeb with makeup. But I love it so I won't stop. I haven't tried Makeup Forever -- but since you were 15? I may have to check it out,

Where does all your inspiration stem from? I loved your latest video with the pops of green eye shadow - I haven't see anything like that before!

For me, nature is a huge inspiration. The earth is a beautiful, inspiring place filled with mystery and wonder. That's probably why I love earth toned makeup so much! Also different cultures as well. In college I took an anthropology class and I wrote a paper on how different cultures in Africa use makeup. It was incredible to learn!

I definitely agree with nature being an inspiration in almost any field of work. I've always held a strong connection with the moon - it inspires me in a lot of what I do too. (Aka the theme for my site - to name one thing!)

That's fascinating, for sure.

Do you have any icons you look up to as far as makeup artists?

There is a girl on Instagram, her username is @peace_love_alicia. Her makeup is loud and beautiful and I adore it! I feel like she does all the makeup I'm nervous to do on myself. Also Desi Perkins is a beauty YouTuber and she seems so well rounded. While she's a leader in the creative world, she also keeps it natural which I am a huge fan of. She also is hilarious on Snapchat, which I love! I don't take life too seriously so anyone that can make me laugh while teaching me something is a trait I admire!

I'll have to lurk on those two ladies' channels soon.

You pretty much described yourself saying "anyone that can make me laugh while teaching me something is a trait I admire!" You always make me crack up in your videos. Where does your sense of humor come from?

Definitely from my family. They are the funniest people I've ever met! My dad is obsessed with SNL so I grew up watching the best of Steve Martin, Adam Sandler, & Chris Farley etc. I've been surrounded by funny people my whole life and I love it. I always say if you're not laughing, you're not living!

That's one of the only mantras we should all live by - never taking life too seriously because then everything becomes a yawn fest.  :)- never be too serious. It makes life boring!- --gvfjklfdfdf

To wrap this up -- I always end with asking what's the nerdiest thing about you since my catchphrase is #staynerdy ?

Lol!!! I love it!

So my nerdiest thing is that I am drop dead OBSESSED with dinosaurs & the x-files. I love the X-files so much that I want to name my first kid Fox 😂😂😂

I also have a "Jurassic park, park ranger" badge hanging next to my beauty station in my room! My favorite dinosaur is a triceratops 🤗

Aw that is probably my favorite answer so far! I was not expecting that at all! 

Lol YAY! I'm planning on getting a fox head tattoo as soon as I feel like spending the money on it! Lol here is my little park ranger badge. It's pretty legit!

YAY!!!! Thank you so much!

That IS legit AF! 

There you have it dorks - how sweet is Seanmarie? She was totally an absolute pleasure to converse with this week. How excited are you all to see her lash line one day? I'll be her first customer! Thanks for reading and remember to #staynerdy!


Nicole Dollanganger has come up under my radar this week. She is all I've had on repeat for a majority of the past week too! Fairly new to the scene but with over 28,000 listeners monthly on Spotify - Nicole Dollanganger is just phenomenal. Her music is very soft, simple and pure sounding - but her lyrics are very deep, dark and eerie. This clash sounds very night and day on paper but it oddly works once it fills your ears. I love how bizarre the combination is and almost all of her songs I can actually relate to in some way. Right now one of my favorite tracks is one of her most popular songs, "Ugly".  


Star Trek Beyond - YEAH OBVIOUSLY I LOVED IT BECAUSE I'M A GIGANTIC TREKKIE FREAK. It was so good, guys! Action packed with well choreographed fight scenes, comedy, tearjerker moments, and easter eggs for dweebs like myself - I would see this movie a few more times in theaters and then buy it on DVD too. Do yourself a favor and stop complaining about Suicide Squad and go see this instead! (ALSO I haven't seen SS - I plan to soon so I have no opinion on it yet, FYI) My favorite character is the newly introduced, Jaylah. One of the best quotes in the film is when she says, "I like the loud rhythms and yelling!" when referring to the song  "Fight the Power" by Public Enemy when her and Scotty are attempting to fix the USS Franklin.



I got to take a little night trip to LA recently and hang with a super groovy guy, Kennedy! You may recognize his song with over 1.5 million hits on Spotify, "Karate" , but I picked his brain about many of his other talents and projects. Stay tuned for that - it was a lot of fun especially considering we have the same name! 

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