For whatever reason - there are a lot of new dorks residing in my #staynerdy planet so I thought it'd be appropriate to do a "Getting to know me" post! Personally, I always enjoy these videos/podcasts/posts from artists that I look up to. I know nobody looks up to me so hopefully you find it entertaining at the least. 

* I like to collect lots of things! I have a PEZ collection, an M&M memorabilia collection, keychain collection, and a Sanrio collection. You can actually read all about my collections here! 

~ I'm originally from Philly so yes, please sing the Fresh Prince theme song when you find that out in person - I absolutely have NEVER heard that one before.

* I have an abnormally high pain tolerance.

~ One of the happiest moments of my life was Wil Wheaton and I's Twitter interaction during Halloween in 2015 when I dressed as Milhouse from The Simpsons: 


~ The worst job I ever had was being an alter server at my grade school for four years.

* If I could have any superpower it would be to fly. (DOUBLE FACT: My favorite Disney film is a tie between Peter Pan and The Little Mermaid)

~ I love music. If you play me something - I'll listen to it and really give it a chance. I love exploring all types of music and always have so my taste is very broad I would say. I can't really lump it into a genre. But, on that note, my favorite band is Red Hot Chili Peppers. They have been my faves since I was a wee, little lass. I even have a tattoo of them that I designed myself when I was super young that I was finally able to get a couple of years ago!

* A recurring, almost life long, joke about me is "Invisible Julie Syndrome" It's for real! I am very soft spoken and usually overlooked because of this unfortunately. Waitresses will flat out skip over me when I'm out dining or bring me the totally wrong order...I've accepted that it's a real disease at this point in my life and it's totally fine to make fun of it - everyone else does! 


* I've worn Victoria's Secret "Love Spell" since I was fifteen. It's my all time favorite scent.

~ I have always had a connection with the moon. I have never been religious and for a majority of  my life, I have been on my own so the moon has been a huge constant in my life. It has always made me feel safe and provides comfort when I'm freaking out. If I was / currently am having a problem in my life - I was / am always able to go outside, breathe in the night air and look up at my main bitch - the moon. It's a very strange and bizarre behavior - I'm aware. In other words, though, - it explains a lot of things about me.

* I love any kind of gem or stone but my favorite is pearl.

~ My favorite movie, ever, is Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street. I saw it at least five times in theaters and watch it about once a month. Blood, death, violence, romance, passion, disaster, show tunes, ballads - it gives me everything I enjoy in one sitting. I'm talking the Johnny Depp version too - although I have been drawn to the story of Sweeney Todd since I was a little gal. 

* I rarely sleep well - usually if I allow myself to fall into a deep sleep I'll have a night terror. 

~ Tacky lighting is LIFE. Black lights, string lights, disco balls -- basically all of Spencers. I live for it!

* I have a real fear of birds but my favorite animal is an owl. Don't ask me how or why this is possible. 

~ I have carried a knife on me since I was about six. 

* Video games have always been a gigantic part of my life. Along with most of my interests - they provided a much needed escape from my black hole of a life growing up. My all time favorite franchises of games are: Nancy Drew, Kingdom Hearts, ANYTHING NINTENDO, and Spyro/Crash Bandicoot. 

~ Kingdom Hearts, speaking of, is what I compare everything in my life to almost. I think it's one of the best written stories and provides truly valuable morals to the player. It helped me morph and form my ideals when it was imperative I learned what was really important to me. I think the themes in it are just way too relatable to not connect with: friendship, lightness vs. darkness (we all have both inside us!), adventure, UGH I COULD GO ON FOREVER. 

* My first tattoo was done by a dear friend at his house. He did the entire thing freehand as my skin wouldn't take the tracing. He gave me the main Keyblade from Kingdom Hearts wrapped in a Sailor Moon bow. (Last fact about me regarding Kingdom Hearts, I promise!)

~ I have a mole on my face that grows one single black hair each month -- and each month I pluck that nasty strand.

* I have always connected with villains of stories more then the heroes. My favorite villain is The Joker.

~ I have a really terrible & horrendous memory with most things! If I don't write down something, no matter how many times you tell me, I'll flat out forget like it never happened. I apologize in advance. 

* I adopted a cat and named him Loki years ago but unfortunately had to re-home him. The girl that adopted him from me actually has become one of my close friends! 

~ I absolutely love being there for others and always being kind to everyone. Helping someone in any way I can always has been something that just happens naturally for me. That's why I'm getting my degree in Applied Behavioral Science. People have always seemed to be drawn to me and rely on me for help when they're going through a tough time. I love listening and giving advice - hence my blog. I believe that therapy is powerful so I hope to be a counselor someday in lots of areas: drugs, alcohol, abuse, anxiety, depression, OCD, and really any type of issues we all struggle with throughout our life. 

* I've been hit by a moving car twice in two years: once on my bike and once crossing the street. BOTH WERE ALSO HIT AND RUNS! I am pretty much a work Nazi too - when hit on my bike I slowly cycled to work that day just to tell my manager I had to go to the hospital. When hit by the car crossing the street - I rolled over the hood and into the curb. I went back to work for about two hours and was bleeding. Finally, someone noticed and told me to go to the hospital. This was on a Friday the 13th so instead I got some tattoos for $13 each because I'm stubborn and am in the hospital enough as it is! One of the tattoos I got that day was "Boo" from Nintendo behind my ear - he is my guardian ghost: 

~ I love the water! When I was younger I thought I came from the ocean with how much I felt in sync with it. In any type of cartoon, book, ect. I always connect with the water character and still do to this day. If I ever committed suicide I would dress to the nines and walk into the ocean under the moon and die in another world. 

* One phrase I describe myself as is always, "a woman of many hats". I have always been fascinated by trying new things at least once and I love exploring every area in life. I am extremely open minded in all components of life too. I may not be a pro at everything I try - but I thoroughly enjoy having new adventures. One day I may be coloring while the next I'm binge watching Star Trek TNG for the millionth time but then the next day I'm taking surf lessons. I bounce between homebody and adventurer everyday. 

~ For a long time I really wanted to be a photographer. I still love it. One time I attended a three day business convention in Las Vegas. The booth next to my work's was iTool Co. My booth barely got any foot traffic so I bonded with the people at iTool Co over that three day period. The CEO was there and he listened to my life story for some reason. This was when I was committed to making photography my career but I couldn't even afford a decent camera. That year for Christmas, this guy I barely knew sent me a little care package in the mail. It was one of the nicest things anyone has ever done for me in my entire life. 


~ I have always been an extremely picky eater! The circumstances of my upbringing made me develop many deficiencies and a taste for....pretty crappy food. Because of my health issues now (you can read my life story here & about some of my health issues here), I can't eat a wide variety of things anyway. It's always easier to tell people what I DO like to eat over what I don't.  I wish it was the opposite! 

* I am Irish and Native American. 

~ The best phone I have ever had in my life was my Sony Walkman that was black and orange. I wish I could still use it!

* TAKE ME OFFICE SUPPLIES SHOPPING AND WE WILL BE BEST FRIENDS. I cannot pass a stationary aisle without swooning. I have always been obsessed with back to school shopping or anything involving office supplies. I have always been very organized too - to this day I carry around a daily organizer and it maps out my entire life. I love technology, do not get me wrong, but writing things out is still the best way for me to remember. it notes, highlighters, colored pens and all that  jazz make me feel as if I have a grasp on my unravelling life. 

~ One of my all time favorite book series is Daughters of the Moon. My favorite book is John Dies @ the End.

* Mountain Dew is my biggest addiction. It's been the toughest thing to cut out of my life! I used to drink two a day -- I am in no way a role model.

~ I have had crippling anxiety and severe depression since I was a child. I still deal with it to this day - luckily since I've been forced to be on my own for so long is basically why it doesn't hinder me having to do everyday things. Some days are much worse then others, but it's something I've been able to make more of a "companion" to me rather then my mortal enemy. 

* One of the best artists is Alex Pardee! He is someone I look up to immensely in the art community.

~ Dealing with my demons has formed a very morbid sense of humor for me. I love comedy and making others laugh - a very common trait with depression / anxiety sufferers. I love almost any kind of humor too: cheesy, dark..if it can make others smile, I'm a happy (actually depressed, to clarify) camper! Photo of me being a dweeb my Sophomore year of high school:

* I do currently have tattoos but I want to be almost fully covered one day. Tattoos give me confidence and fill me with happiness.

~ My favorite type of alcohol is whisky. My favorite brand of whisky is Maker's Mark. Buy me a whisky ginger if you ever see me in person!  (SPONSOR ME PLZ)

* I wish they had a Scholastic Book Fair for adults - badly. 

~ Positive vibes is a motto I live by despite my morbid humor! I love surrounding myself with only positive people and positive things. You should try it - it truly makes a difference in your well being and sanity. 

* Disneyland is where I spend most of my spare money! Come say hi to me sometime! I collect the pins and trade them too. 

~ Mew & Eevee are THE BEST Pokemon.

* I can't have children naturally - I'd have to use a surrogate or adopt if I ever want kids.

~ The Office, Sailor Moon & Curb Your Enthusiasm are my favorite TV shows that I could watch one thousand more times and still be just as entertained as the first time I saw them.

* I met my boyfriend, "officially" through interviewing him for my website although I have been a huge fan of his band for a while. He's very talented and now is my best friend too! 

~ My spectrum of color ranges from, "Sparkles, glitter, shininess, colors, rainbow, pastels" all the way to "black, witch vibes, demon, goth, punker, vampire, lace" and I love every second of whichever side of the spectrum I may fall on each day. 

* My personality type is INTJ -  it is astounding to really research which personality type you are. Only 2-4% of the population is INTJ and most of them are male. SO I'M SPECIAL AND UNIQUE.

~ I have a pupper named Mercury! She's my life. She's named after the Sailor Scout and is a French Bulldog mix. She is very adorkable (usually) and I love her to death. (literally, I'm hoping my love for her ends her life soon)


~ My car's name is Yoshi because it's a bright green compact car that reminds me of the Nintendo character if he was a car! It's decked in geeky magnets and is my pride & joy. I will make Yoshi live as long as possible! He's currently at 45K. 

* I am nearly legally blind in my left eye - so this means I have no peripheral vision or depth perception. If I ignore you and it's not due to the fact I don't like you - it's probably because I can't see you talking to me! I also can't see 3D movies so don't take me to one!

~ I have always been fascinated by the arts. I danced for almost eighteen years, played piano and guitar for basically just as long, took art classes for about twelve years, did theater for a while..really almost everything. I truly miss dance and playing piano so I'm hoping to incorporate those things into my site soon. I do still draw and do crafty things when I have free time though. 

* My favorite type of dance has and always will be tap.

~ My Senior year of high school I received a near full scholarship to Moore College of Art and Design. This was one of my final pieces / projects that contributed to me winning the scholarship - it's a Nancy Drew themed art board of some of my more favorable pieces from my last year of art in high school

* My birthday is December 14, 1991 meaning a few things: My lucky number is fourteen, I'm 24.5 years old at this moment and I'm a Sagittarius. I smile at anything incorporating my astrological symbol in it! 

~ I have worn a watch on my left wrist nearly everyday since I was seven or eight (maybe even prior to that) I don't care if we have smartphones - I feel naked without my watch! My "Go-to" brand has been Flex Watches for the past few years.

* Up until last November, I never had my nails professionally done because the only time I tried it out the person made most of my fingers bleed! It was devastating but now I always have some sort of glitter concoction on my claws! I wouldn't be able to go back to the un-manicured life. 

~ I've made really lame lip sync videos since I first got my Facebook in 2008. It's pretty self explanatory but I can only upload my most recent one as the rest are on a broken hard drive. 

* I have very bad OCD with certain things. I usually always need to drink my beverage through a straw - even at home, even my neat whisky's! Putting my mouth on the rim of a glass genuinely freaks me out. Also - SO HELP ME GOD IF IT'S NOT A BENDY STRAW.  I always have to clean up a table for the waiter/waitress by stacking everything evenly and making it tidy. I can't go one day without doing some sort of chore around the house - I feel useless otherwise. This list could get lengthy so those are my top three OCD things that are super annoying about myself. 


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Disclaimer: These are my opinions on what I think I can recall of certain events in my life. I am in no way accusing anyone of any crimes and will never provide personal information such as names, addresses, and things of that nature. This is all being used to tell a story to help others out who may be in a similar situation.