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TWO INTERVIEWS IN A ROW??? Yes! I'm ecstatic to say I got to interview Miss Paz herself this week. My first girl to girl talk, ~yay me.~ Paz is pretty new to the internet as a blogger and YouTuber but she is sprouting up quickly thanks to her quirky vibes and nerdy noggin. I started following her on Twitter almost a year ago due to her sarcastic, dry posts and it all went uphill from there. Her blog is rad and filled with mostly reviews of offbeat things ranging from movies to games. She has a YouTube channel too where she entertains people around the planet. This was a new type of situation for me because since this lady is in the U.K. – it was almost near impossible to schedule a convenient time to do the interview. We ended up doing it at noon my time and 10PM hers – and I only had about an hour over Direct Messaging on Twitter which equaled maybe only twenty five minutes of a core conversation with the lag between responses. It was fun nonetheless and a really cool, swell experience.

"i don't know where to start, really. i was born in purley, which is just outside london, but we moved when i was a kid."

Interesting! London is such a gorgeous place. Where did you move to after?

"torrington, in devon. it's in the southwest. my dad had this dream of living in the countryside so he packed in his city job and bought a bed and breakfast in the middle of nowhere."

Wow, okay. It seems like you did quite a bit of moving at a young age. Did you like that?

"my brother is quite a bit older than me so he looked after me a lot when i was little, which i think he hated. that made it easier, though. after he left to go to university i got bored really quickly. i didn't have many friends and me and dad were not getting along. so when i was fifteen i went to move in with my mum instead. i'm not sure how interesting any of this is?"

It's very interesting! It's a glimpse into your life :) Did you want to change the topic?

"no, it's fine, i guess i've always thought my life was kind of boring. that's why i don't talk about it too much in my videos. my mum briefly lived in a sort of commune outside norwich. that was briefly interesting, but then she started dating a guy who was like a couple of years older than me and i couldn't take it so i moved back to dad's place."

Oh wow. Well that's quite the opposite of boring. Are you with your dad now?

"jack had all these stories about how great a time he was having at university so i decided to follow in his footsteps. i had no idea what i wanted to do with my life at this point, still don't really. i wanted to go to the same uni he went to, in cardiff, but i got really shitty grades.

i ended up doing a media and communications degree at sussex university in brighton.

i've lived in brighton ever since."

Oh I see, that's marvelous. Have you graduated?

"yeah, unfortunately, 4 years ago. i'm 25 now, 26 next month actually."

Oh okay well congrats. Are you using your degree to make your YouTube channel take over the world?

"not really, my degree was pretty useless. but i made some really great friends at university and i fell in love with brighton so it was totally worth it. i did like the media part, film theory and that kind of stuff. i really enjoy picking apart movies and narratives so i loved it when we got to do anything like that."

Yeah it seems that way. I love reading your reviews on film - I can feel your passion from behind the screen. It's remarkable.

Do you want to keep your blog / YT solely just that type of thing? Or are you trying to expand?

"thanks, glad you enjoy them!"

Of course! What isn't there to enjoy?

What made you start your page?

"i liked trying different things, but i always come back to talking about movies or video games or some kind of narrative. i initially started my page because i had this ridiculous stack of dvds i was never going to watch and i thought if i actually gave myself a reason to watch them, like writing reviews, it would make me sit through some of them. that's why the reviews on my blog are a little eclectic at times. then i was contacted by a couple of distributors asking if i'd review some of their releases and it's kind of expanded from there. also it was kind of practice for my youtube channel, like i always knew i wanted to be on youtube but i wasn't sure if i'd have anything to talk about so i thought a blog would be a good stepping stone. and i eventually started using it to interview a few youtubers as well, which really helped me get started."

Wow. That's fascinating. What a simple way to have such a take off. I'm glad you forced yourself to start watching those DVD's, haha. What are you working on nowadays?

"i have loads of plans for my youtube channel, but i find making videos really difficult. i have to be in the right frame of mind and then the editing takes me forever. i have a few prepped, just need time to film them. i have a stack of things to review for my blog, and i just finished writing my first film script."

Huzzah! You are a very busy person indeed. I still haven't started a channel - writing is where I'm comfortable or face to face interviews. Outside of that I am just a clam! I'd like to change that though sometime.

What type of script did you write?

"it's a horror script."

Oh la la - my favorite genre.

Is is based off of anything or totally 100% original?

"mine too!"

"it's loosely based on sunset boulevard."

Ah, a classic,

"but you wouldn't necessarily know that from reading it, i just used some of the same themes."

I see, I see. Are you going to be filming it?

"i haven't decided what to do with it to be honest. it's too big for me to do on my own, but the prospect of trying to get funding to make it is terrifying. for now i'm just happy to have finished it."

So where does your name come from, Paz vs stuff" ?

"paz is a nickname i've had forever. the 'vs stuff' came out of one of those moments where i'd decided to set up the blog and i needed to call it something and after staring at the screen for an hour running through a billion possible names i decided to just pick one. i think originally i'd intended to have a much more adversarial approach to the things i was reviewing, but i reallly hate being negative about stuff so the name doesn't really reflect what actually happens on my blog or youtube channel."

Rad! i think it's better marketing to sometimes make a name that doesn't make all that much sense anyway. When I found your page it drew me to it.

"cool, i'm happy to hear it works!"

What would you say is your favorite horror flick?

"freaks. the tod browning movie. i made a video about it. i love that film so much, i find something different in it every time i watch it. and the story really resonates with me. i mean really it's about outcasts, but the freaks aren't the outcasts, and i think that's the closest representation of contemporary society i've ever seen on film. i mean we're all freaks in that we're all fucked-up and have problems and anxieties and insecurities, but at the same time we have this tribe mentality. the reality is that we're all the same in that we're all incredibly complicated and i've never seen that represented better on screen than in that movie."

Wow. Well put!

Is the film on your channel? Or is it not for public eye?

"the video i made about it is, yeah. …"

Sweetness!! What would you say is the geekiest thing about yourself?

"i don't know really, i'm not sure i even know what being geeky means. sorry, that's probably not the answer you're looking for. i mean i own the first three hellraiser movies in three different formats, i've played every tomb raider game numerous times, i obsess over 70s/80s bands like the residents and talking heads but is that geeky or is it just being passionate about something? i'm probably overthinking the question, and i know i label myself as a geek so it's not a bad question to ask, but when i think about it i'm not sure i have a geekiest thing. do you mind if i turn it around? how would you define it? what's the geekiest thing about you?"

Of course not. I'm a proud geek, that's for certain. I think in 2016 being a geek is "cool" as far as the middle school eye - and that is a bit frustrating because that same word is what I used to get bullied for being. I think geekdom is a vast spectrum. If you are truly obsessed over ANYTHING - there's no right or wrong answer. The last guy I interviewed is a geek for fantasy baselball teams haha. It's whatever you want it to be - I'm a geek for a LOT OF STUFF. I will start out by saying I have a PEZ dispenser collection haha.

"best fucking candy in the world."

"that's a line from an obscure horror movie called the runestone."

"i guess i just demonstrated the geekiest thing about me."

Good job, there ya go! :3

"can i come and live with you? the uk kind of sucks right now."

"actually, maybe let's see what happens with trump first."

haha if you ever need a place to crash i do have a couch but with trump in the works i may be coming to you


"fuck, i got us back onto politics. yeah, maybe it's time to wrap things up!"

"we could all move to canada. they seem to have the right idea."

There ya have it! Paz vs stuff vs kenNERDdy. Short, sweet, and informative. This time I even included photos to make it more enthralling for you as a reader. Check out Paz all over the webs – she's a true delight. Thank you so much for reading – I'll see you dorks next week & remember to #staynerdy!




Yeah, I'm on a bowling league and yes this is a photo the paparazzi totally snuck of me. My damn fans are always swarming me...I'm used to it though. My security guards were off to so they followed me to my intense game this week and really captured the passion my teammates and I share for the sport. 


Mani of the month! I strayed from my sparkle side and tried something new. (How scary and terrifying.) My guy recommended this new gel polish that has a marbled effect. It is gorgeous and I'm so glad I took the leap! 


Clown. Do I even need to say more? I will. From Eli Roth this film is very unique and not your typical Clown film. Terrifying, yes. But the storyline is encaptivating and keeps you intertwined the entire time. I fell in love - - this movie genuinely freaked me out a little. It incorporates a demon legend from outside the country, a realtor and some fucked up buffoonery that a demon clown would partake in. WATCH IT. 


In case you haven't been observant - I am pretty much a drag queen in my own little kenNERDdy world.  No day will be worth it if you don't start it with a nice lip sync in bed. 

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